Top 10 Best Elegant iPhone 6 Cases 2017

When choosing a phone case for your iPhone 6, many consumers love luxury, style, and elegance. Regardless of the design you like, the right case will provide optimal protection for your phone and screen, plus it will look great. These are a few of the top 10 Best Elegant iPhone 6 Cases in 2017 to consider when you are shopping for a protective case for your phone, and something that will look elegant as well.

i-Blason Case

Whether you want a blue case with polka-dots, pink and white polka-dots, or a simple, elegant black finish, this case is a great option to consider. It features a credit card and ID holder, and a leather wallet book cover door has a close down flap design, to ensure the screen and body are fully protected. The interior is made of a material which won’t scratch your phone, and it features a kickstand style, allowing you to easily use it for Face Time.

eLago iPhone 6 Case

An elegant handmade leather construction comes in a variety of color options, so you can match the phone and case to your liking. It features a convenient ID card slot, as well as one credit card slot. It also features custom cutouts, making access to the touch screen, camera, and side volume buttons, simplified when you are on the go.

Diamond iPhone 6 Case

This eye-catching and elegant design has the bling that will stand out. It is a shock absorbing case, so you won’t have to worry about damage if your phone falls, and the back of the phone features small studded diamonds, with a contrasting color of your choice. It features cutouts along the back for the camera, and for you to use for Face Time and other phone functions.

KAVAJ Leather Case

This simple, yet elegant leather case, comes in a black or brown finish. It resists dirt, can handle tough falls, and protects the front and back of your phone from damage. It also features cutouts for the touchscreen, the camera, and side button functions. You have a credit card slot, ID slot, and storage for cash on the case as well.

We have removed our review of product #6. We are currently reviewing other iPhone 6 Cases and we will post a new review soon.

SGM Hybrid Case

This diamond designed case will add style and flair to your good looking phone. It comes in several color varieties, and the lightweight design will add virtually no weight to your phone. There are precise cutouts along the back of the case for the viewing window, your camera functions, and the side rubber bumpers will protect your phone from drops, dents, and dings.


The folding case comes in several color combinations, it features a fold-over flip design, so you can use a kickstand to Face Time or browse the web. The elegant wallet design also has slots for your ID, cash, and credit cards. It features cutout slots, so you have easy access to all ports, the camera, and other functions on the phone, even when your case is closed. The case features a lock down closure, so you don’t have to worry about scratches or cracking the screen either.

We have removed our review of product #3. We are currently reviewing other iPhone 6 Cases and we will post a new review soon.

We have removed our review of product #2. We are currently reviewing other iPhone 6 Cases and we will post a new review soon.

Benuo Case

This all leather, flip style case comes in several different color options, so you can go with a classic brown or black, or red, green, or blue so your phone truly stands out. It has a magnetic closure and simple snap on installation, making it error free to install on your phone. An interior protective lining ensures your phone will never get damaged when closed, and it is fully compatible with the iPhone six, as all slots and cutouts allow you to easily reach the buttons, side features, and camera, even when the case is fully closed.

With so many generic phone cases on the market, choosing one that will fit your iPhone 6 perfectly, will look good, and will protect your phone, isn’t that difficult to do. These are a few of the many great options available to you when shopping for a new phone case. They feature the elegant design and style you are sure to love, along with the protective design you need. And, as they are designed for your phone model, all cutouts and features are specifically tailored to the iPhone 6, so you never have to fumble to open the case, in order to use the different exterior phone features on your phone.

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