What Are The Top 10 Best Trash Compactors in 2020?

Trash compactors offer several advantages and the biggest one is probably the fact that they can reduce the volume of litter. Unfortunately there aren’t all that many models available to choose from but out of all of them 10 were selected for our top 10 list. All of them can easily be mounted under a counter to save space and compact trash as conveniently as possible.

With no further ado here are the top 10 best trash compactors in 2020.


The iTouchless Squeeze Trash Compactor comes with a manual compacting system. One of the most impressive traits of this can is its hands-free operation. A motion sensor allows users to open the lid by simply waving their hands near it. The product comes with an AC power cord so that you can operate the motion sensor and lid lifting system without needing to worry about batteries.

The iTouchless comes with a 13-gallon capacity, which you can double when you manually compact the trash. The compacting system features an easy-to-use compacting system. You open a compartment on the lid and place a separate plunging arm into the opening, where it connects with the compacting plate under the top. Thanks to this design, you can press down your trash without having to open the lid at all.

The trash compactor plates are disposable, so you can replace them when needed. The iTouchless also features a compartment for an odor filter. New iTouchless Squeeze Trash Compactors come with the electric adapter, three disposable plates, and one odor filter. The trash compactor works with standard trash bags, but the initial purchase comes with two premium bags.

The unique shape of the interior and the stable trash bag ring keep the compacting plate from tearing the bag while it is in use. The can has air vents on the bottom so you can easily remove fully-compacted bags.

The iTouchless trash compactor comes with a smudge-free stainless steel exterior so that it will fit with the design of any kitchen. Stainless steel is super versatile and practical.


The Joseph Joseph 30030 Intelligent Waste Titan Trash Compactor allows you to fit three times as much trash in each bag. This stainless steel can comes in two sizes, a five-gallon model and an eight-gallon model. People seeking a bigger capacity should be aware that the compacting mechanism will significantly increase the amount that the Joseph Joseph trash compactor can hold. For example, the eight-gallon model can hold the equivalent of 24 gallons of fully-compacted trash.

Longevity is a critical factor in the overall quality of home trash compactor models. The Waste Titan has a ten warranty on the compacting system and also on the foot pedal, which you can use to open the top of the can hands-free.

In addition to the foot pedal, this product comes with a few extra conveniences, including a compartment in the top that you can use to hold odor-fighting filters.

One of the most critical aspects of the Waste Titan trash compactor is its tear-free design. The can holds the bag away from the trash compactor so that the device will not tear the bag during use. This design guarantees hygienic and mess-free operation. While the trash compactor works best with heavy-duty bags, you can also use standard trash bags and still enjoy the same tear-free operation.

This trash compactor is a reasonable option for people seeking a budget trash compacting system. The compacting process is manual, so if you are looking for a mechanical or electronic compactor, this option is not the best trash compactors one for your needs.


The Household Essentials Trash Krusher is a manual trash compactor. It also serves as a regular trash can that can fit in with the design scheme of almost any kitchen. It even has a foot pedal so that you can open and close the top without using your hands.

With this product, you get a stainless steel exterior with a finger-print-resistant finish. The trash compactor is manual. When the trash reaches the top, you push a handle, secured by a magnet, to press the waste down into the can. With this feature, you can double the amount of trash that you can fit into the container. The Household Essentials Trash Krusher has a 10-gallon capacity.

Because this is a manual compactor, it is cheaper than automatic compactors. If you are seeking a budget option, this product can suit your needs. It has an attractive and neutral-colored exterior so that it will fit in with the design of most kitchens.

The Household Essentials trash compactor has some practical elements as well. For example, this can has a hidden slot that you can use to secure the garbage bag. This feature is vital for ensuring that the bag remains in place during the compacting process.

How does this product compare with other trash compactors? On the outside, it looks quite similar to a regular trash receptacle. However, the manual trash compactor may not press the trash down as far as automatic compactors or some other manual compactors. However, for the price, it provides excellent value overall.

Broan 15XEWT

Broan 15XEWT is reliable trash compactor that comes with an interesting design and several useful features. It can hold up to 30 pounds of waste and has a compaction ratio of 6:1 due to its powerful pres. What makes it a rather interesting model is its odor control mechanism. It can be integrated under a counter to save space and comes with a wood frontal finish.


The GE trash compactor is one of the most powerful models available on the market. It comes with a powerful 1/3 HP motor that can apply about 2300 pounds of force. The model comes with a black painted enclosure with a convenient handle on the front door and a removable internal drawer. It comes with an automatic anti-jam system and electronic temperature controls that prevent it from overheating.


GE GCG1580RSS is yet another powerful trash compactor that offers plenty of force to reduce trash volume with minimal effort. Applying over 2300 pounds of force with its 1/3 HP motor, the model manages to compact trash better than most other models. It has an advanced anti-jam system that prevents unpleasant situations that can get messy and comes with a removable drawer. The model can easily be integrated into the furniture under a counter.

Krushr K024

Krushr K024 is one of the more compact models on the market. Unlike other trash compactors the K024 is less tall and a bit wider. It was designed to be used as a standalone floor mounted unit or as part of the furniture integrated under a counter. Like other Krushr trash compactors it uses a powerful yet energy efficient motor. It uses custom fit bags that help keep the interior clean and easy to empty.

Gladiator GACP15XXMG

The Gladiator GACP15XXMG is advertised as a garage trash compactor. Besides its exterior design the model is quite similar to regular models. It comes with a 1/3 HP motor that can apply plenty of force to obtain a compaction ratio of 4:1. In terms of capacity it has enough room to store 1.4 cubic feet of trash. For extra mobility the model comes with four caster wheels.

Broan 15XEBL


Broan 15XEBL is from many points of view quite similar to other trash compactors made by the manufacturer. It comes with the same powerful motor that can make up for a compaction ratio of 6:1 and can hold up to 30 pounds of trash. It includes the standard odor control system and comes with ball bearing glides in order to make it easier to empty the unit.

Krushr K018

Krushr K018 is one of the most advanced models made by the manufacturers. This particular trash compactor was built to offer a safe solution that can be used as a standalone floor mount or integrated into the furniture. It has an energy efficient motor and excellent crushing force that can compact trash at a great compaction ratio. The legs can be removed or extended and comes with a child safety lock.

Despite the fact that the number of trash compactor models is fairly limited there are still plenty to choose from. For the most part they tend to be the same using similar electric motors and having almost the same storage space. Looking at pricing the differences are also quite marginal. In the end the best trash compactors are to some degree a matter of personal preference.

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