The Best Gifts for Runners (Top 10) – 2018 Edition

Best gifts for runners - featured imageRunning is a popular activity and exercise which can be easily tailored to an individual’s level of personal ability. Plus, running doesn’t involve much special equipment – just shoes, clothes and a place to run. But running isn’t always a solitary sport. Giving a gift related to running is a great way to show support for a runner’s commitment and passion.

Finding the perfect gift for a runner you know doesn’t have to feel like a grueling marathon. Our complete gift guide makes shopping as fast and fun as a short sprint. Here are ten of the best gifts for runners in 2018:

Tracer360 Reflective Vest

One reason jogging is so popular is that you can go for a run whenever you like. But low visibility makes night-running dangerous. This reflective vest from Tracer360 helps keep runners, walkers, cyclists and anyone else easy-to-see even during the night.

The vest is made with sports mesh and weighs a light 6.5 ounces. Comfortable, sweat resistant and chafe-free. Plus, the minimalist design is easy to wear over or under practically any running gear – and won’t interfere with any heart rate monitors or similar devices.

Vest is adjustable between six different eye-catching colors: red, blue, purple, pink, green and orange. Also includes five different flashing modes. Flashing and color combinations are scientifically designed to grab the attention of distracted drivers and anyone else on the road. An easy way to stay safe in low visibility.


Staying as unencumbered as possible when running is ideal, but there will always be a few items you’ll want to carry with such as car keys, ID and other small items. Unfortunately, armbands and fanny packs are often cumbersome and awkward.

The FlipBelt is an easier way to carry gear while running. This is a belt with multiple access pockets able to snugly store wallets, phones and much more. Requiring no buckle, the belt is comfortable and won’t cause chafing. Additionally, the belt won’t bounce or move around when running.

The belt has a reflective logo which helps increase visibility. At the same time, the belt is thin enough to remain concealed underneath a shirt or jacket, making it perfect for foreign travel. Belt is machine washable and made from durable Micropoly fabric with double stitching.

Body Glide Original Anti-Chafe Balm

Chafing is a persistent issue for runners. Skin which rubs together when you run can be painful and even keep you from doing your best. Anti-chafing balm is often the quickest and easiest way to prevent chafing.

This balm from Body Glide is effective, easy to apply and mess-free. Many runners prefer a smooth balm to wet, sticky creams, gels and powders. Body Glide’s formula contains no petroleum, lanolin or mineral oils. Won’t clog pores while also allowing skin to breathe.

Simply roll the balm on your thighs, neck, arms and any other chafing points. Safe for contact with skin, clothing, footwear and even wetsuits. Reduces chafing pain in both humid and dry conditions.

Tesla Men’s Thermal Wintergear Compression Pants

Winter doesn’t have to slow a runner down. These compression leggings are made from 87% polyester and 13% Spandex with Hot Gear technology from the Over-Heat series. This unique material pulls body heat away from the body to keep the runner comfortable but not hot.

The leggings are flexible and allow for a wide range of motion. With two-way air circulation and quick-drying material, you’ll stay comfortable even when running in wet weather. Plus, leggings are available in a huge selection of different colors.

Kinesiology Tape from VIQing Gear

Proper preparation helps prevent a variety of injuries. Kinesiology tape is a simple way to provide support for your legs, joints and more. Before running, simply wrap the tape around your elbow, ankles and other muscles and joints.

Set includes blue, red and black tape. Each roll is fifteen inches long and two inches wide. This is high-grade tape specifically designed for skin. Waterproof, sweatproof and latex-free. Also includes an eBook with application instructions.

Aside from running, kinesiology tape is also useful for practically any athletic activity including walking, weightlifting, rock climbing and more. Because tape should be used every time activity occurs, new rolls are almost always a welcome gift.

Physix Gear Compressions Socks

Compression socks help increase blood circulation while also helping to prevent blood clots, swelling and other injuries. They can be worn while running or afterward to help increase recovery time. Designed to provide comfortable compression directly to the heel, foot and calves.

Available in a variety of colors, these socks are bold and fashionable. They have moisture wicking properties which keep feet cool even after long-running sessions in hot weather. Material is comfortable and durable with tear-resistant stitching.

Regular use of compression socks helps improve injury recovery and boosts overall stamina. They’re a great gift for serious runners, even those currently sidelined with a running-related injury. Also make a perfect present for pregnant women or anyone suffering from circulatory issues.

Wall-Mounted Medal and Race Bib Display

Do you know someone who loves to complete marathons, fun runs and every other type of race around? This bibfolio / display case holds up to 24 medals and 100 race bibs. Easily mounts on just about any wall so all your racing accomplishments can be proudly displayed.

The design and color of the bibfolio can be customized for practically any personal style. Made from hand-forged black metal, the total size is 14 inches wide by 10.25 inches high. Includes 12 plastic inserts to hold and display race bibs. Additional bibs are also available for purchase. Holds up to 100 bibs and 48 medals. Set includes all mounting hardware including drywall anchors and rubber standoffs for wall protection.

