Choosing the Right Face Lotion

Skin care is one of those things that we must pay attention to, and on daily basis. Everyone knows the essentials, clean face, make up removal, but what comes afterwards is a delicate choice unique for every skin type and person. The ‘holy’ item of skincare is of course, the moisturizer or face lotion. But, with so many brands and choices on the market, it is difficult to find the perfect lotion for your face. This article will help you.

Face lotion use brings many merits to your skin In the long run. First, with all the pollution, stress, unhealthy eating habits or lifestyle habits skin tends to get saggy, dry or wrinkled too early. Here is where lotion steps in and slows down the skin damages that we see over time. Facial lotions have components in them that are especially designed and combined to act upon the external layers of your skin to make it pliable, softer and to make your complexion more even. Also, to avoid damage caused by makeup used on daily basis and to avoid premature skin aging, lotions act as a good basis when used properly.

Face moisturizing lotions come in many variations suitable for each skin type. For example, a face mist is a lotion based on water, as a spritz solution that often leaves a nice fragrance behind, perfect for a dewy complexion when in a hurry. The serum lotions target the precise issues you face with your skin. It is lightweight, easily absorbed and preferred for skin prone to damages or breakouts. The classic face lotion is lighter than a cream and is universally suitable for almost any skin type. The cream type of lotion is as the name itself says, ‘creamy’ and much thicker than regular lotions. It is good for those who need extra moisture. There are also oil lotions suitable for very dry or aging skin.

When purchasing a face lotion, apart from looking at prices, you need to focus on certain key ingredients. It is preferable that your lotion has at least one or more of them, for proper moisture and skin repair.

First is peptides. They are amino acids which create more collagen and that reinforces the skin structure, creates smoothness and ‘fills up’ fine lines.

Second is hyaluronic acid. This is the very item that is contained in the expensive wrinkle-fillers used in salons and dermatologist’s salons. Hyaluronic acid captures the moisture you have and keeps it locked in.

Third is Argan oil. This miraculous oil is used for hair and skin both. It is deeply nourishing and leaves a nice shiny moisturized look.

Fourth are vitamins. More precisely, E, A and C vitamins. They are the best antioxidants you can receive, both inside and out. For your skin, these vitamins stop the free radical damage (pollution, toxins, etc.).

Fifth is ceramides. Ceramides are found in the skin naturally since they are types of fat tissues. Due to many factors we tend to lose them as we age, but we can replenish them with proper lotion.

Sixth is lactic acid. Lactic acid gently exfoliates the skin, as well as softening it.

Finally, among many other items, do not forget that your lotion also needs a SPF. Your skin can get sun-damaged even in winter, so ensure you protect it from the harmful UV rays every single day.

So, before you go out and choose a face lotion, you need to determine what skin type are you. If you have oily skin, you should opt for a classic facial lotion that will not dry out your skin too much. It will exfoliate it gently and will give moisture without the ‘shiny’ look. Those with oily skin also tend to have larger pores, and the classic lotion will also work on shrinking your pores.

If you have dry skin, go for a creamy face lotion, a heavier formula than liquid lotions.

If you have a combination skin, it might be trickier for you to pick the right product, but it is not impossible. You can go for either a classic lotion or a creamier formula lotion, just make sure there are no harsh acids in the ingredients.

For those lucky ones with normal skin, choose any kind of lotion you think is the best, you have limitless choices.

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