Top 10 Best Selfie Sticks For Smartphones 2017

Selfie is a photograph that you normally take of yourself, using a smartphone or webcam. It has become a very popular activity nowadays as it can use to capture the beautiful angle of the view and enjoy the memories as well as the story through the picture. There are a wide variety of selfie sticks in today market.  We Told Our Staff To Find The Best. Here Are The Top 10 Best Selfie Sticks For Smartphones In 2017.

GoGo Robots Selfie Stick

It is a light, durable and long selfie stick. It is made from a high quality material and voted the #1 selfie stick. The Bluetooth connection pairing to your smart phone is super easy. This stick can be use for capturing both profile and landscape view. It can fit with Apple, Android, Samsung and other devices.

InfinityMaker Selfie Pole

With a simple design, this sticker is made from high quality give a lightweight and sturdy holding. This selfie is perfectly fit with iPhone 6 and other larger phone. No battery charging needed as you just plug in and it connected automatically to your phone. A built-in shutter button enables you to press for getting your favourite moment.

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PhotoBOMB Selfie Stick

PhotoBOMB stick is designed to a modern look with superior quality. It can be extended to over 3.5 Feet and multi angle adjustable to ensure that every one is in the frame. It fits with many various devices such as: iPhone, Samsung, Galaxy, Android, Google Devices, GoPRO and other cameras with a 1/4″ screw mount. The 4th gerneration Bluetooth technology pairs your device easily and quickly. The rechargeable battery can be lasted for 100 hours.

Kiwii Selfie Stick Monopod

With Kiwii selfie stick, you do not need to charge your selfie stick anymore, just plug into your headphone (capable with all phones) and here you go! You can capture every moment of your activities with the built-in shutter button designed. It is lightweight with the pocket size and gives the extension and adjustable size of up to 31.5”.

Xtender Pro Selfie Stick

Xtender Pro selfie stick is a high quality sturdy selfie stick. The stick can be extended to 3 Feet that you can caught all the angle for your photo. Plug the cable into your device without using Bluetooth connection. The special mirror feature for getting the highest photo or video’s quality.

Mpow iSnap X

The Mpow selfie stick is redesigned to a smaller size than other products, which you can easily bring along or throw in your bag or even put in your pocket. The cradle can be rotated 270o to give you a perfect angle picture. The shutter button is soft with the rubber handle for quick access. The Bluetooth connectivity is very responsive to all devices include IOS and Android smart phone device.

Flexion Selfie Stick

Made from solid, Flexion seflie stick is very well build and durable. You can be retracted without bending or wobbling. It is easy to pair with a phone with the excellent Bluetooth function. This stick is available with iPhone 5, 5S, 5C, 6, 6 Plus and Android. A package of this selfie stick contains, a Flexion Bluetooth self-portrait monopod, smartphone holder, micro-USB charge cable and a user guide sheet.

C’mon pick up your stick and enjoy your multi-angle/group photo-taking.

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