Top Ten Best 50th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men – 2018 Edition

50th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men - Featured ImageIs an important man in your life, like a husband or brother, about to turn 50? Because that’s a year where you’ll want to celebrate in style. Finding the perfect gift for a 50-year-old guy can seem complicated, but we’re here to help!

Make this birthday one he’ll treasure forever. Our complete guide to the best 50th birthday gifts for men starts right now:

1968 Classic Rock 50th Birthday Gift T-Shirt

Just because a guy turns 50 doesn’t mean he has to stop rockin’! This comfy and cool shirt resembles the rocker T’s from heavy metal and hard rocks bands of the 1980s. Plus, the shirt is personalized with the birthday boy’s birth year of 1968.

So, why does the shirt resemble 80s bands like AC/DC? Because that’s when the guy turning 50 would’ve been in high school! Relive the glory days of headbanging with this lightweight, classic fit T-shirt. Machine washable.

TIME 1968: The Year That Shaped a Generation

Many people don’t know much about the year they were born. After all, they certainly couldn’t pay attention to world events when they were a baby. But a person’s birth year has a big effect on the culture they grow up in. Take a look back at 1968 with this full-color paperback from the editors of Time Magazine.

Featuring gorgeous photographs and insightful articles, this book covers 50 years of American history starting with 1968. Great for learning about events which occurred during childhood as well as taking a look back at more recent events. Covers the Vietnam War, MLK Jr, Kennedy, Nixon, and cultural and historic events both major and minor.

Woodstock Candy 1968 50th Birthday Gift Box

This mix of beloved candies from around 1968 is sure to taste like delicious nostalgia. Over 30 different types of candy are included such as Fun Dip, Jawbreakers, Zotz and more. These aren’t candies you can just find on the stores of the regular grocery store. Instead, they’re authentic replications which look real and taste amazing.

Features a fun, retro-style box which can be used to store the candy. About 90 pieces of candy total. Also includes a fun card which reads “1968 was a great year! Happy Birthday!”.

Dirty Word Search Book for Adults

This hilarious, and hilariously inappropriate, paperback puzzle book features 50 word searches – and the words are all lewd, naughty and absurd. Sure to bring lots of laughs for those with a blue sense of humor. Might even teach the reader a new word or two!

Paperback is easy to carry. Pages are large enough for the whole party to gather together and search together. While each puzzle can be completed only once, each of the 50 puzzles is packed with words and can be surprisingly challenging while remaining fun.

Dad Jokes: Bad Jokes and Puns Inspired by Dads!

Is the gift recipient both 50 and a father? This Dad Joke book is filled with eye-rolling puns and other groaners. Jokes are purposefully corny and generally suitable for all occasions and most audiences.

What do you call a knight who is afraid to fight? Sir Render! Includes over 100 similar jokes sure to get the whole party laughing.

Top Shelf 50th Birthday Wish Jar

Give the gift of love, friendship and good wishes. With a birthday wish jar, everybody at the birthday party writes a message for the birthday boy on a ticket. The tickets are then placed in the Wish Jar, where he can go read each one.

The jar is a classic Mason jar with happy 50th birthday wishes printed on the lid and a large tag describing how the Wish Jar works. Kit comes with literally everything you need including a sign and even a pen.

Burt’s Bees Men’s Gift Set (5 Products)

Every man wants to look and smell great, and this set of five natural products makes it easy. Includes aftershave (2.5 oz), shave cream (6 oz), body wash (12 oz), a tin of hand salve and tube of beeswax lip balm.

All products are packed in a handsome gift tin. Products include coconut oil and soy proteins to leave skin clean, moisturized and feeling great. Products have a subtle but masculine woodsy aroma.

Electronics Organizer Travel Bag

By the time a guy turns 50, he probably has a ton of cool electronic gadgets. This Organizer and Travel bag is great for use at home or while on a trip. Padded dividers and multiple layers allow for versatile organization. Able to hold tablets, power banks, phone chargers, cables, laptop adapters and much more.

Plus, your gear will be well-protected even during rough travel conditions. The bad is shockproof, waterproof and made with both double-fabric layers and durable zippers. Outside the bag looks ordinary and non-descript, which is perfect for staying safe no matter where you travel to.

