Tennis Shoes For Women

To choose the perfect tennis shoe, you need to take a close look at your foot type, play style, your foot size, what type of court you would wear them on, material preference and colors.

As you may have noticed, the latest trends for female fashion include more than haute couture. Tennis shoes are under the spotlight, and they are the thing every woman looks for. Why? Apart from being practical and safe for sport activities and movements, they are the latest desirable fashion item, a must-have, accessory for any type of outfit too.

Tennis shoes are specially designed for court rigors, short sprints, jumping, lunging, fast pivots, quick stops, lateral movements and such. Most of us use tennis shoes for every type of activity like running, walking, hiking and such. But, tennis shoes apart from being an accessory, are in fact, the perfect sneaker for tennis lovers. Here is why.

In tennis, the moving is forceful and from side to side, constantly, also forward, backward and this means tennis shoes need a blunt toe area to have more stability. Also, such shoes need a good and stable support for all 4-direction movements. Keep in mind when purchasing tennis shoes that your foot type MUST get the proper support – whether high arch, low arch and so on. With improper tennis shoes (or any shoes for that matter) your foot suffers and is prone to injuries. This goes for all the girls and ladies. High heels take their toll on female feet as it is, why add more damage during sport activities?

When purchasing such shoes, have a few things in mind. The excellent quality female tennis shoes have enhanced protection for all foot parts that are vulnerable to friction and instability. The material must be breathable, memory foam is often included and even if you are on wet courts – the sole should give you amazing traction. The insoles should taper any moisture and prevent foot doors at the same time.

As a thumb rule, tennis shoes always must have good lateral support, stiffer and heavier materials, excellent cushioning, reinforcing in soles, good shock absorption as well as reinforced toecaps.

Also, ankle padding should preferably go higher (when laces are tied tight).

For tennis enthusiasts in the summertime, opt for tennis shoes with a padded ankle collar as well as a tongue for more comfort, along with style.

There are also tennis shoes available that can be seamless in the upper part. This makes such shoes breathable to the point of perfection, with amazing stability and great traction, even during rainy days.

As far as materials go, they are all used individually for each corresponding factor. So, the ‘midsole or sock-liner’ is for comfort and cushioning and is often made of EVA or PU (both flexible, light and durable). The ‘upper’ is the area wrapping the foot – made of durable material like leather and synthetic. The ‘vamp’ is the area near the toe-box part which bends with your foot movements, such as when you stand on the toes. This part is perforated for good breathability and is extremely flexible.

The ‘outsole’ is the shoe bottom for support, traction and stability. Here you need an extremely durable sole, since it will always be on the ground. The ‘collar’ is basically a heel counter, mostly plastic insert fitting the heel cup of the shoe. The ‘toecap’ is exactly above the toes and must have reinforcement for a toe drag and foot drag protection (medial). Lastly, the ‘toe guard’ is a rubber material on the front of shoes, as the name suggests, adds extra protection for your toes.

Ladies, be bold since tennis shoes are not fixed-use for tennis players only. They are fashionable as well. Not to drift too far from the main point, the design of tennis shoes for women and the outlook is stunning. They come in white and crimson-red, white and turquoise, lime-yellow-turquoise and white, bubblegum pink with delicate white, fiery orange and violets, dark purple with sunny yellow and many other patterns you can think off.

Be motivated to reward your feet with the best comfort as you play tennis, and who knows, maybe pop a casual dress after that and head off for an afternoon of walking and shopping.

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