Top 10 Best Car Headphones – Updated 2021 Edition

Modern cars support headphone connectivity for its passengers. The driver can listen to his own radio station or music while the travelers situated in the back seat can listen to something totally different.

For most part cars support standard headphones which can be connected via a regular jack cable, Bluetooth or infrared. Wired headphones are less common these days and so are the Bluetooth ones as Bluetooth is mostly used by the driver to use the built-in mobile phone hands-free system.

Here are our picks the top 10 best car headphones- ranked, reviewed, and updated for 2021.

Audiovox IR2CFF IR Wireless Dual Channel Headset

1. XO Vision IR620 Universal IR Wireless Foldable Headphones

Auidiovox made the IR2CFF infrared headphones to be compatible with any car that supports this type of connection. The construction of the model makes them both comfortable and durable and with the over the ear design ambient noise is almost completely canceled. They feature an automatic power off feature and a signal overload safety system.

Bravo View IH-07AB

The Bravo View IH-07AB model supports a connection with two sources at the same time and like most other models it comes with an auto mute and an auto power off feature if there is no signal. The ear cushions and the head strap are covered with synthetic leather in order to provide a comfortable experience. One of the most attractive aspects of this model is the low price that make them affordable even for the car owners with a limited budget.

Pyle PLVWH1 In-Car Infrared Wireless Headphones

Pyle is one of the better known brands in terms of automotive audio equipment. The PLVWH1 received a lot of positive reviews especially due to its ability to provide crisp clear sound with no signal loss. Using a light construction and large over-the-ear buds the headphones are comfortable to wear even for longer periods of time. The model runs on two AAA batteries that can provide hours of playback.

Chrysler Town and Country DVD Headphones Headsets

While some might be tempted to believe that the Chrysler Town and Country wireless headphones are only compatible with Chrysler cars the model itself can be connected to other models. The model comes with a dual channel system and offers a clear listening experience. Their build might not provide the best comfort but the audio quality is superior.

Melodeez 3 Pack of Universal Rear Entertainment System Infrared Headphones

Large families might want to go for a pack of multiple headphones such as the Melodeez two channel folding model. Unlike other similar products the model supports a wired and wireless connection via infrared. A 3.5 mm cord can be used to connect via a jack port to the audio source. In terms of comfort the oversized over the ear bud make it easy to wear them for multiple continuous hours.

Audiovox R2HE50CL

The Audiovox R2HE50CL are some of the better looking car headphones wih a sleek design and a comfortable build. Even they are made of a hard plastic material they are durable and quite comfortable. While the audio quality does not match wired versions the headphones are decent enough. Just like most other models it comes with an auto shut off feature and signal overload protection.

Bravo View IH-05A

Some prefer larger headphones as they tend to be a bit more comfortable. The Bravo View IH-05A model feature a large over-the-ear design and a durable head strap. They can be connected via IR to compatible devices and feature an audio mini-jack that can be used to convert them into wired headphones.

XO Vision IR630B Universal IR Wireless Foldable Headphones

The XO Vision headphones were built to be light, comfortable and easy to use. Even if they have an on-ear design the cushioning is both soft and comfortable. The headband also contains an extra foam cushioning to increase their comfort. Like most other models it comes with an auto shut off feature but the most attractive part is the low price of the model.

XO Vision IR620 Universal IR Wireless Foldable Headphones

Even if they are probably the most affordable wireless headphones in the list the XO Vision IR620 model is both comfortable and well built. The audio fidelity matches more expensive models while the fordable design makes the small enough to fit in a hand bag. To preserve battery the model features an auto shut off mechanism that turns them off when there is no signal for a certain period of time.

Crusar 2-Pack IR Wireless Car Headphones

Do you sometimes feel more like a chauffeur than a parent? If so, you’ll likely love these two-channel headphones from Crusar, designed specifically for the needs of kids and teens. The large, soft earpads reduce pressure on the ears, making them comfortable even during long car rides. Additionally, they have an auto shut-off to help save battery life.

The 3.5mm headphone jack fits MP3 and Apple devices. You can also connect the headphones to your car’s audio system with a wireless, infrared signal. The wireless signal is stable and clear. The headphones are a great choice if you have headrest or flip-down DVD players in your vehicle. Plus, storage is easy thanks to the folding ear cups.

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