Top 10 Best Toothbrush Holders 2020 – Reviews and Inside Tips

The toothbrush holder is an essential accessory to any bathroom. It can help keep the toothbrush safe from germs and it helps organize things in the bathroom by saving space and keeping them in one place.

Out of all the models available only 10 were selected. Read on to see our reviews and ranking of the top 10 best toothbrush holders in 2021.

InterDesign Med+ Organizer

The InterDesign Med+ is an inexpensive toothbrush holder that comes with a glass tube for toothpaste. It holds 4 large toothbrushes and it is made of durable clear polycarbonate. The model has a compact form factor that makes it fit in most medicine cabinets. Because it is made of a clear material the model also makes it easy to see when it needs to be cleaned.

Price Range: Low

InterDesign Twigz Bath Toothbrush Holder

The InterDesign Twigz Bath toothbrush holder is actually a complementary item for their soap dispenser. It has the same design with the outer brown metal frame and the ceramic holder with two slots for two brushes and a larger one for the toothpaste. It is an excellent pick for the ones that like to have a vintage look in their bathroom.

Price Range: Low

OXO Good Grips Toothbrush Organizer

OXO’s Good Grips toothbrush holder and organizer was built for the ones that travel a lot. It has two slots for toothbrushes and a larger one for toothpaste. The model comes with a large lid that closes making it easy to pack along with the toothpaste and toothbrushes inside. It comes with a brushed stainless steel body offering a rigid and durable construction.

Price Range: High

InterDesign Eva Bath

Eva Bath from InterDesign is a simple toothbrush holder with a PET plastic build which means it will not break if dropped accidentally. Despite being made of plastic is feels well built with proper finishing and an interesting design. It is actually has an open build with a small water holder on the base and four slots to hold toothbrushes. It is also inexpensive and it matches other items made by InterDesign.

Price Range: Low

Umbra Touch Molded Toothbrush Holder

Umbra’s Touch Molded toothbrush holder is a great option for the ones that need something with a simple design and a practical build. It has one large cup with two thinner ones attached that can be used to store toothbrushes and a large toothpaste. It is made of a molded plastic with a soft finish and it is available in multiple colors such as black, red or blue.

Price Range: Low

InterDesign Forma Toothbrush Holder

The InterDesign Forma toothbrush holder is a great looking product with its simple design and sturdy build. It is made of brushed stainless steel and a convenient double wall construction. Its interior separator fins are removable which makes it easy to clean or use as a simple jar. Surprisingly the model is quite affordable which recommends it anyone.

Price Range: Low

InterDesign York Toothbrush Stand

InterDesign’s York toothbrush holder is one of their most popular bathroom products. It has a simple design with a white base and a chromed upper body that can hold up to four large toothbrushes. Its chromed elements are actually made of durable steel and despite its fancy look it is quite affordable.

Price Range: Medium

Best Electric Rechargeable Toothbrushes

InterDesign Gia Bath

InterDesign focuses a lot on designing excellent household accessories. The Gia Bath is one of their stylish toothbrush holders with an interesting design and excellent build quality. It has a glossy ceramic base along with stainless steel elements and a simple holder with large openings that can fit any type or size of toothbrush.

Price Range: Low

OXO Good Grips Toothbrush Holder

The OXO Good Grips an a rather interesting model with two slots for toothbrushes and a larger one for a toothpaste tube. It comes with a brushed stainless steel body and two removable sections that turn it into a large glass. It also comes with a lid that makes it easy to transport when moving or traveling.

Price Range: High

STONG Family Size Sg-103 Zero Germ UV Light 3-5 Minute Toothbrush Holders Sanitizing timer Sanitizer Sterilizer with Cleaning Cloth

This toothbrush sanitizer from Global Care Market uses ultraviolet germicidal technology to kill germs and viruses that can grow on toothbrushes. UV germicidal technology is an effective cleaning technique that is used by dentist’s offices, hospitals, clinics and industrial businesses. Now you can use this same technology at home.

Toothbrush sanitizers work by exposing the toothbrush to UV light, which kills most germs. The photons from the UV light have the most effective wavelength to kill all the bacteria, viruses and mold that may be hiding on your toothbrush. Just place your toothbrush inside and then close the cover. The ultraviolet light will automatically turn on for a full cleaning cycle. The Sanitizer can kill over 99% of common illness-causing yeasts,molds,viruses and bacteria that can incubate on a toothbrush.

Price Range: High

Toothbrush holders are differentiated mainly by the number of toothbrushes they can hold. Our top 10 includes models with 2 to 5 slots. When it comes to choosing one it all comes down to which design fits the current setup in the bathroom and fortunately the list has something for everyone.

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