The Top 10 Best Dryer Sheets – Reviewed (2022 Edition)

best dryer sheetsEver stopped to wonder why you’ve been using dryer sheets all these years? Perhaps you saw your mother do it, so you figured you should do it too. Perhaps you want your dry clothes to smell like dryer sheets. Regardless of the reason, dryer sheets keep your clothes soft and cling-free. Maybe that’s the only reason you’re using them.

Although dryer sheets perform simple functions, there are many different brands and types available to buy, and it’s not obvious which ones are the best option. Here’s a look at the top 10 best dryer sheets to use with confidence in 2022:

Bounce Fabric Softener and Dryer Sheets, Outdoor Fresh

When it comes to dryer sheets, Bounce is second to none. An overwhelming majority of dryer sheet users agree that Outdoor Fresh Bounce produces excellent results in the dryer.

Most reviewers agree that the outdoor fresh scent is pleasant, but not overwhelming. Bounce sheets also act as a fabric softener. Instead of buying fabric softener for the washer, Bounce sheets provide it within the product.

Bounce Outdoor Fresh Dryer Sheets are perfect for large families who rely on pulling clothes straight out of the dryer to wear. These sheets reduce wrinkles and static cling. Clothes often come out of the dryer completely wrinkle-free.

These sheets come in a box of 240 and are cheaper than most leading brands. Bounce Outdoor Fresh Dryer Sheets are competitively priced to be about a cent lower, per sheet, than competitors. When you buy Bounce, you are getting quality for a low price.

Gain Dryer Sheets

Gain Dryer Sheets have made a name for themselves with their unique scent. Gain relies on customers to choose them based on their “seriously good scent” alone. While it may smell good, these sheets also provide quality at a low price.

What is it about the scent? Gain claims the “amber, citrus and green” scent is the best compared to competitors. Gain users agree. The scent is so popular that these sheets have inspired alternate uses such as wiping down car interiors or as refrigerator deodorizers.

Besides the long-lasting smell, Gain provides soft and cling-free clothes. Gain also reduces wrinkles. A box of Gain Dryer Sheets contains 240 sheets and is comparable in price to other leading brands.

Anyone looking for a versatile dryer sheet that produces some seriously good smelling clothes should opt for Gain Dryer Sheets.

Downy April Fresh Fabric Softener Dryer Sheets

Downy April Fresh Fabric Softener Dryer Sheets is a product that takes softness seriously. Clothes that gets run through the dryer can end up damaged or stiff. Downy has solved that problem by creating a dryer sheet that produces soft to the touch clothes, every time.

Many dryer sheets include fabric softener, including Downy. However, Downy also recommends using their sheets coupled with Downy Fabric Conditioner in the washing machine. The added step of adding conditioner helps these dryer sheets further protect and soften clothes.

At 240 sheets per box, these sheets cost similar to other popular name brands. People who want the softest possible clothes without sacrificing quality should try Downy April Fresh Fabric Softener Dryer Sheets.

Bounce Fabric Softener Sheets, Free & Gentle

Dryer sheets don’t have to be scented to be effective. Bounce Free & Gentle Sheets are a hypoallergenic option for customers who suffer from perfume allergies or intolerances.

With the increasing awareness of artificial scents and their effect on the body, Bounce has created a dryer sheet that has no smell. Free of all perfumes, this product is dermatologist tested. As well, it is dye-free, which is important for customers with sensitive skin.

This hypoallergenic version of Bounce dryer sheets aims to act as a regular dryer sheet would, just without the scent. Importantly, these sheets still contain many of the same ingredients as regular dryer sheets. The only difference between is the absence of dyes and perfumes.

Bounce recommends two sheets for larger loads, which may turn off some penny-pinching customers. The price for a box of 240 comes in at about three dollars more than regular Bounce dryer sheets. However, this product cannot be beaten for individuals and families who do lots of laundry but also require sensitive products for their clothes.

Breezeo Fabric Softener Dryer Sheets, Mountain Fresh

Breezeo Dryer Sheets are designed to give customers the most bang for their buck. That means that you likely won’t find a cheaper alternative to this functional dryer sheet anywhere. Breezeo won’t win any awards for quality, but that isn’t why it is on this list. The price is unbeatable.

