Top 10 Best iPhone 6 Screen Protectors in 2017

Screen protectors are not only help to keep the fingerprints and smudges off the surface of your phone, but also  provide resistance protection from cracks as well. If you drop the phone, you don’t have to worry about major shattering. Even if minimal damage is noted, the screen protector will protect the phone from complete damage, and will save you money and headaches in the long run as well. With our hard work, we have selected top 10 best iphone 6 screen protectors in 2017 for you to consider before buying it.

Tech Armor Retina Shield protector

It filters out heavy light to avoid strain on the eyes when using the protector in light conditions. It filters out harmful blue light, and with true touch sensitivity, you never have to worry about the protector interfering with buttons or functions you touch on the screen. It is a shatter proof finish, and with simple, one-touch application, makes it error proof when putting on or taking off the protector, when time comes for you to replace the screen film.

Volt Screen Protector

The protector is made of temper glass material, ensuring it won’t tear or come off, and will provide the highest level of protection for your phone’s screen. It is extremely smooth, self healing, and bubble free installation, makes it error free when you are installing a replacement protector to your phone. It is completely transparent, and highly sensitive, so you never have to worry about damage, or not being able to see what’s on the screen.

JOTO protector

Scratch resistant, bubble free installation, make this a great screen protector for your iPhone 6. It offers full screen coverage, and no gap around the edges to worry about. An anti oil coating ensures your fingerprints won’t smudge the screen, and at. 3 mm of thickness, it is truly touch sensitive as well. With edge to edge protection, your phone’s surface will never get damaged, and will always be fully protected from the elements around you.

Tempered glass protector

Cracks, drops, and scratches aren’t a concern with this crystallized tempered glass screen protector. With 9 H hardness, it will fully protect your screen from drops, dents, and dings, and a rounded edge ensures your phone is fully protected all the way around. A 26 mm thin protective film ensures optimal levels of sensitivity, so you won’t have to hit the screen harder, in order for things to register on the phone when the protector is one.

Daswise protector

The tempered glass material offers optimal protection, and the HD clear, edge to edge design will cover the entire phone, without any gaps lying along the edge of it. Bubble free installation, and a special bend flex installation, eliminates the potential of making mistakes when installing the new protector on your phone’s screen. The exterior coating is oil free, so it won’t leave behind high residue spots when using the phone, and 99.9% clarity ensures everything will be seen and registered on your phone.

Tempered diamond glass protector

HD tempered, diamond glass technology makes these more durable, and more protective than other models. A premium, ballistic nano anti scratch glass, is laser cut, and at only. 2 mm in thickness, it is ultra sensitive to the touch as well. Anti-fingerprint technologies make this protector perfect for any heavy phone user, and the curved edge design ensures it is going to protect all corners, so your phone is fully protected around the screen and around the edges. The exterior coating resists oils, so your phone always looks good, even if you touch it for all day long.

For those who want to protect their pricey investment, purchasing screen protectors is a smart move to make. Not only will the screen be cleaner and smudge free, but it will be more resistant to cracks, drops, and other damage your phone is prone to, if you do not have the right screen protector installed on it. Not only are these great options to consider when you are deciding on the new screen protector to purchase for your iPhone 6, they are also extremely affordable options to choose from, if you want something that isn’t too pricey for your phone either.

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