The Top 10 Body Lotions For Women in 2022

Body Lotions For Women

Having soft, silky smooth and properly nourished skin is something which should be prioritized by women everywhere. To get this skin, you’ll need a body lotion.

WIthout further ado, here are our picks for the 10 best body lotion options we use and recommend in 2022.

Olay Ultra Moisture

The number one product on our list is this 13.5-ounce bottle of body lotion by Olay. Made with a bevy of different vitamins and nutrients, it hydrates and purifies skin. We should also mention that it’s great for dry skin.

NIVEA In-Shower Lotion

Nivea is one of the must trusted lotion brands on the market. This particular lotion is one of their premier products. Made with almond oil extract, it purifies and hydrates the skin for days at a time.

The Victoria Secret Body Lotion

Slightly scented and intensely hydrating, this body lotion by Victoria’s Secret contains peach and cherry blossom extract. Enriched with Vitamin E, aloe vera, and grapeseed extracts, it is about as pure as lotions come.

Olay Moisturinse In-Shower Body Lotion

Enriched with shea butter, this is an ultra-moisturizing body lotion that can safely be used in the shower in order to lock in moisture and keep your skin hydrated. The result: after using the cream, you will have soft and super smooth skin which thrives for days. Great for dry skin, a little of it goes a long way.

The 6Olay Quench Ultra Moisture Lotion

This particular body lotion is terrific for those with dry skin. Capable of hydrating and purifying the skin, it will get you through most days without much complaint. Using it on a consistent basis will eventually yield impeccable skin.

Alba Botanica Body Lotion

Coming in a 32-ounce bottle, this lotion is unscented and intensely hydrating. This makes it terrific for skin which is on the dry or sensitive side. Containing all-natural ingredients, it’s made without cruelty toward animals.

Fragrances of Ireland Lotion

Made in Ireland, this is a one of a kind type of body lotion that hydrates and nourishes your body, leaving your skin soft and pleasant to the touch. Featuring seaweed extracts, this body lotion is great to use after a bath or shower, locking in moisture and acting as a sort of perfume. The product has never been tested on animals and it is entirely made in Ireland!

Suave Gold Professionals Body Lotion, Sea Mineral Infusion

This body lotion by Suave Gold Professionals is a luxurious lotion that features a great mineral extract designed to soothe and moisturize your skin for 24 hours. The result: properly hydrated and luminous skin which carries a pleasant fragrance for hours.

Aveeno Skin Strengthening Body Lotion

This is an ageless body cream that not only reverses the signs of aging, but also strengthens your skin and makes it look and feel better. Featuring an advanced combination of natural and active ingredients, this strengthening body lotion calms down irritated skin, making it look fresh and young in only four weeks.

Paula’s Choice

A reasonably priced lotion, this product from Paula’s Choice leaves the skin silky and smooth. 90% organic, it’s packed with vitamins and essential oils. These vitamins and essential oils feed the skin, making it as healthy as possible.

A good body lotion is needed for your skin to thrive. Not only does it hydrate the skin, it offers the skin important nutrients as well. We hope our list has helped you find exactly what you’re looking for.

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Beauty - August 24, 2018

Great collection..I’ve used a few of them and loved them too. But my recent favorite is Oriflame Happy Skin Hydrating Body Lotion. Its runny and a very little is required every single time compared to the most of the lotions available in the market, which are extremely thick.


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