What are The Different Types of Can Openers? Choices For Your Kitchen

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Walk across any store, and you’re likely to find some canned food. While canning keeps perishable foods from expiring, sometimes it can be frustrating trying to open the can. With the latest innovations in technology, you’d have thought that manufacturers would have invented a quicker way to remove the lid.

However, this is yet to happen, and it’s critical to now have a can opener in any kitchen. Unfortunately, there are different types of can openers in the market, and it can be daunting to settle on one. Here’s a look at what you should look for when purchasing a can opener and the various types of can openers available in the market.

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What To Consider When Choosing a Can Opener

Can opening is a necessity and not a fun activity. There are factors you should consider when purchasing a can opener. You need something that’s simple, but practical and durable. Here’s what makes the best can opener.

Frequency of Use

How often do you plan to use your can opener? People who use a can opener daily need a model that is comfortable to use. It also needs to prioritize the operation style as you don’t have the time to keep turning the lid to open the can.

But if you only use your opener once or twice a month, the comfort aspect is not essential as you can work with a solid opener that needs less maintenance. You won’t need an opener with a fancy handle or in a specific color.

Ease of Use

No one wants to waste time opening a can only to end up creating a rough metal rim. Choose an opener that is easy to use and one that can save you time in the process. Electric can openers are your best bet than manual openers. Some manual models have gears which make the flipping easier. It will depend on your physical capabilities and your budget.


The cutting power and overall lifespan are primary factors that determine how sturdy your can opener will be. Carbon steel or chromed model will last longer as it can withstand the impact of cutting into the can. Moreover, these types of can openers can handle heavy cans.

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Types of Can Openers

The different kinds of can openers include:

Electric Can Openers

Electric can openers are easy to use as all you need is to flip the lever or push the button depending on the model. The machine does all the work. This can opener has a magnet that holds the can while turning it through the blades. Some models are battery-operated.

These can openers will require space on the worktop. However, they are an excellent option if you have reduced upper limb strength or if your hand has a reduced grip. On the downside, they need two hands to operate. Also, once you’ve removed the top, the opener shuts down until your next use.

Manual Can Openers

If you do not use canned food often, a manual can opener is a fantastic choice. All you need is to turn the crank or wheel, and the lid will slide through the spinning blades to expose the top. Moreover, they are, and this makes them ideal for people on a budget.

But on the flip side, manual can openers require you to have a solid thump and reliable hands to operate them. Older people may find this a challenge if they have arthritis. Furthermore, they are not dishwasher friendly, and they rust compared to other options.

There are various manual can openers like:

Butterfly Can Opener

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The butterfly can opener has a rotating cutting wheel that breaks the top of the can, grips the lid, and spins around to open the can. These can openers have pliers or tongs and a key which need you to turn. The serrated wheel opens the can and works as a bunker opener.

Lever-type Can Opener

The lever-type can opener is also known as the claw-type opener because of its shape. Although this type of can opener was used back in the days, it’s still in use up to this day. The opener works by puncturing the lid using a sickle-shaped blade. It has a curved shield blade that prevents the opener from cutting deep into the can.

Key Style Openers

Key style openers look like a key and have a metal piece that twists. These can openers are safe to use and are available in most hotels and other households. You’ll need to fix the key opener along the cap to puncture it with the pointed edge of the key.

However, with this type of can opener, you need to get everything out of the container. It’s mostly used to open soft drinks and beer which need to be taken immediately.

With different can openers in the market, it’s essential to choose one that fits your needs and budget. You deserve to have a tool that makes things easier.

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