Top Ten Best 50th Birthday Gift Ideas for Women – 2022 Edition

50th Birthday Gift Ideas for Women - Blog post featured imageLife begins at 50! If your wife, sister or another important woman in your life is about to turn 50, it’s time to celebrate. Fifty is the start of a whole new adventure, so you’ll want to make her 50th birthday special.

Not sure what gift to buy or type or party to throw? Our 2022 edition of the complete guide to the Best 50th Birthday Gifts for Women is here to help you find a great one.

50th Birthday Wine Tumbler

Chances are if you made it to 50 years old, you’ve had a few glasses of wine. Why not make it easier for the 50 years old loved one in your life to get their fix? The design of this wine tumbler is meant to provide positive cheers and laughs to a situation that might bother the person with the 50th birthday.

Beyond the joke and “gift side” of this tumbler, there is also a practical side. It’s an insulated wine tumbler with a lid, so it works for daily use as well. In addition to bringing wine or your favorite liquor, you can also use it for water or soda on your commute to work or for long car rides.

During our research, we checked out what other customers of this product had to say. Many people love how cute and colorful it is. They say that the color is bright, and it draws attention to the gift. They also said that the recipient of the gift loved it and wanted to open it up and use it right away.

In addition to the design featured in this review, the same brand offers a lot of other designs and styles of cups. You can use this for champagne, ice cream, coffee, wine, water, and just about anything you want to keep cold or warm wherever you are.

Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet by Jack & Rose

This unique gift combines jewelry with aromatherapy. The stainless-steel locket bracelet holds special pads which you can then add drops of essential oils to. Take your favorite scents with you all day long.

Changing the diffuser pads is simple so you can swap out oils based on your mood and needs. All pads are washable and reusable. Includes eight different pads, each a different color.

LifeAround2Angels Bath Bombs Gift Set

Our bodies certainly develop aches and pains by the time we’re 50. This set of all-natural bath bombs is a great way to refresh and rejuvenate. Twelve different 2.5 oz bath bombs are available including Black Raspberry Vanilla, Victorian Rose, Lavender and more.

Each aroma is carefully crafted to moisturize skin while also promoting feelings of contentment and relaxation. The bath bombs were originally created for the founder’s children, so they’re safe, gentle and effective.

1968 Back in the Day Almanac

Everyone is interested in a look back at the world they grew up in. This 24-page almanac is a fun and informative look back at the movies, music and cultural touchstones from 1968 and the surrounding years. Includes original advertisements, popular recipes, economic stats about everyday life and much more.

Also includes a trivia game which is sure to be the hit of any party. Plus, a matching greeting card lets you personalize this gift. Revisit life 50 years ago – and maybe learn something new, too!

Essential Oil Diffuser

Are you shopping for a woman who loves essential oils? This aromatherapy diffuser has a classic, sophisticated look made from dark wood. Includes 14 different LED lights which fill the room with soothing color patterns as the oil diffuses. This is a cold-mist diffuser, which means the mist is cold to the touch.

A timer is available for one, three and six hours. The diffuser can also run in continuous mode with auto shut-off. A high-quality diffuser any fans of aromatherapy are sure to enjoy.

“Mark My Words” 50th Birthday Mug

While you can find plenty of comedic birthday mugs, this “Mark My Words” mug is actually a much more thoughtful and sincere option. “Happy 50th Birthday,” it reads, “may it be filled with all the happy things you hold closest to your heart.” The message is written in script while the mug itself is tan with illustrations of purple and yellow flowers.

This is a large 20-ounce ceramic mug perfect for her favorite hot or cold beverage. Both are dishwasher and microwave safe. Give a mug with a wholesome, loving message she’ll cherish each day.

Miss Pink Birthday Gifts for Her

Charm bracelets aren’t just for Sweet 16 parties. This stainless-steel bangle looks elegant on the wrist of a 50-year-old woman. Plus, the four charms – made from eco-friendly zinc alloy – have fun messages and images: “50 and Fabulous,” “Live, Laugh, Love,” a 50th birthday cake and a glass of red wine.

Adjustable bangle is 2.5 inches in diameter and highly polished. Charms are securely attached with stainless steel. Includes a gift pouch.

Brimma Leak Proof Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

While good health is always important, it takes on a special importance once you reach the age of 50. Stay hydrated in style with this fruit-infuser water bottle. Add oranges, lemons, limes, berries and more for tasty, all-natural fruit flavored water.

The bottle itself is leak-proof, BPA free and dishwasher safe. Stay hydrated all day long thanks to the bottle’s large 32-ounce size. Durable and easy to carry, this water bottle is great for use at home, in the car or on the go.

