5 Ways To Improve The Productivity Of Your Paper Shredder

Don’t you just love technology? Let’s focus on technology at the office. In our offices, the machines we install are usually supposed to be helping to work with a lot of efficiency. They are supposed to increase our working rate, reduce the bulk of the work we have to do, save us some time among other things. We are going to talk about paper shredders as one of the machines we use in our offices and just how we can improve their productivity.

Perhaps you have been wondering if there is a way in which you can increase the productivity of the paper shredders. Well, the answer is yes and you can do that just by following these five simple steps.

Carefully read the manual

Just like any other product, the paper shredder will also come with a user manual when you buy it. This document always contains all the information you need concerning the machine, including how to install it and how to use it. You need to take your time and go through the manual so as to learn about all the capability of your machine hence utilizing all its features to the maximum. The manual will also contain information about the warranty of your machine. Reading this will enable you to know what problems are covered by the warranty. The user manual also has some information on safety tips. This will help you to avoid any injuries while using the machine. With all this in place, you can be sure to utilize your paper shredder to the maximum and that will increased production.

Know your shredder’s capacity

Of course, you only need to bite what you can chew. This also applies to paper shredders. Different shredders have different capacities and by this, I mean the number of sheets of paper that it can shred at a time. You are not supposed to overload your machine. Overloading your machine results to paper jamming and when this continues, you might eventually lose your paper shredder as it will definitely wear out. You also risk breaking some of the cutting teeth. Also, do not shred materials such as floppy disks and credit cards unless your machine is meant to handle such materials.

Place your paper shredder in a suitable location

One of the reasons for purchasing paper shredders is always to protect yourself and your clients from identity theft. This means that if you are dealing with a lot of people or you just have a lot of work to do, you will need to do some shredding more often. To save yourself some time and maybe increase your work rate, you should have your paper shredder in a convenient place where you can reach it fast. Maybe just next to your desk.

Allow sufficient cool-down periods

Paper shredder motors get very hot very quickly. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions about continuous use. Allow time for the motor to cool down. Otherwise, the motor will get too hot and shut down automatically. That could result in several hours of cooling before the shredder will restart. Pace yourself and you’ll get more shredding work done without overheating the motor.

Oil your machine regularly

If you like it, take care of it. Paper shredders, just like all other machines, are also supposed to be taken care of for them to stay in good shape. Oiling your shredder is a good practice to do this. The procedure is quite simple and it will see your machine go a long way without giving you many problems. All you need to do is look for some oil which is specially manufactured for shredders and use it to dampen some papers then shred them. You can even buy some paper specially made to clean and oil your shredder as you shred the paper. The cutting blades will be coated with oil and also the dust will be removed, leaving you with a clean and smooth operating machine. Oil your paper shredder on a regular basis will ensure that it stays in perfect shape and serve you for a long period of time.

With these five simple steps, am sure you will be able to utilize your machines capabilities and get maximum productivity out of it. This will enable you to keep your information private as possible with a beautifully working paper shredder.

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