What Are The Top 10 Best Recliners For a Tall Person in 2022?

Being really tall has lots of advantages but also a few disadvantages. One issue many tall people face is finding the right fit for clothing, cars, and yes, even furniture. While finding a really long couch isn’t usually very difficult, finding a recliner for a tall person can be a challenge.

Stretching out with your feet up, and with plenty of snacks on hand, is the best way to relax in your recliner. But tall people usually just can’t quite get comfortable in a standard-sized recliner. If you’re over six feet tall, a traditional recliner leaves your feet hanging, your neck unsupported and more.

A recliner for a tall person needs more than just extra length. You also want to consider the materials, features, cost and more. We took a look at the most popular recliners available and rated them according to their suitability for tall people. Here’s your complete 2022 guide to the top 10 best recliners for a tall person.

Lane Furniture ComfortKing Grant Rocker Recliner

Lane Furniture builds their recliners from the ground up with larger, heavier and taller people in mind. This heavy-duty recliner supports up to 500 feet and can comfortably accommodate heights up to six foot eight.

The chair is made from high-carbon steel angle rail. Also includes nine heavy-duty coils made from welded steel. With a tan covering and high-resiliency cushion, this rocker provides comfortable support when sitting and napping.

Using a patented reclining mechanism made from seven-gauge steel, the recliner has an easy glide motion which is soothing and bump-free. A great rocker recliner backed with a lifetime warranty from a U.S.-based company.

Serta Big & Tall Memory Foam Massage Recliner

Serta is known for their memory foam mattresses, but their unique technology works great in recliners, too. This memory foam recliner conforms to your body and provides targeted support for pressure points in your neck, hips, lower back and more.

The recliner supports up to 350 pounds and is 44 inches from the floor to the top of the seat. Includes soft body pillows. The recliner is covered with gray and black leather. Due to the unique properties of the memory foam, the recliner draws heat away from the body which prevents hot spots from forming.

Also includes full massage capabilities as well as a remote control and USB port. Some minor assembly is required. You’ll need to place the backrest onto two sliding rails and then snap it into place. A few wires also need to be connected.

Flash Furniture Big & Tall Gazette

Nicknamed “The Big Man Recliner,” this offering from Flash Furniture can support up to 350 pounds. Multiple positioning options allow you to work on a laptop while sitting upright or you can recline horizontally for the ultimate in relaxation.

The recliner has a stylish, contemporary look which fits into practically any existing room design. The Gazette Pewter microfiber upholstery is comfortable, durable and easy to keep clean. Both the arms and pillow back are extra plush for additional comfort.

This chair has a full foot-rest which is released by pulling on a plastic disc in the side. The disc is attached to a cable. While the foot-rest is easy to set up, it does require a bit of leg strength to push back.

ComfortMax Goliath Power Big Recliner

Able to support up to 400 pounds, the Goliath Power Big Recliner from ComfortMax is a heavy-duty option for people who need better-than-average support. This recliner includes an extra-wide steel foundation, a steel seat box and chaise leg support.

The recliner is covered in chocolate-colored leather for a classic recliner style. Weighing 150 pounds, the chair is surprisingly mobile considering how much support it provides. This chair is made entirely in the U.S.

B2C2B Reclining Office Chair

Not every recliner is designed for the home. Relax at work with this Executive Napping Chair from B2C2B. This leather chair has a thick, padded headrest as well as high-density, sponge-filled cushions on the arms and back.

The reclining backrest tilts between 90 and 135 degrees. Lockable in any position. Extend the footrest and even someone over six feet tall will be able to comfortably stretch out. While certainly not every office allows leather recliners, this is a great choice for executives, at-home workers and more.

Ashley Furniture Signature Design Alzena Recliner

This large recliner has a classic style with purposefully weathered faux-leather and a deep red/gray hue called Gunsmoke. Designed to be cozy and comfortable, the foam cushions provide support whether you’re sitting or laying down.

This is a large chair measuring 43 inches wide by 39 inches deep by 42 inches high. The seat is reinforced with metal and supported by a corner-blocked frame. Easy to clean, the chair can simply be wiped down with a damp cloth. A classic “distressed” look that adds a touch of familiar comfort to the living room and matches well with many different colors and styles of furnishings.

Lane Big Man Comfort King

Specifically designed for “the big man,” this recliner from Lane holds up to 500 pounds with ease. When the manual footrest is pulled out, the recliner is 78 inches long. Chair is covered with overstuffed padding and cushions. A great way for the biggest guys around to sit and relax.

Just because the recliner is strong and durable doesn’t mean it’s not also stylish. Available in a contemporary gray, the recliner looks good alongside woods, metals and more. Fabric covering is a soft but durable blend of campaign praline, polyester and cotton.

Catnapper Malone

A perfect spot for big cats to nap, the Malone is an oversized lay flat recliner. Unique Comfor-Gel memory foam inserts provide flexible support at pressure points in your hips, neck and more. Plus, the memory foam pulls heat away from your body, so you’ll stay comfortable and cool even when binging your favorite shows for hours on end.

Supporting up to 400 pounds, the recliner has reinforced frame rails and a coil seating system. With a seat depth of 23 inches, you can sink right into the comfortable fabric. Total dimensions are 45 inches wide by 51 inches high. Fully extended the chair is 85 inches.

VH Furniture Leather Recliner

The black leather recliner remains a classic for a reason, and this version from VH Furniture is one of the best. This is a very traditional recliner made from top grain leather with overstuffed padding. Designed to last for decades without tearing or scuffing.

The seating pad is extra-large, possibly even large enough for two to share. Backrest and footrest are adjusted using a handle on the side. There are no frills or special features here. Just a high-quality, comfortable recliner with a top grain leather covering.

Coaster Home Furnishing Power Lift Recliner

Looks can be deceiving. This recliner from Coaster Home Furnishings may appear to be a standard recliner, but there’s a ton of technology underneath this classic exterior. A remote control lets you adjust the incline without requiring any muscle power. Plus, a lift function helps you stand up without putting pressure on your knees or back.

The recliner is covered in textured velvet for a cool, soft feel. The arms and headrest have extra padding for pillow-like comfort. Plus, the internal pocket coils provide secure support for up to 375 pounds. A comfortable chair with extra features which are helpful for anyone with mobility issues. Available in a variety of dark browns and chocolates.

Selecting the Best Recliner for Your Needs

When shopping for a recliner, consider the size of the chair as well as the available space in your home. Recliners designed for big and tall people have extra support and stability, but they’re also often much wider and longer than traditional recliners. Make sure to properly account for the space which is required when the recliner is stretched out to a full length.

Also take a look at the footrest. Many require the manual pulling of a lever in order to extend the footrest. While that’s fine for many people, the elderly and anyone with mobility issues might prefer a recliner which uses a button or remote to control the footrest. Additionally, you might want lift support if you have difficulty standing up from a sitting position.

Finally, consider the materials inside and outside of the chair. Is the recliner covering soft, cool and easy to clean? What type of materials are used internally? While traditional padding is often very comfortable, some people prefer the flexibility of memory foam.

A recliner is more than just a comfortable place to sit. These chairs also provide a variety of medical benefits. Elevating your legs and stretching your back help improve circulation and reduce muscle stiffness. Plus, padding and memory foam help reduce stress on your legs, hips and joints. Our guide will help you find the best, most comfortable recliner. Perfect relaxation at home can soon be yours.

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