Top 10 Best Electric Rechargeable Toothbrushes 2017

We all know that we should brush our teeth after every meal, or at least twice a day. Some of us are impatient and don’t do a great job every time. Some of us don’t change our toothbrushes often enough. Sometimes, we buy a toothbrush that’s too hard, thinking that we’re doing good for ourselves. In fact, we should be using very soft brushes. And, by the way, once around the mouth is not long enough. Introducing the Electric Toothbrush. They make tooth brushing easy and correct, every time.  They come with the correct soft bristles to clean your teeth without damaging your teeth or your gums. Electric toothbrushes are built to reduce plague, remove stains and make your gums stronger. Some electric toothbrushes have timers to signal you when you should move on to another section of your teeth. Many dentists recommend to brush your teeth for 2 minutes. There are a lot of electric toothbrushes on the market and they come in a wide range of prices. Before you buy one, read our newest reviews of the Top 10 Best Electric Rechargeable Toothbrushes 2017, that will clean your teeth, make your gums stronger and give you a beautiful smile.

Oral-B Pro 1000 Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush

Procter and Gamble, the manufacturer of The Oral-B PRO 1000 rechargeable electric toothbrush claims that it provides a clinically proven superior clean vs. a regular manual toothbrush. The professionally inspired design of the CrossAction brush head surrounds each tooth with bristles angled at 16 degrees, and 3D cleaning action oscillates, rotates, and pulsates to break up and remove up to 300% more plaque along the gum line vs. a regular manual toothbrush. The pressure sensor stops the pulsation movement if you brush too hard and there is 1 mode, plus an in-handle timer to help you brush for a dentist-recommended 2 minutes. Best of all, it’s brought to you by Oral-B – the #1 brand used by dentists worldwide (again, claimed by P&G).

Price Range: Medium

Oral-B Genius Pro 8000 Electronic Power Rechargeable Battery Electric Toothbrush with Bluetooth Connectivity

Ok. This is a high tech electric toothbrush. The advanced Position Detection technology of the Oral-B Genius 8000 electric toothbrush allows you to see where you’re brushing so you can adjust your technique and never miss a zone. It has a SmartRing that allows you to see feedback from the pressure sensor, brushing timer and Bluetooth connection. The Oral-B Genius 8000 electric toothbrush with Bluetooth technology provides focused care and receive guidance that can be adjusted by your dental professional. The Focused Care feature allows you to implement your dentist’s recommendations via customizable brushing plans for key focus areas. The Dental Care Journeys feature lets you follow a pre-programmed routine that matches your oral care goals. These include Fresh Breath, Plaque Fighter, Whitening, Gum Health and Ortho Care. Oral-B replacement electric toothbrush heads feature a professionally inspired design that surrounds each tooth. The dynamic movement of 3D cleaning action helps the electric toothbrush head adapt to your teeth as it oscillates, rotates and pulsates to break up and remove more plaque than a regular manual toothbrush. The round head is specially designed for a tooth-by-tooth clean, and its criss-cross bristles are set at a 16 degree angle to reach deep between teeth to lift and power away up to 100% more plaque for a superior clean vs. a regular manual toothbrush.

Price Range: High

Philips Sonicare 2 Series Plaque Control Sonic Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush

  • Sonic technology delivers up to 31,000 brush strokes per minute
  • Removes 6x more plaque than a manual toothbrush to help prevent tooth decay and avoid cavities
  • Snap-on brush head with easy-to-clean material
  • Smartimer encourages 2 minutes of brushing
  • Easy-start feature slowly increases power over first 14 uses
  • Ergonomic design with intrinsic grip for comfort
  • Two-color battery charge indicator lets you know when to recharge
  • 2 weeks battery life

Price Range: Medium


Want your teeth to be cleaner? Waterpik is a perfect combination of electric toothbrush and a flossing tool. You can clean your teeth more effective with the floss device. The Sensonic Professional toothbrush has 2 speed settings: gentle cleaning and maximum plaque removal. It comes with a toothbrush travel case and 2 brushes.  One is regular sized (blue color band) and another one is small, suitable for kids (green color band).

Price Range: Medium

Philips Sonicare DiamondClean

Philips Sonicare DiamondClean can clean teeth up to 31,000 brush strokes per minutes which can remove plague and you will get healthy gums in 2 weeks and whiter teeth in 1 week after using the Philips Sonicare. Philips Sonicare provides 4 different colors: amethyst, black, pink and white.

Price Range: High

Oral-B, Pro-Health For Me

The Oral-B Pro Health For Me has a 2-minute timer which will alert you when you have completed the 2-minute brushing. The package includes 2 sensitive clean refill toothbrush heads and a small footprint charging station. This electric rechargeable toothbrush is recommended for children over the age of 8.

Price Range: Low

Philips Sonicare

Philips Sonicare HX6921/02 gives 5 cleaning modes: clean, white, sensitive, polish and gum care. However, if you want to change the mode while you are cleaning, you will have to power off the brush in order to switch the mode. The brush head can be softer and thinner than Oral-B tooth brush. This toothbrush is easy to hold as it has a small neck. It includes a removable mini-travel charger to make travel easy.

Price Range: High

Techege, iBrush SonicWave

Techege iBrush SonicWave is designed with 3 operating modes: normal, soft and massage, which can help ensure accurate massage pressure. The UV light is intended to sanitize harmful bacteria and microbes from the brush head. It has a long battery life which can last up to 6 weeks. The package includes 3 brush heads with different colors.

Price Range: Medium

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Oral-B Vitality Floss Action Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush

The Oral-B Vitality Floss Action Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush features MicroPulse Bristles to clean deep between teeth for outstanding plaque removal. The round brush head is inspired by dental professional tools for a tooth-by-tooth clean, with specially engineered bristles for optimal tooth coverage. The Floss Action toothbrush head has unique floss action bristles to loosen plaque in between teeth, but is not intended to replace flossing. It is compatible with a wide selection of replaceable toothbrush heads.

Price Range: Low


The Ivation Electric Toothbrush is made to clean your teeth and to keep your gums stay healthy. Ivation has 3 different cleaning modes: normal, whitening and massage. Like some other electric toothbrushes, it alerts you every 30 seconds to move the brush to clean another area of your mouth. You will feel comfortable with the lightweight it has.

Price Range: Medium

That’s it. Our newest reviews of the Top 10 Best Electric Rechargeable Toothbrushes 2017, that will clean your teeth, make your gums stronger and give you a beautiful smile. We’re sure that you will find the right Electric Toothbrush for you.

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