Top 10 Best Gifts for Manly Men – Coolest Products in 2018

Best Gifts for Manly Men - Featured ImageFor the man who has everything, sometimes getting a gift that is a nod to their exaggerated manliness is the only way forward.

Manly men need a special category of gifts. Normal gifts which aren’t made for their especially masculine tastes simply won’t do. In this article, we’ll review ten of the best gifts for manly men, explain what makes them a good fit, and give you pointers on procuring manly goods.

BBQ Apron Funny Aprons This Is a Manly Apron Barbecue Grill Kitchen Gift

The BBQ Apron Funny Aprons This Is a Manly Apron Barbecue Grill Kitchen Gift is a great apron to pick up for your man who loves to grill.

This apron has a fair bit of sass, not to mention an aesthetically appealing style which your man will be sure to appreciate. For all the hours that the manly man spends at the grill, he’ll appreciate looking good while he does so.

Once your man is done with grilling, this apron washes up quickly and easily so that your man can get back to doing other manly things.

XIKEZAN Mens Gifts For Men Beard Care Grooming & Trimming Kit

The all-in-one beard care kit that your manly man will need to maintain an impeccably trimmed symbol of their masculinity.

This beard maintenance kit is perfect for the manly man who loves to curate a lumber-style beard or a fancy old-time mustache. This kit includes beard balm, oil, a brush, scissors, a comb, and a convenient carrying container.

The kit also includes a free e-book regarding beard maintenance, which your manly man may or may not want to engage with depending on their level of beard care skill. Either way, when your manly man gets this beard kit, they’ll be ready for the future of their beard.

Tactical Pen for Self-Defense

A perfect multitool for the manly man who fashions himself as a survivalist.

Men love tools, and manly men are no different. The best thing about this tool is that it is portable. Your man can keep this in their pocket, their bag, or their car. They’ll be able to defend themselves, escape from a car, and also use a fairly nice ballpoint pen whenever they need to.

The best part of this multitool is the pen itself. By providing something useful, there’s a much higher chance that your manly man will carry the pen with them and have it around when they need to use it for survival.

Original Viking Drinking Horn Cup Tankard By Thor Horn

A great gift for a manly man who loves the Viking aesthetic or the feeling of drinking from an animal-inspired vessel.

The Vikings often used mugs made out of the fat part of animal horns as their cups. Horns are great for drinking from because they’re all natural and they have a wonderful texture on the side.

These Viking horns also have a great look, featuring the exact coloration of the animal that they were harvested from. The colors might fade a little bit with time, but the cup will still work as well as ever.

For a manly man, drinking from an animal’s horn is the highest expression of awesomeness. With this mug, your manly man will get 20 ounces of liquid to slosh around.

Personalized Engraved Flask

The Personalized Engraved Flask is the perfect customized gift for a manly man who likes to carry a sip wherever they go.

With this personalized flask, your manly man can bring the joy of alcohol to any occasion. Thanks to the nameplate in sterling silver, everyone will know who the flask belongs to. The flask’s glass construction makes for a more appealing visual, and it lets your man know you care about his particular style.

If your man has a culinary flair, they could also very easily use this flask for holding olive oil or something else in the kitchen. That might not be the manliest use for this flask, but it’ll still look good.

SHAVEOLOGY Phantom Safety Razor for Men + 5 Platinum Double Edge Razor Blades + Leather Blade Cover + Polishing Towel

This shaving kit is a gift that your man will be using for years.

We all know that manly men love to curate their beard, whether that means a close shave or a carefully sculpted hairdo. This Shaveology kit will give your man the capability for one of the closest shaves on the consumer market.

Thanks to its five-blade design, the Shaveology razor prevents any trace of stubble from appearing. Some built-in features guards against razor burn and ingrown hairs, making this razor a winner. Your manly man will be pleased as the razor glides effortlessly over his skin.

Leather Toiletry Bag for Travel

The Leather Toiletry Bag compact Leather Dopp Kit for Travel is a wonderful gift for a man who appreciates looking good at every phase of his routine.

Leather looks better. While it’s a cliche, it’s true. This leather toiletry kit is the perfect grab-bag for your manly man to put their shaving and showering materials in. Everything from deodorant to shampoo will nestle nicely inside the bag’s spacious interior.

Thanks to the leather’s low-maintenance design, your man won’t need to spend much time keeping it looking prim and proper. He’ll be looking swag even while getting ready in the morning.

Sasquatch Soap-100% Natural Skin Care Bar Scented with Essential Oils Handy Travel Gift Tin

The Sasquatch Soap-100% Natural Skin Care Bar Scented with Essential Oils Handy Travel Gift Tin is a great artisanally made soap that your manly man will enjoy for its lovely musk and all-natural construction.

Manly men like to use products designed specifically for them. These soaps are biodegradable, lightly scented and help to keep your man’s skin moisturized and clean.

While the soap has a picture of sasquatch on it, you won’t need to worry about the manly man seeming unwashed or smelling bad. The natural scent is woodsy and perfect for people who like to smell a bit like the forest, but not too much.

MyFancyCraft Wood Beer Mug

The Insulated Coffee Mug & Beer Mug by MyFancyCraft is a classy and functional mug that your man can use for practically any liquid that they’d want to drink.

Manly men love to look good while they do things, and this mug lets them look good. Whether they’re crouched around a campfire or cooking at the grill, this mug provides a bit of glimmer and a lot of old-time charm.

The mug is suitable for drinks that are hot or cold thanks to its vacuum insulation. Your man can even keep the mug near them while grilling without worrying about their beer getting warm or their iced coffee melting.

Unlike other high-tech cups, this mug doesn’t require any kind of special cleaning protocols to keep it fresh.

Rocky Mountain Barber Company Boar Hair Beard Brush for Men

The Rocky Mountain Barber Company Boar Hair Beard Brush for Men brings the classiness of an old-world hairbrush to the palm and head of your favorite manly man.

Boar bristles are one of the best materials for a hairbrush because of their stiff yet natural quality. With the help of this brush, your man can brush their beard with comfort and style. The brush’s hairs are contoured to make it easier for your man to get the perfect beard.

Furthermore, your man will have this beard brush for years. Boar hair doesn’t go bad, and your man will love the scratchiness-free beard that they get from using this brush.

What Makes A Great Gift For Manly Men?

Great gifts for manly men are gifts which make them feel like other people recognize them as manly. But not in an obvious way! Being manly is not something that you would want people to be constantly referencing because then it might cross the line into mockery, and getting mocked isn’t manly at all.

So, you should get a gift for your manly man that helps your manly man realize that other people appreciate him as being manly in a serious way. The best way to do this is to get your manly man a gift which he can use during a manly activity or an activity which is predominantly performed by men like facial shaving.

What Shouldn’t I Get A Manly Man?

Manly men usually don’t appreciate gag gifts. Gag gifts aren’t something that a manly man can use, nor is it something which edifies his manliness.

Clothing is also typically not a great gift choice for a manly man. Men have their aesthetic sense, and they prefer to be the ones who are in control of what they purchase.

How Do I Know If My Man Will Appreciate A Manly Man Gift?

Your man will appreciate a manly man gift so long as you make a serious attempt at finding them a gift that they will enjoy. Remember, if you get your manly man a set of tools, you should include a receipt in case they already have something comparable or better in their arsenal.

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