Top Ten Best 40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Women – 2021 Edition

Turning 40 is an important milestone – but it doesn’t have to be a somber one. Far from being “middle-aged,” the forties should be a fun and exciting time in anyone’s life and a reason to celebrate. If there’s a woman in your life turning 40 in 2021, you need to get her the perfect gift.

Fortunately, finding the perfect gift is easy with our complete shopping guide, including 10 reviews of popular gifts. Make her 40th birthday an occasion to remember! Here’s what you need to know:

1980 Time Capsule 40th Birthday Gift

This isn’t a time capsule you unbury but instead a pre-made capsule filled with fun novelties from 1980. Each capsule contains a mini-Slinky, mood ring, bouncy ball, bag of marbles, cube puzzle, sugar-based candy and more.

Also includes a retro-looking booklet filled with fun trivia and authentic photos. Plus, you can sign the included card and put it into the time capsule. A fun, nostalgia trip back to the fads of 40 years ago!

1980 Funny Vintage Wine Glass

Whether turning 40 is a happy or sad occasion, it’s usually a great time for a drink. These limited-edition, teardrop-shaped wine glasses have no stem, so they’re easy to hold in the palm of your hand. Each glass holds 15 ounces of your favorite adult beverage such as reds, wines, pinot noir, cabernet and rose wines.

Each glass is imprinted with the phrases “Limited Edition / 1980 / Vintage / Aged to Perfection.” Aside from a birthday gift, they’re also great for anniversaries, reunions and more. Available in sets of two, four, six and a dozen.

1981 40th Birthday Candy Gift Box

Candy is often a delicious way to remember the past. This gift box from Woodstock Candy is filled with popular candies from 1981 and the surrounding years. Includes Pop Rocks, Atomic Fireballs, Candy Necklaces, Razzles, Wax Lips and more.

All candy is packaged inside a specialty gift box which reads “Happy Birthday! 1981 was a very good year.” The box measures 9.5 inches by seven inches by three inches. Everybody loves candy, especially from their childhood, making this box a great gift for the person who has everything.

Wine Bottle Labels (Set of Four)

While you probably can’t create a custom wine, these chic labels do let you create customized wine labels. Each label is four by five inches which is the perfect fit for a standard 750 ml. Simply place any of the new labels directly over the old to create a fun and festive new look. Labels are pink, black and gold with multiple sayings including “Sip, Sip, Hooray!” and “Cheers to 40!”

The labels are professionally printed, glossy and easy to apply. Just make sure to apply them when the wine bottle is at room temperature. Once applied, labels are waterproof and bottles can be chilled.

Godiva Chocolatier Classic 8 Count Gift Box

Add some deliciousness to your birthday with this eight-piece box of Godiva chocolate candies. Each piece is different and differently decadent which includes Dark Ganache Bliss, Midnight Swirl, Pecan Caramel Duet and other milk, dark and white chocolates.

While you might think 40 pieces is the more appropriate gift, eight is much easier to savor and enjoy. Plus, each piece is made from by Godiva Chef Chocolatiers using only the highest quality ingredients. The gift box has a sophisticated, simple design with Godiva tissue paper.

“40 & Fabulous” Black Glitter Satin Sash

A 40th birthday party isn’t always about gifts as much as it’s about partying with friends. This “40 and Fabulous” sash is simple but sure to be fun. Everyone will know who the guest of honor is. Great for a fun party favor for an at-home get-together or a night out on the town.

This is a premium quality black sash with white lettering. Approximately three feet long by three inches wide, one size fits all. Looks great with a birthday tiara or just jeans and a shirt. No 40th birthday party is complete without this rockin’ Birthday Sash!

40th Birthday Gift Basket Party

While this might not be the most personal gift for a close friend or loved one, it’s great for an acquaintance or co-worker. This colorful gift basket is filled with tasty snacks including popcorn, roasted nuts, cookies, cheese straws and more. Plenty to share with the entire office or party!

The entire presentation is festive and fun. The gift box is a bold red while many of the individual packages are have cards reading “Happy 40 Birthday” with cartoon illustrations of candles and cake.

Rejuvelle Bath Bomb Gift Set

Aches and pains become more pronounced as we reach 40, but this bath bomb gift set provides soothing relief. This all-natural bath bomb includes six different fizzers: relaxation, detox, energize, de-stress, sinus treatment and congestion relief. All ingredients are organic, gluten-free with no GMO ingredients.

