Top 10 Best Tripods For DSLR Cameras in 2017

Tripods are essential for every photographer, especially for those who specialize in fantasy photography or light painting, where the camera must be hold still for more than one minute. Modern tripods are very lightweight, compact and easy to carry around with you, and here you will find the top 10 best tripods for DSLR cameras in 2017:

Davis & Sanford EXPLORERV Tripod

This is one of the most appreciated tripods at the moment – not only does it come with a hassle-free tripod bag, but it also comes with a 10-year warranty, it features quick-release leg locks and it also weighs only three pounds!

Xstories Flexible Camera Tripod

This is a very versatile tripod model that works with a variety of different cameras and it also features an adjustable swivel ball head that can support a camera weighing up to two pounds. The tripod also comes with fully articulated foam legs and rubber feat, and it is suitable for steady shots, group shots as well as time lapse photos and low light shots.

The Polaroid Heavy Duty Tripod Top of Form

Just as the name suggests, this is a heavy duty tripod that can be easily coupled either with a camera or with a camcorder – the tripod offers extra support and stability for webcams and cameras, it comes with rubber tipped legs and it also has a mini ball head that can easily rotate to 360 degrees.

The Manfrotto Compact Tripod Top of Form

Available in a sleek and elegant black color, the Manfrotto compact tripod comes with a built-in ball head, it is suitable for compact cameras and it also comes with a special adapter for Sony Nex.

The Ravelli APLT4 Tripod

This is a very lightweight tripod that is easy to fold and carry, it comes with a pan/tilt motion (both of which are perfect for shooting portrait photos or landscape photos), and it also measures no less than 61 inches when unfolfed to its fullest potential. Moreover, the tripod also comes with a carry bag, and its center pole is fully extendable, which makes it versatile enough to be used with a variety of different camera models.

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The Dolica AX620B100 Tripod

This is a 62-inch aluminum tripod that is specifically designed to withstand some of the heaviest video equipment – as a matter of fact, the tripod can support a camcorder or a camera that weighs as much as 13 pounds. The tripod also comes with a ballhead and it has a quick release plate, while the quick release legs and their non-slip rubber feet are perfect for keeping everything in one place, without having to worry that it might accidentally slip away.

The Afaith Professional Camera Tripod

This is a state of the art, professional camera tripod that features a dual hydraulic system and a pull-out button angling adjustment that allows you to quickly and effortlessly adjust each one of the legs. Moreover, the tripod has a damping effect as well, one that is easily adjusted depending on the weigh of the camera. That, coupled with the quick release leg locking make the Afaith Professional camera tripod a great investment for every photographer that takes his job seriously!

Professional Universal Tripod

This is more than your average tripod – it is an universal tripod that works with Nikon, Samsung, Panasonic, Sony, Kodak cameras and many others. Besides, the tripod is also compatible with camcorders, and it comes with a micro fiber cleaning cloth.

The Ravelli APLT Aluminum Tripod

This is a very lightweight aluminum tripod that is manufactured by one of the most reputable makers of photographic equipment – Ravelli. Besides its exquisite design and shape, this tripod also comes with a built in pan/tilt motion, it has lever leg locks and it also includes a carry bag that makes it very easy to transport around.

The Amazon Basics Lightweight Tripod

Just as the name implies, this is a basic tripod – as basic as it may be, it does the trick, and for a very affordable price as well. Suitable for scopes, cameras and camcorders that weigh up to six pounds, this lightweight tripod comes with quick release leg locks, it has a quick release mounting plate and it also has a total operating height of 60 inches.

To sum it all up, these are ten of the most appreciated camera tripods this year – each tripod is unique in its own way, but they all have features and functions that set them aside from one another.

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