Top 10 Best Gaming Keyboards 2017

To win some challenging games on your computer, a normal office keyboard is not going to make it. If you want to win and if you want the best playing experience you need one of the best gaming keyboards for 2016. Similar to a good PC gaming headset, gaming keyboards will impact your gameplay experience. A high quality gaming keyboard is more likely enhancing your gaming experience because it is more faster and more responsive than a run-the-mill keyboard is.

Remember that your keyboard is the primary source of connecting with your computer, also your games. A good gaming keyboard makes that connection running smoother and more efficient. Without further ado, let’s check our review over this device. We have thoroughly searched for the best weapons for your gaming battles. And, below are the Top 10 Best Gaming Keyboards in 2017.

SteelSeries Apex RAW Gaming Keyboard

First, let us introduce the SteelSeries Apex RAW gaming keyboard, particularly designed for both beginner and pro gamers out there. Its sleek line and low profile action keys brings together superior performance and good-looking appearance. Moving your fingers effortlessly around the keyboard with the raised macro keys above the F-key and returning even faster to the SWAD with tactile bump on the W-key.

The goal is to make sure you can get back to WASD without having your eyes on the keyboard so less time is needed to execute. Visual support also plays a role. With the brilliant white illumination featuring 8 levels of brightness, you can locate macro and find your way back to the keys even in the dark. SteelSeries Apex RAW, all you need for victory!

AULA LED Backlit Gaming Keyboard

This is an ultra-thin gaming keyboard with solid and responsive keys. Key space is big enough for your comfortable palm rest while the overall appearance is small enough to put in your backpack. At your first glance seeing the price of this keyboard online, you might think that this keyboard is cheaply made. In fact, this gaming keyboard works better than you might think. Pressing the keys feel soft and they are quiet as they are made from plastic with no silicon padding.

The LED backlight comes with three different colors (blue, red, pink) shining through each individual key, not just around the keyboard. It comes with six media keys – volume up, volume down, pause/play, mute, back and forward – you will not be annoyed pressing the FN-key with the functionally assigned F-keys. In short, this keyboard is excellent as it contains, most if not all, the criteria a gamer wants with an affordable price and incredible value!

Azio RGB Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (MGK1-RGB)

Azio offers MGK1-RGB, a ready-to-use RGB backlight experience on a mechanical gaming keyboard without the trouble of installing software. Featuring convenient hardware-based RGB backlight control with six lighting customization (five preset backlight modes and one custom mode), MGK1-RGB displays the color effects like no other keyboards of its kind and ensures the keys visibility regardless of ambient light.

Equipped with a rugged yet elegant aluminum faceplate, the MGK1-RGB delivers Windows Key lock for gaming and shortcut keys such as calculator and email and multimedia control.

Cooler Master Storm Devastator LED Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Item number 6 is a bit different from the rest of the list as Cooler Master Devastator comes as a set with both a gaming keyboard and a mouse. This combo set is outstandingly designed for comfort and ergonomic with ultra-low profiles and complement one another with a mesmerizing LED glow. Keycaps are laser-etched and grip for durability and offer satisfying key presses even for long gaming sessions. The mouse is designed with 3 preset DPI levels (1000, 1600, 2000) for quick responsiveness adjustment.

The downside is that this keyboard is designed to be on/off backlighting. So, when the light is off, letters on the keycaps are almost impossible to see. As for the mouse, it might be annoying as the light always stays on. However, the performance of this pair together is great. Whether you are a new or an expert PC gaming, Devastator always offers incredible experience at a reason price point.

Razer DeathStalker Expert Gaming Keyboard

Razer DeathStalker allows your fingers to move faster between keys, and ensures your intention to dominate the game is executed smoothly. Featuring the 2mm slim chiclet keycaps, Razer DeathStalker speed is improved to trigger each key, to make sure your immediate reactions are implemented instantly. Don’t worry about locking the keyboard when pressing many keys at the same time because Razer DeathStalker comes with 10 Key Rollover which enable you to actuate simultaneously as many keys as you have fingers and get all of them registered correctly and rapidly in the game.

The most advanced software functions as the brain of Razer DeathStalker is Razer Synapse 2.0. It works automatically to sync the gaming keyboard to a cloud server to download driver and firmware updates, while saving your custom setting. Be an expert gamer with Razer DeathStalker!

Logitech G19s Gaming Keyboard with Color Game Panel Screen

Logitech introduces G19s Gaming Keyboard, a timeless design for gamers of all levels. What makes this gaming keyboard fantastic is the Color Game Panel LCD that keeps you fully informed for immediate access to video playback, VoIP data system, or real-time game stats without interrupting gameplay. The backlight is customizable with 16 million RGB color choices. It enables you to assign unique color to each profile, profile mode and mode style in a game.

This keyboard offers up to 12 programmable G-keys to configure up to 36 functions for speedy react. You can press up to 6 keys a time to actuate complex moves with lightning speed and accuracy. Thanks to One-Touch Media Controls for making it instantaneously accessible to adjust volume and full media playback without searching for function keys. Logitech G19s brings your game to advanced levels with latest technology to light your way forward.

Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Elite Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

This is the world’s best-selling mechanical gaming keyboard tested and validated by the world’s top eSports athletes. Specifically designed for gaming, the all-new Razer Mechanical Switches will help you bring your game to next level. The Razer BlackWidow will execute your command with faster speed and greater precision like never before. Razer BlackWidow is not only focused on performance, but it is also made to withstand rough physical treatment.

No matter how extreme your gaming marathons get, each Razer Mechanical Switch is constructed to withstand up to 60 million keystrokes, so you will enjoy your Razer advantages longer. No matter where you are gaming – under low-light or no light – every single backlit key makes sure you never misclick. This simply means backlit keys play a very essential role in differentiating between victory and death. Unlike anything that you have experienced before, Razer BlackWidow is a truly amazing keyboard!

Logitech G105 Gaming Keyboard with Backlighting

This is the plug-and-play keyboard from Logitech. It is made for PC gamers with 6 programmable G-keys (the keys that enable gamers to program what a key does in a specific game), 3 M-keys (the keys that allows gamers to compound more functions to the G-keys by attaching to 3 different key configurations to each G-key) and the MR-key for quick record macros (but gamers need to download software from Logitech’s website for this macro set). Anti-ghosting feature lets gamers to press up to 5 keys at once. What makes users find even more comfortable with this keyboard is the Disabling Windows Menu Keys in which users can avoid activating window features by mistake during a game.

For quick recognition, the WASD is colored gray. The gorgeous back lighting is blue LED where you can adjust the levels of intensity (high/low/off). The back of this keyboard is red in color though the front is black. The keyboard is quite simple with no curves or bling at all. Nonetheless, gamers always had good experience with this keyboard!

Logitech G910 Orion Spark RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Escalate your game to a new level of speed and personalization with Logitech G910 Orion Spark. Armed with exclusive new Romer-G mechanical switches, Orion Spark can perform up to 25 percent faster actuation, so your commands will be executed as fast as you press the keys. Each key is excellently built with durability designed to survive up to 70 million keystrokes undamaged. In other words, Orion Spark has enough capacity to withstand intense gaming year after year. With 9 programmable G-keys, you can record macro your favorite games and generate up to 27 custom commands across three profiles to put super-fast tactics at your fingertips.

In order to do this, you need to download software from Logitech, but don’t worry as setting up this is simple and easy. More than just lighting, the 16 million key lighting colors enables you to personalize keys by color for specific games in order to keep track of your spells and game commands. Via Arx Control smartphone app and dock, you now can make an instant connection of your in-game data to your smartphone or tablet without interrupting your game.

Corsair Vengeance K70 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Lastly, the best gaming keyboard in 2016 is Corsair Vengeance K70. Vengeance K70, the new version of K60, is specifically designed for gaming. With Cherry MX Red Mechanical Key Switches, you are offered ultra-fast, linear response and smooth operation whenever you actuate any keys. Vengeance K70 comes in your choice of two attractive colors – black with red LED and silver with blue LED. The aluminum frame has a professional-grade look and feel with durability for many hours of intense gameplay.

To trigger quick recognition and fast gaming action with fewer chance of your fingers missing the keys, the all-important WASD and 1-6 keys are contoured and textured with deep red/blue. An extra set of standard typing keycaps and keycaps replacement tools are offered for normal typing. After hours of gaming, give your wrist a break on the Soft-Touch Wrist Rest. Vengeance K70 is more than just a gaming keyboard, it is designed for playing music, too. You can play, pause, adjust volume, and skip track directly from this amazing keyboard.

Gaming keyboards are an excellent option if you want an edge in your gaming or a high-performance peripheral. So, what exactly will you get with a gaming keyboard that a cheap stock keyboard cannot offer? Customizability, sturdiness, artistic, and typing feel are all significant features that are either poorly made or entirely lacking in stock keyboards. Customizability is, perhaps, the most important feature of gaming keyboards.

Here are some important features to help you pick your new best gaming keyboard.

Physical Quality

Good quality keyboards are made of plastic or metal; they do not flex very much and will not move while you are typing.
Key Layout –
Remember that not every keyboard is manufactured with a standard key layout or standard key sizes. This might take you some time to learn where the keys are on your new layout. A nonstandard layout will surely affect your typing speed until you really get used to it. Normally, a few days are long enough to get used to layout changes.


Quality alone does not make a keyboard perfect. It also needs look good. And the main component that makes a gaming keyboard visually attractive is certainly the backlight. Backlight can be done with either software or by using built-in functionality. Both ways have their own advantages, but using software is easier when you have to deal with RGB backlight. Normally, keyboards with RGB backlight cost more than those with normal backlight, but the overall effect is often worth the additional price.

Programmable Keys

One last feature to look for when buying a gaming keyboard is programmable keys. Some keyboards make it possible to reprogram any key to do whatever you would like to. For instance, you can set the F1 key to launch an app, or assign a macro key to open your Safari. To what extent you can reprogram the keys totally depends on the software of the keyboard and the keyboard’s firmware capacity.

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