What Are The Top 10 Best Guitar Capos in 2020?

Capos are small devices which are used frequently on stringed musical instruments. They are placed on the strings or on a particular fret of the instrument in order to make the playable length of the strings shorter and so the pitch of the instrument higher.

This easy heightening of the pitch of the instrument enables the player to play a musical piece in a different key while still using the same fingerings they would use normally. Without further ado, the following are the top 10 best guitar capos in 2020.

Kyser KG6B 6 String Capo, Black

The music world’s most popular quick-change capo, Kyser’s Quick-Change Capo is made from strong and lightweight aluminum. The spring-tensioned and quick-change clamps firmly to hold intonation, but is quickly and easily released and repositioned without disturbing the tuning. You will find it does not interfere with fingering and the pads will not mar or react with guitar finishes. Lots of pros use it live. One hand does it!

Price Range: Medium

xGuitarx x1 Guitar Capo for Acoustic and Electric Guitar

The x1 Capo is designed precisely for great performance. Made for acoustic and electric guitars, ukulele, banjo and mandolin, this capo uses a mechanical spring with internal memory to provide strength and fatigue resistance.

Price Range: Medium

Jim Dunlop 83CB Guitar Capo

Dunlop Capos are designed for pros at an affordable price. The design allows for fast changes, and it’s so light that you will not even know it is there on your guitar. Its curved shape fits both 6-string and 12-string guitars.

Price Range: Medium

Planet Waves NS Capo Pro Silver

The NS Capo is the product of the collaboration between famed product designer Ned Steinberger and J. D’Addario & Company. It has a smooth, ultra-light design for fast and accurate one hand positioning on the guitar’s neck. The lightweight aluminum adds virtually no weight to the guitar’s neck when in use. Just turn the sleek, tactile dial to get rid of the string buzzing and enjoy perfect, in-tune performance.

Price Range: Medium

Planet Waves NS Guitar Capo

The Planet Waves NS Capo provides multiple innovative and easy to use options that fit a wide array of instruments and player preferences. The NS Capo Pro is special than any other capo as it is constructed from aircraft grade aluminum, making it rugged enough to take a beating, yet keeping it lightweight on the fretboard. The NS Capo Pro is ideal for use on 6 and 12 string electric and acoustic guitars.

Price Range: Low

Live For Music, Acoustic Guitar Capo

This is the music world’s most popular quick-change capo. It is strong and lightweight. It clamps firmly to hold intonation. With strong and lightweight, it is quickly and easily released and repositioned without disturbing the tuning.

Price Range: Low

Shubb GC-30 Deluxe Acoustic Guitar Capo

This capo is functionally smooth and accurate as it is crafted of solid stainless steel to resist nicks and scratches, and combined with the specially designed rubber, patented roller-ball and thumbscrew mechanism, and it looks just as beautiful years from now as it does today. Try one for your acoustic guitar and you will immediately see why Shubb Capos are the best!

Price Range: Medium

Guitar Capo GP004 by DD – Trigger Action for Acoustic / Electric Guitar (Curved)

Do you want your beloved guitar to give you a more reliable and excellent performance? Do you want your favorite guitar give varied and beautiful tones? If so, this Guitar Capo is your best choice. Designed in small size from sturdy material, this capo is suitable for guitars of different widths. With the easy operation and quick release design, it allow you to hold the strings nice and tight. What a great capo!

Price Range: Low

Bluecell Black Color Quick Change Guitar Trigger Capo for Electric and Acoustic Guitars

This capo suits best the folk, classical, electric guitars which built with a spring tension as it makes placement and release quick and easy. With protective rubber, this capo will not damage your guitar string. It is really easy to place it on and off the neck or move to other frets with one hand only.

Price Range: Low

Donner DC-2 Guitar Capo

Once you find a capo you like, you want to keep it forever. The Donner DC-2 is built-to-last. Aircraft-grade zinc alloy makes it both durable and lightweight. Plus, a silicone-pad protects your guitar from accidental scratches.

The DC-2 is a professional-quality capo designed for both electric and acoustic guitars. Changing position between frets requires just one hand. It’s also a good choice for folk guitars, mandolins, and more obscure instruments.

The overall performance is impressive. A steel spring uses internal memory to reduce fatigue. Just enough pressure is put on the guitar to make the sounds you need without creating fret buzz. It weighs a lightweight 60 grams. It also includes a lifetime warranty.

Price Range: Low

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