Top 10 Best Nail Clippers For Men of 2022 (Review Guide)

A huge part of maintaining your hygiene is maintaining your nails. How do you, as a man, keep your nails in shape? By utilizing nail clippers.

Let’s jump right in. Here are the top 10 best nail clippers for men of 2022, ranked and reviewed.

Duvilo Heavy Duty Toenail Clippers

Dealing with nasty, ingrown toenails? If so, these clippers from Duvilo are just what you’re looking for. Featuring a pointed edge, these clippers can work their way into small areas, trimming up your nails with precision and accuracy.

Ace for Men

These stainless steel construction clippers have been designed specifically for men. Ultra sharp blades, and a unique curved upper cutting area not only ensure your nails come out looking smooth, but also eliminate jagged cuts.


These clippers from Seki offer precise and accurate trimming capabilities. Made out of stainless steel, they are equal parts durable and functional.

Clyppi Best

A comfortable design, ergonomic grip design, and rounded edges allow you to easily get to tougher nails and corners, and perfectly finish your nails when clipping them. With a stainless steel finish, this will outlast most other products you have owned and used in the past.


With a 360 degree rotating head, these clippers do the work for you. No more worrying about tight angles or cutting the skin; with a comfortable grip, and extra heavy stainless steel finish, these not only conform to your nails, but also ensure a smooth, textured finish with each use.

Seki edge

Hand finished cutting edges and twice tampered stainless steel is more durable, and can cut through thicker nails than traditional nail clippers will be able to do. With an ergonomic design and smooth and easy cutting motion, you will love how these nail clippers perform on hand and feet.

Veluxio Toenail

Meant for toenail clipping, this tough set of nail clippers has a defined edge, allowing you to perfectly trim or cut nails. They are super sharp and guarantee a clean cut, even around the toughest edges. They can even get ingrown toenails or hang nails.


These clippers are not only designed to trim nails, but to file them as well. Featuring a stainless steel construction, they will hold up over years and years of consistent use.

No 2 Warehouse

This set from No 2 Warehouse has everything you need to maintain healthy and attractive nails. Each and every product included is made out of heavy-duty stainless steel, ensuring that it thrives through many years of consistent use.


With GRIP handles, you have more control and stability, allowing you to cut through the toughest nails without ruining the cut, or potentially injuring the skin below your nails.

If you’re going to maintain good hygiene, you’re going to need to trim up your nails. With the above-reviewed nail clippers, you can trim them with accuracy and precision.

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