The primary feature of these dryer sheets is the “unique scent experience” Breezeo promises. Some have claimed that the scent is too overwhelming. However, the intensity of the scent is designed to remove even the most stubborn odors from clothes.

At around 3 cents per sheet, Breezeo delivers economical dryer sheets that actually work. They’ve also marketed their sheets to be used in toilet paper rolls and inside the soles of shoes as fresheners. Customers looking for a versatile, odor defeating dryer sheet for cheap should choose Breezeo Dryer Sheets.

Snuggle Plus Super Fresh Fabric Softener Dryer Sheets with Static Control and Odor Eliminating Technology

Snuggle offers this premium dryer sheet for a very low cost. Customers should be excited because Snuggle Plus was even voted “Product of the Year” for 2017 by the Consumer’s Survey of Product Innovation.

This product is designed to work in tandem with Snuggle Fabric Conditioner for ultra soft clothes. The odor eliminating technology is designed to rid clothes of the most difficult odors. Snuggle aids this by providing these sheets in two scents: original and mountain fresh.

At about 4 cents per sheet, Snuggle has created an economical, premium product. Reviewers are swooning over the ultra-soft results and great smell. Snuggle Plus is an excellent product for active families with lots of laundry.

Seventh Generation Fabric Softener Sheets, Free & Clear

If you are concerned about all the possible chemicals, dyes, and perfumes found in dryer sheets, then Seventh Generation products might be for you.

Dryer sheets typically come packed with helpful chemicals and additives to make clothes fragrant and static-free. However, many of those chemicals can irritate those with sensitive skin. Enter Seventh Generation. This product is 97% plant-based, meaning it is almost completely natural.

In addition to being almost all plant-based, these sheets are also hypoallergenic. The consistency of the sheet is different and has a paper-like feel. Despite the unusual feel of the product, the results are consistent with name brand products.

Unlike many organic or natural products, these Seventh Generation Dryer Sheets won’t break the bank. At 6 cents per sheet, they are only slightly more expensive than the most popular name brands. This product works for anyone looking for a cleaner, healthier, and more environmentally friendly dryer sheet that still does the job.

Arm & Hammer Essentials Dryer Sheets, Lavender and Linen

When people think about dryer sheets, Arm & Hammer is not the first brand that comes to mind. However, Arm & Hammer has taken their deodorizing expertise and put it into a dryer sheet. The result is a functional, subtle, and natural product that works.

Arm & Hammer Essentials stands out from the rest because of the biodegradable softening agents found within the sheet. Typical dryer sheet softeners can be harsh. However, Arm & Hammer has rectified that problem using softeners that are all natural. This product will not irritate your skin.

Arm & Hammer Essentials comes with a Lavender scent, which customers have found to be subtle and not overwhelming. As you might imagine, clothes treated with these dryer sheets come out smelling clean. The product also markets itself as a drawer and shoe refresher.

At a little over 5 cents per sheet, this product is similar in price to other name brands. While other brands may get more recognition, Arm & Hammer Essentials offers an excellent natural product at a low price.

Beyond Natural Dryer Sheets

Beyond is attempting to compete with the big-name brands by offering completely plant-based, compostable dryer sheets at a competitive cost. These natural dryer sheets use essential oils, compostable sheets, and plant-based softeners to make clothes soft without sacrificing environmental integrity.

These sheets contain 93% bio-based content, according to the USDA. This means that these sheets are not woven with synthetic ingredients like typical dryer sheets. Each sheet is made with renewable fibers.

Harnessing the scent of gardenia, these sheets are scented using essential oils. These oils are all natural, bio-derived substances that do not irritate even the most sensitive skin. Since the scents are all natural, there are no perfumes in this product. Beyond also wants customers to know that their products are cruelty-free.

These sheets come in packs of 40, which is small. However, they can be bought in cases of 12 allowing customers to save buying in bulk. The cost is around 8 cents per sheet, which makes it one of the most economical natural dryer sheet products.

Individuals looking to reduce their carbon footprint should seriously consider Beyond Natural Dryer Sheets.

Home Victory Dryer Sheets, Free & Clear

No list would be complete without the best option for budget-conscious households. Home Victory Free & Clear is that option.

The great thing about Home Victory Free & Clear is that the sheets are unscented, which is rare for budget dryer sheets. Free & Clear dryer sheets still perform similarly to name brand sheets, but without the scent. This product is great for those with scent intolerances.

