Top 10 Best Jumper Cables To Buy – New 2019 Edition

Jumper cables are an essential for every driver. Not only to provide a jump when your battery is dead, but to help others in distress as well. Regardless of the type of car you have, if your battery ever dies, the right jumper cables will get you back on the road.

Due to the fact that these are all heavy duty options, and rated for cold and warm weather conditions, they can be used nearly anywhere. With the fully rubber coated design, the tangle free design, and heavy duty construction, these cables are more solid, and will outperform other products you can purchase when you need a new set of jumper cables to keep in your car.

WIth no further ado, here are our picks for the top 10 best jumper cables to consider buying in 2019.

TOPDC Jumper Cables with Carry Bag

These 20-foot jumper cables from TOPDC are tough, dependable and constructed from high-quality materials. They’re made from Copper Coated Aluminum which conducts electricity safely and reliably. The four-gauge, PVC-insulated cables have a tangle-free design and remain flexible at temps ranging from -40 to 167 degrees.

They’re easy to use, too. A strong spring means the clamps hold on tight to the terminal even in wet or windy weather. Plus, the rust and corrosion-resistant clamps are specifically designed to grip the side and top posts on the battery easily. A label on the clamps provides quick, easy-to-understand instructions for use. They work with cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles and practically all other motor vehicles. A carry bag is also included.

Heavy Duty Cable

With a 25 ft extension range, the tangle free CCA cables are sturdy and durable. They feature a heavy duty 2 way gauge, 600 amp parrot clamps, and are engineered for warm and cold climates, up to -67 F. They work with both 12 volt and 24 volt battery system when you need a charge.

Majic Cable

These jumper cables feature a 16 ft range, and special coating keeps the cables ready for even the coldest weather extremes. The top post is prepared for 12 volt battery jumps, they have a heavy duty 4 gauge design, and the ergonomic design is safety approved for any weather conditions you are working in.


The 12 ft cables are suitable for medium to light car and truck jumps, and feature both red and black clamps for ease of identification. They are tangle free, fully rubber coated for safety, and have heavy duty jaw clamps to attach to nearly any battery terminal. They have a 300 peak amp performance rating.

Heavy Duty 300 amp

With 10 ft distance capacity, 8 gauge rating, and 300 amp battery rating, they can charge nearly any battery when you need a jump. The dual construction, fully rubber coated exterior is tangle free, they come with a travel bag, and feature fully color covered jumper clamps so you can easily distinguish where to put each clamp.


This fits top side battery posts, is CCA coated, and ready for 2, 4, 6, or 8 gauge battery charges. It is rated for up to – 40 F and C, and it features a 16 ft range so you can keep the cars further apart when providing a jump to the battery.


This kit comes with battery charger and flashlight for use anywhere. They are 8 gauge heavy duty jumper cables, has an 8 ft range, and the clamps are color coated for safety and ease of connection. With a reusable travel bag you can easily store the jumper cables when not in use.

Heavy Duty Cable

With 500 amp rating, the cables can charge any battery, in any weather conditions. They have 6 gauges, and they have up to a 12 ft range, the color coated clamps, and fully rubber coated exterior is more durable than other cables as well. A free travel bag comes with the cables as well.


These cables are good for a range of up to 20 ft distance, and have 4 gauge charging capabilities. The red and black clamps make it easy to identify where to put the jumper when charging a battery, and tangle free rubber coating will help extend the life of the jumper cables. A 600 amp classification allows you to use them on all battery and car types.

200 Amp cable

These 200 amp jumper cables can charge light to medium duty batteries, feature a 12 ft distance, and dual coating construction is more rugged than other products on the market. Color coated clamps makes identification easy as well so you can easily determine where to connect the jumper when you are in need of a charge.

No matter where you are stuck, when you need a jump, the right jumper cables will come in handy so you can give your battery a few more miles of life.

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