Are Liquid Eyeliners Right For You?

Women love makeup, and it seems there are never enough products in our cosmetic bags. One of the essentials is the eyeliner. Apart from mascara and foundation, eyeliner is another item needed for that complete, polished look. But with so many choices, how to pick the right type of eyeliner?

The main difference in the types is a gel formula and a liquid formula.

The gel eyeliner formula is quite thick, creamy and heavier than the liquid one. It is packed in a small glass jar with a rotating lid. Less often do they come with applicators, so the gel formula requires a proper separate brush for drawing out the line. This can come as a setback if you are not eager on picking out makeup brushes and want something simpler.

The liquid eyeliner formula comes with an applicator as a sharp, pointed pen. In fact, they are so easy to use, they work like a regular pen! This eyeliner is for a precise application and is better to use if you are almost a pro in creating a sleek, cat eye or winged look. The formula is waterier and fixates instantly, so make sure to have a steady hand grip when drawing the lines. This will be a no hassle if you dislike dipping the brush into the gel formula a few times before you finish with the lash line. One or two strokes with the pointy applicator and you are done!

The liquid eyeliner is best if you need speed, accuracy and a fast-fixating line. Once you get accustomed to using the liquid formula, it will be the simplest makeup ritual you know how to do. One swipe and a nicely defined line will last for hours or a full day. Besides, a liquid eyeliner needs no sharpening.

One nice thing to know is that the liquid eyeliner does not need to be applied on the lower lash line, and it shouldn’t since it is watery. But, this is good since with just one line on the upper lid, you will ‘open’ the eyes better with no need of another line beneath.

Liquid eyeliner is intensely pigmented, dramatic and long-lasting. And do you know the best part? It is smudge-proof! The crisp, sharp lines are ‘unmovable’ once applied and dried, in just seconds. If you often struggle with the so called ‘raccoon eyes’ or ‘grungy, smudged’ look after a short while, you’re better off with a liquid eyeliner instead of the other types.

What about the best colors? For dark brown eyes, get navy blue or rich brown shades. Amber eyes pop out with green, plum and dark blue. Blue eyes sparkle more with bronze liners and green eyes look stunning with violets and purples.

Next, determine the finish result. You either go matte or sparkly/glossy. For everyday use, the matte is a no brainer. For nighttime and some extra attention – sparkly eyeliners are a hit.

Another thing, the liquid eyeliners come with one of two types of applicators: soft and flexible or pen-applicator. The soft applicator one can be simpler to practice your makeup skills. The pen applicator is good if you already know eye makeup by heart.

Remember, nothing says glamour like a liquid eyeliner. It is the historic classic, the glam item all icons wore. Whether it is a winged look, plain, simple line or cat eye – with the liquid formula you will always look stunning and fabulous. Think of all Hollywood icons. Apart from the classic red lipstick, the next thing they all wore is the eyeliner.

This makeup item is simply perfect if you have rather small eyes and want to make them appear bigger or more ‘awakened’. Also, if you have rather ‘thin’ or overly plucked eyebrows, you can make the eyes ‘pop’ with a vintage charm once you apply a precise line with the liquid eyeliner.

And, are you a fan of wearing lashes on top of the whole finished makeup look? With a liquid eyeliner, you can cover the roots of the false lashes the easiest to mask the glue dots underneath. Isn’t that convenient?

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