Top 10 Best Appetite Suppressants In 2017

Let’s face the facts. We gain weight because of the food we eat and how much of it. This is the biggest factor that leads to weight gain followed closely by lack of physical activity. It is a problem that every modern-day society individual has to deal with but some have it easier than others due to the fact that addition to food is a real thing. Eating creates a chemical reaction that causes the addiction. Let’s spend a few moments to understand how it works.

For a lot of people the hunger sensation causes them to value food more. When they get to eat, dopamine is released. Dopamine has many functions amongst which is the sensation of a pleasurable reward. This neurotransmitter makes anything that feels good to feel good but at the same time it can lead to addiction. It can happen with a lot of things and for a lot of people, dopamine has been linked with food addiction causing them to eat just a bit too much.

A simple way to get around it is to try appetite suppressants. These simple dietary supplements help keep hunger away and thus reduce the quantity of dopamine released when actually eating because as stated before the hunger sensation makes food more rewarding. Now that things are a bit more clear let’s have a quick look at some of the more popular appetite suppressants. Here are the top 10 best appetite suppressants in 2017 reviews.

Bio Thrive Labs Pure Moringa Oleifera Extract Pills

Moringa is a plant that is typical in the Himalayan mountains but more so in India than in any other place. According to multiple medical journals, the fruits, seeds, leaves, leaves and even the bark of the plant are used to make medicine. It has many health benefits but most importantly it can help with thyroid disorders and reduce appetite.

The Bio Thrive Labs pills are advertised as being made out of 100% natural extracts from Moringa plant with no additives and fillers. A bottle has about 60 capsules which is enough for about a month.

We have removed our review of product #9. We are currently reviewing other Appetite Suppressants and we will post a new review soon.

We have removed our review of product #8. We are currently reviewing other Appetite Suppressants and we will post a new review soon.

Pure Results Nutrition Terazaf

Terazaf is a special blend of ingredients from Pure Results Nutrition that aims to aid the ones in need of an efficient fat burning supplement. The bottle contains 60 capsules that will last for about 30 days.

The formula of the product contains extracts from well-known herbs and fruits such as green coffee bean, mango, green tea, grapefruit, acai, kelp and more. With such a combination of ingredients its no surprise that its appetite suppressant properties are efficient and side effects are close to none. It is an FDA approved dietary supplement made only out of natural ingredients.

Dr. Tobias Gx3 Thermogenic with Garcinia Cambogia

Dr. Tobias Gx3 is a great product that can complement an exercise program. The formula has been developed as an aid for the ones that are struggling with diets and physical activities to lose weight yet they need faster results.

The supplement aims to suppress appetite, boost energy levels and maintain healthy blood sugar levels. It is made using natural extracts from green tea, garcinia cambogia and green coffee. These ingredients combined will improve the body’s ability to burn stored fat.

Old School Labs Vintage Burn

Old School Labs managed to come with a product that shows a lot of potential as it might be one of the best appetite suppressants available. The product comes in a bottle of 120 pills which should last for a while and comes with a decent price tag.

The list of ingredients is not surprising but the purity and concentration counts more than anything. It uses a combination of extracts from green coffee bean, green tea, raspberry ketones and garcinia cambogia extracts. All these ingredients help suppress hunger and promote fat burning by boosting energy levels.

ZendaSlim Maximum Strength Advanced Weight Loss Supplement

The ZendaSlim supplement chose to fight excess fat the easy way without fluffing things too much. Appetite suppressants do help and this is the product’s main focus. By controlling the food intake it also controls how much fat is stored which is a good premise for an effective weight loss supplement.

There is one downside to this particular supplement. The ingredient list is not disclosed but it is an FDA approved supplement. Also the positive reviews it received so far should count as a vote of confidence.

BELDT Labs SKALD Fat Scorcher

BELDT Labs went for a rather bold name for their product. Named the SKALD Oxydynamic Fat Scorcher the dietary supplement that relies of appetite suppression to deliver fast results. It managed to receive a lot of reviews which is a big plus and a sign that it does what is advertised.

According to BELDT Labs the product is actively being used by professional athletes. They promoted fat loss and provide respiratory support which is something seen quite rarely in such supplements.

NatureWise Garcinia Cambogia Extract

There has been quite a few debates with regards to Garcinia Cambogia and weight loss. Most of these debates have been around the fact that in some cases it is advertised as being enough just to take the supplement to lose weight. That is clearly an overstatement but its appetite suppressant properties cannot be denied.

The NatureWise Garcinia Cambogia extract is highly appreciated supplement that showed great results in keeping appetite under control. It is made only using natural ingredients and shows minimal side effects.

PhenELITE Extreme Weight Loss & Appetite Suppression

1. PhenELITE Extreme Weight Loss & Appetite Suppression

PhenELITE offers one of the best supplements that rely on appetite suppression as a means to lose weight. Combined with an active life the product will boost the body’s natural ability to burn fat.

The premise is to reduce the number of calories in the meals and PhenELITE does a great job at it by reducing the appetite thus causing the individual taking the supplement to eat less. It is manufactured only from natural extracts in FDA approved facilities which is something very few other supplements can brag with.


To get things straight it is important to mention that there is no miracle pill that burns fat without changing anything in terms of diet or without any physical exercises. Appetite suppressants work as long as the user taking it associates them with a healthy diet and physical activity. When all combined, appetite suppressants will boost the effects of weight loss trough diet and exercises however, everything needs to be done with caution.

A lot of people fall into the trap of eating too low when taking such pills. Diet control is important. All the products we rounded up for our top 10 received positive reviews but the user taking them needs to invest a bit of effort in order to make it work.

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