Top 10 Best iPad Mini Cases And Covers In 2017

The iPad Mini is a gorgeous device but it is quite sensitive when it comes to scratches and shocks. Almost every owner has a case, sleeve or cover for their Apple tablet and there is no excuse not to get one even if it alters its beauty. Here are the top 10 best iPad Mini cases and covers in 2017.

iBerry iPad Mini Luxury Case

iBerry focuses a lot on building interesting designs for their cases. The Luxury iPad Mini case is a gorgeous model made of synthetic leather with a distinctive color scheme and a practical design. It can be converted from a case to a stand making it easy and convenient to watch a movie or work on various productivity tools by adding a keyboard. It also has a magnetic clip that unlocks the tablet when opened.

KHOMO iPad Mini Case

The KHOMO is a simple and affordable case that comes with a back and front cover and a foldable design that converts it from a protective case to a stand. It has a magnetic clip that unlocks the tablet when opened and a solid construction that offers decent protection. It is available in multiple colors and fits all iPad Mini models.

ESR Yippee Color Smart Case For The iPad Mini

ESR’s Yippee case fits all iPad Mini versions. It is a simple case and probably the most affordable one on the market. It is made of a durable plastic material that protects both the front and rear sides of the tablet. It can also be converted into a stand and comes in a wide selection of colors. The model has no less than 20 magnets that secure it when folded into a stand.

ShopNY Apple iPad Mini Case

The ShopNY’s Apple iPad Mini case is a stylish model designed for the ones that need something that imitates natural leather. It is made of synthetic leather that provides a soft cushioning and excellent protection. The Apple logo is still visible due to the cutout on the back. When open the case can be converted to a stand making it much more comfortable to watch a movie on the Mini.

Dteck iPad Mini Case

The Dteck is an affordable iPad Mini case that comes with a visually pleasing design and a simple construction. It has a back and front cover that makes the tablet look like a notebook when closed. It has a built-in wake and sleep function and it can be converted to a stand. The model is available in multiple colors and patterns and it is made of synthetic leather.

Honeycase Full Protection iPad Mini Case

Honycase had protection in mind when they made the iPad Mini case. It will not make the tablet look any better but it will surely protect it from any kind of damage. In fact it offers probably the best protection available. It is made of a soft and thick rubber material and even if it does not fully cover the front the thick rubber on the sides protects the screen from drops and impacts.

We have removed our review of product #4. We are currently reviewing other iPad Mini Cases And Covers and we will post a new review soon.


ZAGG Folio Case with Backlit Bluetooth Keyboard for The iPad Mini

The ZAGG Folio case offers decent protection and a bit of extra functionality. It is a bit more expensive but this is well compensated by the fact that it includes a Bluetooth keyboard. It is made of plastic and can protect both the rear and the front of the tablet. The keyboard is backlit and has a decent battery life.

SAVEICON Hybrid Leather Case for Apple iPad Mini

SAVEICON is a rather small brand with only a handful of case models available for Apple products. The Hybrid PU leather case is a stylish model that comes with a really low price tag. It is made of synthetic leather and it includes an auto sleep/wake features when closed or opened. The model is available in several color combinations and it is compatible with multiple generations of the iPad Mini.

GMYLE Business Portfolio Travel Case For iPad Mini

When it comes to luxury iPad Mini cases that can also be used in a business environment very few other models can match the quality and design of the GMYLE. It is a great looking case that offers excellent protection and extra storage space for credit cards, a pen, documents and other small items. It is made of PU leather and comes in six different colors.

When it comes to iPad Mini cases, design is considered extremely important. In general all of them provide decent protection and their prices tend to be almost the same. It is actually quite difficult to say that one is better than the other and all the models in our top 10 are quite reliable. In the end it is a matter of personal preference.

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