HORUSDY Magnetic Wristband

A 50-year-old guy still has decades of home improvement projects ahead, and this magnetic wristband is a simple but clever tool he’s sure to love. This breathable, lightweight wristband contains five large magnets and two storage bags.

Perfect for practically any DIY project from home repair to auto repair and more. Magnets securely hold screws, nails, bolts and more. It’s like having a third hand to keep small parts from getting lost!

Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker

This breakfast sandwich maker from Hamilton Beach makes a delicious sandwich in less than five minutes with no mess or fuss. Load up each layer with eggs, cheese, ham and more. Simply close the sandwich maker to automatically cook the sandwich to perfection. Works with bagels, biscuits, English muffins and more.

Of course, what’s the point of fast preparation if clean-up is a chore? Fortunately, all removable parts can be put in the dishwasher, and all surfaces have a durable, non-stick coating.

Frequent Asked Questions about 50th Birthday Gifts for Men

Fifty is a lot more fun than many younger people realize. A man in his fifties is nearing the end of his career, but is often healthy, energetic and financially secure. Turning 50 is a pretty big deal, so you want to help that birthday be the best it can be.

There are three keys to an awesome 50th birthday celebration:

  • Great Gift
  • Great Friends
  • Great Party

How Do I Find the Best Gift?

By the time a man reaches 50, he probably already has well-developed hobbies and interests. Identifying his hobbies probably isn’t difficult. But a 50-year-old man can be hard to shop because he likely already has a lot of possessions related to his interests.

Try to find something he doesn’t already have, and might not even know he wants. For instance, if he’s a fan of household projects, consider a magnetic wristband to hold screws and nails.

Another option is to give a gift related to the person’s age, such as books or food related to the time when the guy grew up. Of course, most people don’t remember the exact age they were born, so nostalgic gifts should focus on his childhood and high school years.

Sometimes the best gifts are shareable. Trivia books, snack mixes and many novelty gifts like joke books are sure to be enjoyed by the whole party.

What Makes a Great 50th Birthday Party?

A 50th birthday party is often a great idea. Most guys will really appreciate the opportunity to hang out with friends and family. Plus, turning fifty is an important milestone, so don’t be surprised if you can get quite a few family members and friends to attend.

Also, don’t forget to invite folks from his work. By the age of 50, he’ll likely have at least a few co-workers who are also close friends. Try to track down former co-workers who may have retired, too. (Consider setting up a Facebook Group to organize all the potential attendees.)

Throw a party he’s sure to remember by having a fun theme somehow related to 50. Here are a few options to consider:

Flashback Party

Base the theme of your party on what was popular when the guy was a child and teen, which will be the late 1960s and 70s. The music and decorations should all be from that era. If possible, get your guests to dress up in retro clothes. Done correctly, the entire party can feel like a journey back in time.

Try to tailor the theme to the area where the guy grew up. Was he a California beach bum? A New York city kid? Flashback to styles he’ll instantly recognize.

1950s Party

Break out the poodle skirts, leather jackets and hula hoops with a party based on the hits and styles of the 1950s. After all, 1954 saw the birth of rock and roll, so playing hits from back in the day is sure to get the party hopping and bopping.

Of course, a person turning 50 this year wasn’t actually born in 1950. But the theme offers timeless opportunities for fun everyone is sure to enjoy.

“This is Your Life” Party

A guy turning 50 probably has a past filled with interesting people and events. Make the theme of your party personal by basing it all around the guest of honor. Display a slideshow of old photographs. Encourage guests to share stories. A walk down memory lane is a great way to personalize your party.

What Games are Fun for a 50th Birthday Party?

Remember, a birthday party for a 50-year-old guy doesn’t need to be a wild and crazy bash. Instead, people will likely be far more interested in getting together for a fun but relatively subdued affair. Be sure to provide plenty of food and drinks as well as a party game or two.

Trivia games related to pop culture from the past are often a big hit. Partygoers can reminisce while they play. You can find many fun almanacs which include trivia games or you can also make up your own questions.

Final Thoughts

Make fifty nifty with a party he’s sure to remember. The best 50th birthday parties combine a fun look back at the past with a look forward towards the many more years of life left to enjoy. Remember: invite close friends, throw a fun party with a theme, and select a gift related to his interests. It’s time to celebrate!

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