Top 10 Best Long Distance Touch Lamp of 2022 (Friendship Lamps)

Best long distance touch lampsNot everyone wants their lamp to connect to the internet or will want to deal with a smartphone app, so we have also included a few lights that are decorative and make touching gifts but still offer some excellent features.

Our list of the top ten best long-distance touch / friendship lamps gives you options of simple lamps that make great gifts for special friends, and smart lamps that come with apps and WiFi connectivity.

Moon Lamp

A moon lamp is a good option for the theme “To the moon and back” and suitable for all ages.

The Moon lamp has grown in popularity recently as the phrase “To the moon and back” has been applied to both baby-centered occasions and friendships. This light is an inexpensive and a small item you can give a friend, and it features a realistic moon surface.

This light comes in a standard size of 4.8 inches in diameter, but there is a smaller one that measures 3.9 inches as well. The LED bulb hidden inside can change to any of the sixteen colors shown on the remote, which also adjusts the brightness and offers other settings such as strobe, fade, smooth, and flash.

The packaging is suitable for giving as a gift, and there is a charging cable and instruction book included. This 3D printed lamp does not connect to the WiFi, but it is rechargeable and touch-sensitive. When you touch the light, you can adjust the brightness and turn it on or off.

A fully charged battery lasts between six and twelve hours, and the remote works from up to thirty feet away.


  • An energy-efficient LED bulb
  • Lights up in 16 different colors
  • Comes with a real wood stand


  • Small (the larger version is 4.8 inches in diameter)

Country Rustic Mason Jar Wall Sconce

This WiFi-enabled lamp is a high-tech option with some remarkable features and a classic style.

The friendship lamps created by Filimin are made in Wichita, Kansas, and feature a fun geometric design on all four sides. These lamps connect to the WiFi using a WiFi bridge that plugs into your router and can connect to other lamps across the world.

While there is some troubleshooting involved to get these lamps to work at times, you can connect as many lights as you want, provided that they all have access to a WiFi network. The WiFi is not built-in, but the bridge creates a signal that the lamp can pick up.

When one person touches their lamp, the other connected lamp lights up, and you can choose the colors of each lamp. These devices may not work well where a local router isn’t present or when connected to certain types of WiFi networks, such as ones commonly found at universities.


  • Classic style and several colors
  • Bright enough to use as a table lamp
  • Can connect several lights


  • Expensive
  • It can be challenging to get the WiFi to work

Country Rustic Mason Jar Wall Sconce

These rustic mason jar sconces come as a pair so you can give one to a friend and keep one for yourself.

The Country Rustic Mason Jar Sconces are an adult version of a friendship lamp that doesn’t require the use of WiFi or a plug as these sconces have a battery pack for power, so there are no loose cords.

This sconce features an authentic glass mason jar and real wood for a natural, high-quality rustic finish. The cord makes these easy to hang anywhere, and the silky faux flowers add a sophisticated touch that illuminates romantically when the lights are turned on.

The lights used in these sconces are fairly lights or fine LED lights on a wire cord. These lights draw power from a hidden battery pack and can be removed or replaced at any time. The mason jars can also be removed from their wooden hanger and placed on a flat surface such as a shelf or table.


  • Made from real wood and glass mason jars
  • Battery operated so there are no loose cords
  • Removable lights


  • Not super bright

Cherry Blossom Bonsai Tree

The Cherry Blossom Bonsai Tree is a sophisticated LED lamp that makes a perfect gift for a
long-distance friend.

The Cherry Blossom Bonsai Tree is on our list of top ten best long-distance touch/ friendship lamps -2019 Edition – because it’s a classy option for someone who doesn’t want to deal with WiFi but still wants a keepsake style decorative lamp.

This lamp has a more artistic look about it as the base is made of metal and shaped like a realistic small tree. The lighting is soft and perfect for creating ambiance but is not bright enough to illuminate a room.

There is also a version of this lamp that comes with a remote and can change colors, but the warm white version can also connect to a battery pack for power as an optional upgrade. The branches are movable so you can shape this lamp as you want, and this lamp is only suitable for indoor use.


  • Features 48 individual warm white LED light
  • Sturdy metal base
  • Perfect as a night light


  • Needs to be plugged in
  • No remote

Electric Jellyfish Tank Table Lamp

This lamp contains jellyfish that move around realistically but are powered by a super quiet motor.

The Electric Jellyfish Tank Table Lamp is a rectangular lamp that is operated using two buttons, which makes it perfect for all ages. This lamp doesn’t connect to the WiFi like some other lamps on our list, but this product is ideal for children and those who want a relaxing light that creates subtle ambient lighting.

The jellyfish move around in a lifelike way, and this is made possible by a super quiet motor. To change the color of this light, you can push the “light” button and cycle through the color options. There is some assembly required for this lamp as it is shipped without the water inside.