Jeasona Women’s Cute Cat Socks

Whether she’s a proud “cat lady” or just likes toasty toes when sitting around the house, these cute cat socks are sure to please. Five pairs of kitty-faced socks in blue, orange, pink, light gray and dark gray. Cat faces are on the ankle while paw prints cover the foot area.

Socks are made from 80% cotton, 15% Acrylic and 5% Spandex. They’re stretchy, durable and comfortable. Fits women’s sizes five to eight (and probably bigger). The puff-fect sock for lounging around the house.

Promises from God Cards for Women

With gift ideas, it’s the thought that counts. This box of blessings is filled with loving sentiments and inspirational messages. All messages are written specifically for women and designed to spread positivity with a mainstream religious message.

Each message is written on a small card. Fifty-one cards are included in a sturdy blue-and-pink decorated box. A thoughtful birthday gift which provides comfort and inspiration for every week of the year.

What’s the Best Way to Celebrate a Woman’s 50th Birthday?

You’re only 50 once! So how should you celebrate the big Five-Oh? A 50th birthday party which she’s sure to remember will have three important parts:

  • A thoughtful birthday gift which feels selected just for her.
  • A fun and festive party where she’s surrounded by friends and family.
  • Events, decorations and other themes related to her life and personality.

Match Your Birthday Gift to Her Interests

By the time a woman is 50, her hobbies and passions are pretty well-defined. In the weeks leading up to her 50th birthday, try to listen carefully for any hints about something she might need. A birthday gift related to her hobbies shows that you pay attention to her interests.

By the time anybody turns 50, they’re probably experiencing more aches and pains than when they were younger. That’s just a side effect of getting older. Generally, bath bombs, aromatherapy and other holistic de-stressing products are a good choice for a 50th birthday gift.

Also, consider a birthday gift you can enjoy together. This might be a day trip for two, a puzzle you work on together or some other shared adventure. If the woman is your wife or girlfriend, add some romance to the outing. If she’s your sister or friend, pick a common interest you both enjoy.

Throw a 50s Themed Birthday Party

Birthday gifts are great, but you probably also want to plan some type of get-together for family and friends. The exact type of party you throw will depend on her personality. She might prefer an intimate dinner with just a few close friends, a big bash in a rented dance hall or something else entirely.

Incorporating a theme related to 50 is often a fun idea. Here are a few gift ideas to choose from:

Take a Trip Down Memory Lane

Decorate the party in a theme related to the era she grew up in. Includes food, music and even clothes from the era of her childhood and teenage years. If possible, peek through an old yearbook or contact high school friends to learn what the birthday girl’s interests were back in the late 60s and early 70s.

Make it All About “50”

Invite 50 guests, serve 50 glasses of wine, place 50 different photos of the guest of honor around the room and more. Make the number “50” a part of the theme. Don’t forget to play 50 of her favorite songs throughout the night.

Rock and Roll 50’s Style

Sure, a person turning 50 wasn’t actually born in the 1950s. But everyone loves to twist, shout and get down to some rock and roll. A 50s theme party can include hula hoops, poodle skirts and more.

Invite Plenty of Friends

A 50th birthday is extra-special when spent surrounded by family, friends and other loved ones. Aside from the immediate family, also try to reach out and invite people who she’d love to see but might have lost contact with. This includes childhood friends, former co-workers and others from her past.

Facebook and other social networks can be a valuable resource for finding these long-lost pals. Try to find friends who can connect you with other friends. One advantage of turning 50 is that its a big enough event to where people from many years past are often willing to attend a party. With a bit of advanced planning, you can really draw a big crowd.

Should I Buy a Birthday Gift for a Casual Acquaintance?

Try not to ignore someone’s 50th birthday, even if it’s someone you don’t know very well. If a co-worker or other casual acquaintance is turning 50, acknowledge the occasion with a card and a small birthday gift. Fortunately, you can give something rather generic like candy or chocolate.

Should I Include Funny Birthday Gifts?

Yes, but be careful. Just about everybody is a little sensitive about their age. Turning 50 is really the first step towards being a senior citizen. You don’t want to actually offend or upset her on her 50th birthday. Generally, avoid gag birthday gifts which feature “Over the Hill” type sentiments and humor about becoming old and decrepit.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun. Laughing at the foibles related to getting old can actually be pretty cathartic. Just make sure the jokes are accompanied by plenty of sincere appreciation for the birthday girl, too.

Final Thoughts

Start her fifties off right with a thoughtful birthday gift, memorable party and all-around good times. Pick a theme you think she’ll enjoy, and try to invite tons of treasured friends. Using our guide, you’re sure to find the perfect birthday gift from our list of gift ideas, too. The lady in your life will have her best birthday yet!

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