How to Use Pomade For Hair Styling

You may be wondering what you lack in your hair care or what you need for thicker and shinier hair. It is a product called pomade. Pomade is a waxy, greasy and often, water-based ointment for hair styling. Unlike other hair products like foams, mousses, sprays and gels, pomade nourishes your hair, gives it shine and most importantly – keeps the moisture locked in.

Maybe you are a newbie to this hair care routine, or have been using pomades for that sleek, rockabilly look for some time now – regardless, pomade has its own philosophy of delicate hair grooming.

The petrolatum based pomades are not easily washable, at least not with just water. They do not come off with a single wash, making them convenient for that extra-strong look. These oil-based pomades have soft paraffin or mineral oils as their main ingredients – the items that give a glossy shine and sleekness. The good side of this type of pomade is that even after a wash, you will still have some pomade residue the next day (the good type of residue!). Convenient for those in a hurry, a bit lazy for daily styling and needing an edgy look!

The water-based pomades are easily rinsed with just water, so no need for a strong shampoo to get that shininess off. These pomades are considered more ‘modern’ and easier for handling, especially if you want that thick hair with dry, crisp, clean look and volume. Just like the oil pomades, these also come in many varieties regarding hold, consistency and finish. If you have sensitive skin near the hairline, but struggle with the voluminous thickness-style of hair, water-based pomade is the right choice for you.

Need more choices? You can choose between sheen or matte pomades, or you can combine both! The sheen pomade gives your hair that extra glossy and healthy look. The matte pomade settles your hair in place without that ‘greasy’ look, which is convenient if your hair is thin and needs washing daily. The choices do not end there. Pomades can be for high-hold, low hold, high shine and low shine.

If you have a thicker hair, you will need less pomade to hold your hair in place. One swipe with a comb and you are ready to go. If you have fine or thin hair, you might want to opt for light versions of pomades or less greasiness.

The application of pomade is generally done on damp hair and completely dry hair. Slightly damp hair absorbs the pomade perfectly, whereas fully wet hair will break the product down too much and the spreading would not go as easy as planned. For that perfect thick and healthy look, just use a dime-size amount of pomade. When you apply this product on dry hair, be more careful since the look is more textured, shiner and more ‘separated’. Run your fingers a few times through your hair to achieve an even application and the style is ready!

Pomade is not just for styling.  It also good for your hair. Mostly, pomades contain coconut oil, wax, lanolin and fragrances, so these items provide good moisture to your hair follicles. Your hair will not just be nourished and softened on the long run, but it will also look fuller, thicker and healthier.

It’s not too complicated to understand using pomade for styling your hair. It doesn’t matter if you look for an extra-thick vintage look or just glossy hairstyle – hair pomade is a nice thing to have among other hair care products. Simply use a dollop, rub it between your hands to warm it up, apply gently on damp, semi-dry hair and style as you wish. Upwards for vintage look, or use a comb to part your hair. Start from the back or front, or simply do a messy style like the famous ‘bed hair’ and apply evenly with no clumping. Whatever you choose, a pomade surely will make the hair look thick and healthy, and stylish for a long while.

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