  • Multiple color options available
  • Creates a soft light perfect for relaxation
  • Shuts off after four hours


  • Expensive
  • No remote

Rose Flower Desk Tree Lamp

The Rose Flower Desk Tree Lamp is a more feminine choice with beautiful faux flowers and a customizable shape.

The Rose Flower Desk Tree Lamp features delicate flowers that look similar to real roses but constructed from a thin plastic material, so they are easy to keep clean. The roses come in a subtle pink color, and the flowers are semi-transparent to make a soft, warm white glow.

The flexible branches can be adjusted to create any shape that you wish, and this lamp is petite enough to fit on a side table or your nightstand. The light isn’t bright enough to fill a room, but it adds some calming ambient light without creating any heat thanks to the LED bulbs.


  • Customizable branches
  • Battery-powered or USB powered
  • Small enough for a side table or nightstand


  • Not very bright, best used as a nightlight

Rivet Modern Crescent Moon

For a modern lamp, the Rivet Crescent Moon is both minimalist and practical while also sticking with the popular theme, “To the Moon and Back.”

The Rivet Modern Crescent Moon lamp is another great option for a friendship lamp as it goes nicely with the popular theme “Love you to the moon and back” that used for baby-related events and friendships.

This lamp is not a real neon sight but features an LED bulb that illuminates the tubing. This lamp is powered using three AA batteries, or you can plug it into a USB outlet on your computer or a USB wall outlet adaptor.

There’s no assembly required for this light, and it’s small enough to make a great souvenir of your friendship. Someone tech-savvy could also add accessories to make this light connect to a WiFi network like other friendship lamps.


  • Small enough to fit on a table or nightstand
  • Creates warm white ambient light
  • Battery-powered with a simple on/off switch


  • Not real neon
  • Comes with a USB plug

Crystal Table Lamp

The Crystal Table lamp comes with a free app that allows it to connect to other devices and be controlled using your phone.

The Crystal Table lamp is a classy gift to give a friend, and it comes with an LED bulb that can display a wide range of colors. While this lamp does not come equipped with a WiFi-enabled device, it can connect to an app on your phone, and other devices can also connect to this app.

This type of added functionality can make this device able to connect to the WiFi with some adjustments, and it’s small enough to fit anywhere in your home as a supplementary light source. The Smart Life App is free to download, and you can turn this light on and off using your phone or the switch on the device.


  • Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant
  • The smart bulb lights up in many different colors
  • Sophisticated design but small enough to fit anywhere


  • USB ports could be more durable

3D Illusion Bedside Table Lamp

The 3D Illusion Bedside Table Lamp is an appropriate choice for younger kids who want a cool lamp to remind them of their friends.

The 3D Illusion Bedside Table Lamp is one of many different 3D lamps that projects a holographic figure from a 2D structure. This one depicts a dinosaur, but there are many other choices so you can customize the light to fit the interests of your friend.

This lamp also has a color-changing bulb with a total of seven colors. The base is rather small, but the figure measures almost ten inches tall. This lamp is powered using a USB plug and can connect to a laptop, computer, battery pack, or adapter for a wall outlet.


  • Displays in seven different colors
  • Powered using a USB port
  • Uses an LED light


  • Not a highly detailed 3D illusion

LED Marquee Letter Light

The Marquee Letter Light is a vintage style lamp that uses modern LEDs and comes in the letter of your choice.

The LED Marquee Letter Light can be a touching gift for distant friends as it comes in every letter, and they are inexpensive enough to buy several of if you want to put letters together. Many customers have used these to make signs that say things like “Merry Christmas” or “Miss You” but you can spell anything you want.

These lights are battery-powered and can be hung individually using the anchor holes on the back. They do not come with hardware for hanging or batteries, but they create a delicate golden glow that is relaxing.


  • Inexpensive
  • Comes in every letter of the alphabet, plus the ampersand symbol
  • Relatively bright for being so small


  • Suitable only as a night light or sign

Long Distance Touch / Friendship Lamps FAQ

What Is A Long-Distance Touch / Friendship Lamp?

A long-distance/friendship lamp is a lamp given to a friend as a souvenir of your friendship. Some of these lamps use WiFi while others use Smart Bulbs. The most basic friendship lamps are regular decorative lamps, and each friend has one to remember the other person.

How Do These Lamps Work?

WiFi-enabled friendship lamps are available, but they aren’t as popular as regular LED lamps that use Smart Bulbs and connect to the WiFi or an app. Most of the friendship lamps available are simple gifts that serve as a memento of the other person.

Final Thoughts

Our list of top ten best long-distance touch / friendship lamps of 2022 has a good assortment of products that use the latest available technology or are very basic and easy for anyone to use.

All things considered, the moon lamp is our top pick because it is both simple to use and inexpensive, but utilizes the modern 3D printing technique.

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