Regular use of these all-natural blends helps keep skin soft and moisturized. The manufacturers originally created these bath bombs to help treat their teen daughter’s auto-immune disorder. They’re toxin-free, effective and a great gift for women of all ages.

Complete Birthday Gift Basket Box for Her

Not sure what gift to give? Why not give a little bit of everything with this Complete Birthday Gift Box? Inside is a wide assortment of girlie goodies such as a folding brush, travel manicure kit, two ounces of Cake Beauty hand lotion, a custom birthday notepad and more. There’s even a birthday horn and box of cake puffs.

The 12 by 10-inch box is durable and can double as storage. A birthday message is printed on the outside of the box, while the items inside are kept snug with pink paper strips. All items are useful, well-made and have cheerful coloring.

“Bring Me Some Wine” Luxury Wine Cotton Socks with Gift Box

A nice, thick, warm pair of socks which are great for hanging around the house. Plus, they have a hilarious message on the bottom: “If You Can Read This,” is written on one foot while “Bring Me Wine” is on the other. When you sit back and put your feet up, everyone else in the household will know you’re ready for a glass of wine.

These socks are comfortable but also built to last. They fit sizes six through 10. Made from 80% combed cotton, simply toss them in the washing machine to keep them clean.

How Do I Find the Best 40th Birthday Gift for a Woman in 2020?

A 40th birthday is an important milestone, but buying the right gift can feel a bit complicated. Here’s how to find the best gift for a woman’s 40th birthday:

What is the Relationship Between You and the Recipient?

Who is the woman turning forty? If you’re buying a gift for your wife or girlfriend, expectations are high. You’ll want a gift which shows you put in thought and know the woman’s interests well.

On the other hand, the gift can be much more generic if you’re shopping for a co-worker or casual acquaintance. You can get a gift basket, candy or something similar.

What are Her Interests?

Many 40th birthday gifts for women involve wine, parties and good times. While those are great choices for outgoing women, they’re not appropriate for everyone. Avoid party-themed gifts like wine labels and sashes if the recipient is more of a homebody.

Instead, they might prefer to relax with a bath bomb or comfy socks instead. By the time most people turn forty, they tend to appreciate comfort over wild nights. So you usually can’t go wrong with small household comforts.

By the age of 40, women generally have well-established interests. Matching your gift to her interests shows a lot of thoughtfulness. This could even be as simple as tailoring your gift to her family color.

Is the Gift Appropriate?

Many women can feel sensitive about their advancing age. Make sure your gift isn’t going to accidentally be upsetting. Avoid joke gifts or cards which reference being “over the hill” or which could make her feel old.

Instead, stay positive and celebrate the occasion. Focus more on the birthday itself and not the specific age. This helps avoid accidentally hurting anyone’s feelings.

How Much Do You Want to Spend?

All of the gifts on our list are affordable, and many are very inexpensive. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on an expensive birthday gift. By the age of forty, most people aren’t as focused on material goods as they might have been in their 20s or 30s. Instead, 40 often signals more of an interest towards hanging out with friends and family instead of opening fancy packages.

However, there’s also nothing wrong with an especially fancy gift. If you want to buy something larger and more expensive, consider a group gift. Friends and family can pool their money to purchase a pool table, TV or other large item.

How Do I Want to Give the Gift?

By the age of forty, many women don’t particularly want tons of fancy, expensive gifts. Instead, gifts are just a minor part of a fun get-together. Be sure and organize a dinner with family, party with friends or other social event. Great gifts are even better when surrounded by great food and great times.

Is a Woman’s 40th Birthday a Big Deal?

Even if she seems perfectly carefree, many women have at least some mixed emotions about turning 40. A thoughtful, caring gift can help her feel supported and safe. So even if the woman turning 40 isn’t someone you normally buy a gift for, you’ll want to acknowledge their fortieth with at least a simple gift.

If the woman turning 40 is your wife, girlfriend or other special someone then you’ll really want to put extra care into selecting the right gift. But this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend big. Instead, focus on a gift which shows her how much she’s appreciated – and don’t be afraid to have fun.

Final Thoughts

Make forty fun by selecting the perfect gift. When shopping for a gift, make sure you take into account the recipient’s interests and personality. Also consider coordinating with friends and family to create a fun social event. With a bit of planning and care from you, 40 can be her best birthday yet!

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