Home Victory comes in boxes of 240, and the price is unbeatable at 2 cents per sheet. Even at this low price the product still reduces static-cling, softens clothes, and deodorizes.

Home Victory recommends customers compare their sheets to Bounce. While Bounce may produce clothes that are slightly softer, the difference in price between the two products makes Home Victory a great, economical alternative.

How to Choose the Best Dryer Sheet

A dryer sheet may seem like a simple purchase, but there are many factors to consider. A large family may have different needs than a single person. Also, depending on your price range and beliefs, you might opt for more expensive, environmentally friendly options.

Before buying a box of dryer sheets, here are some questions you should ask yourself:

  • What is my price range?
  • Do I need a plant-based, sensitive skin dryer sheet?
  • Should my sheets have a scent or no scent?
  • How much laundry will I be doing?

Since dryer sheets are a household staple, pricing is quite competitive. This is great news for consumers. Pricier, environmentally friendly dryer sheets are still reasonably priced. Best of all, most grocery stores will stock these options alongside the large name brands.

Households with large amounts of laundry should also carefully consider which dryer sheet best fits their needs. For instance, some of the environmentally sensitive products like Beyond may not be designed for heavier loads. Large families with large laundry loads should consider big name brands such as Bounce. These brands are designed for heavy-duty loads and very soiled clothes.

Are Dryer Sheets Harmful?

Recent research has indicated that dryer sheets can potentially be harmful to households that use them. According to Scientific American, there are several known carcinogens and chemicals like ethanol in standard dryer sheets. These ingredients are transferred to your clothes in the dryer. From there, they can potentially be absorbed through the skin or inhaled.

Leading brands have responded to the above by publishing list of their ingredients. Bounty, Downy, Gain, and others do not contain any of the above-mentioned chemicals, which indicates that only some dryer sheets contain them. If you are thinking about purchasing dryer sheets, be sure to research first to ensure you aren’t putting yourself or your family at risk.

But can dryer sheets harm your dryer? The short answer is…maybe. Dryer sheets have residue. This residue is heat activated and leaves your clothes smelling fresh and leaves them static-free. The problem is that this residue is deposited on the inside of the dryer. Over time this residue can clog the lint filter.

While a clogged lint filter is not a major hazard, it can make your dryer more inefficient and increases the risk of a dryer fire. Although the risk is low, it is still possible. If you are still concerned, using all-natural dryer sheets with plant-based ingredients will lessen the chance of harming your dryer. Also, removing them from the dryer after each use ensures they don’t get stuck and clog the filter or vent.

Do Dryer Sheets Work for All Clothing?

The short answer is yes, they do. For starters, every brand claims to reduce static cling. Static cling reduction is a baseline offering from all products and should be expected from all dryer sheets. All brands typically freshen clothes. Unless the product is scent-free, you can expect your clothes to come out smelling good.

However, when it comes to some types of clothes dryer sheets might not be a good option. Every time you use a dryer sheet a coat of softener is deposited on your clothes. This is a problem for clothes that are “breathable”. Fabrics designed for active people keep sweat away from the body via tiny openings in the fabric. Softeners from dryer sheets can clog those openings.

Finally, there is a concern that the fabric softener in dryer sheets can make cotton clothing more flammable. This is not true since the amount of softener used on a dryer sheet is not enough to increase the flammability of a piece of clothing. Therefore, using dryer sheets with cotton clothes poses no extra risk.

Other Uses for Dryer Sheets

Many people have found alternative uses for dryer sheets: shoe deodorizers, room and draw fresheners, car cleaners, and more. One of the most popular ways to use dryer sheets is in the removal of pet hair. Many swear by dryer sheets to pick up unwanted pet hair from hard surfaces like floors, windowsills, or countertops. Brands that contain fabric softener are slightly lubricated and act as a great pet hair “mop”.

Another popular use is as a room or space deodorizer. Some clever uses include putting them within a toilet paper roll or in an air vent in your vehicle. Less invasive methods include putting sheets in your sock drawer or seasonal clothing bins.

Final Thoughts

Dryer sheets are an important part of the clothes washing process. Unless you want your clothes to stick together in a giant, fluffy mass, you are going to need some type of dryer sheet. Before buying a box of sheets, be sure to consider the needs of your household. The list above can help even the most basic laundry user find the right sheet.

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