This isn’t just a great gift for a veteran runner, it’s also a fun way to inspire a beginning runner! Perfect as a congratulations gift for any runner completing their first big race.

Freemove Reflective Vest with Wrist Bands

Running near traffic poses risks even in broad daylight with high visibility. No matter where you run, you’ll want to make sure you’re easy to see. This reflective vest from Freemove is lightweight, easy-to-see and includes a front zippered pocket.

Additionally, the vest includes two reflective bands which comfortably fit around arms, ankles or wrists. Also includes a separate mesh bag for additional storage. While this vest isn’t loaded with features, it’s lightweight, secure and will help keep any runner safe from accidental injury.

2019 Runner’s Daily Desk Calendar

Even when someone loves running, finding daily motivation can be a struggle. But this Runner’s Daily Desk Calendar from Gone for a Run helps inspire and track progress.

Each of the 314 pages (Saturday and Sunday share) features an inspirational quote such as “A Short Run is Better than No Run” or similar. Plus, many sayings are tailored to the seasons and are otherwise time specific. Calendar is 5.25 inches by 4.25 inches and includes all-new quotes for 2019.

Plus, this calendar is great for training for running newbies and veterans alike. A complete training tracker lets you record daily miles, times, accomplishments and more.

Physix Gear Sport Muscle Roller Stick

Regular massages help runners recover and stay free from injury. This muscle roller stick from Physix Gear is perfect for warming up, cooling down and preventing muscle sprains and tears. At just 17 inches long and weighing only 11 ounces, the roller stick is portable and easy to use.

Specially designed to stimulate trigger points in deep tissues, the roller has soft-molded handles around a stainless-steel core. Kneads away knots, loosens stiff muscles and otherwise helps keep you in tip-top running shape.

How Do I Find the Best Gifts for Runners?

Running is one of the most individual sports around. You don’t need a team, a set running route or even much equipment. While these are pluses for the runner, they can make shopping for a runner a bit difficult, as no two runners have the same interests or needs.

Here’s how to focus on finding a gift the runner you know is sure to enjoy.

Where Does the Person Run?

You can run indoors and out, through good weather and bad. Where does the person you know like to run? If they’re an indoor runner, they probably don’t have a need for reflector jackets or cold weather gear. However, outdoor runners typically appreciate any items which help protect them from cars and low temps.

Indoor runners have more control over their environment. But they still often enjoy running belts or other clothing articles which help hold music players, heart monitors and other electronic gadgets.

Does the Person Run Races?

Running is all about achieving your individual best. Many runners love to run by themselves through their neighborhoods or down at the local track. In fact, about 40% of all adults ran for exercise at least once so far this year.

But running can also be a group activity. From short fun runs to marathons and even ultra-marathons, people gather together to run in one of the country’s 28,000+ annual road races. Whether a person runs in organized races or by themselves can impact the type of gift they’ll enjoy.

For those who enjoy organized running, consider a medal and bib wall-mounted display. This lets the runner collect, organize and display trophies and tokens from all the races they’ve participated in. However, a solo runner probably doesn’t have much use for this type of gift.

What is the Runner’s Experience Level?

Experienced runners probably already have most of the basics. So you can probably avoid gifts like muscle rollers and compressions socks (unless you know specifically that the runner wants those things).

However, some equipment is always appreciated. Most runners use kinesiology tape to help protect their ankles and other joints. But kinesiology tape is disposable after just a few uses, so new rolls of tape are a gift appreciated by both new and veteran runners.

New runners usually don’t have as much equipment as vets, so you have more gift-giving options. Make sure any newbie runners are properly outfitted with safety equipment. Running in poor visibility without a lighted vest or other reflective gear dramatically increases the runner’s risk of getting hit by a car.

Additionally, new runners don’t always know how to properly prevent injuries. They might not even be familiar with compressions socks, muscle rollers and similar therapeutic-type equipment. These gifts can be a helpful way to keep your friend safe as they start to become interested in running.

When Should I Give a Runner a Gift?

If you know someone who loves to jog or run, you can give them a running-theme gift for their birthday or any appropriate holiday. But other times are also appropriate, too. If your friend is training for a race, consider sending them a small gift, such as a daily calendar they can look at for inspiration and to track their progress.

Completing a big race is also another great time to give a gift. After all, they’ve worked hard. Even just a small gift such as a hilarious running-themed coffee mug is a way to acknowledge the person’s effort and commitment.

Final Thoughts

For many people, running is more than just a great way to exercise. It’s also an important part of their entire identity. Should a runner you know that you understand how important running is to them by giving them a running-themed gift. Our gift guide above has plenty of suggestions for running-related gifts which are sure to take first place!

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