Top Best Smart Self Balancing Scooter Brands to Buy

Self balancing scooters have taken the market by storm. Many know them as hoverboards but they are some might think about. We are not talking about the hoverboards from “Back to the Future”. These simple gadgets are being used as personal transportation scooters similar to the famous Segway scooters except they do not have the large handle and they are much more compact. So far most users are familiar to the original model which at the moment is also the most affordable one. Since it was launched the price dropped significantly and its popularity also inspired other manufacturers to come up with variations that include multiple new features and improved designs.

What Is New?

While there are just about 10 different models to choose from, all of them have something different to offer. Some models may come with larger wheels while others have the internal hardware changed. The most visible difference between different models is however their exterior design and their price.

Amongst the many new features introduced by various models the built-in Bluetooth module and speakers are probably the most popular. There is a downside for all models that have this feature. The Bluetooth model is always on which means they always drain power from the battery. However while no device is paired with the scooter, the drain is barely noticeable. If a device such as a tablet or smartphone is paired in order to play music, the batteries are drained quite fast.

Another notable feature is the size of the wheels. The larger 10 inch models use inflatable wheels and have the feet of the user at a higher distance from the ground. This means they can absorb shocks and impacts but they are a bit more difficult to get used to. At the same time, the larger models make it possible to ride over difficult terrain but this also affects their run range on a full charge.

Deciding Which Ones Are The Best

Our pick list focuses on two aspects and those are diversity and price. The price is relevant for each different model as there are some vendors that sell the exact same model with a different logo on them but at a much higher price.

In terms of diversity, we attempted to find five different models with significant changes to make them relevant. This means that we avoided similar models but for each model we focused on finding the most reasonably priced one.

With these things in mind let’s have a quick glimpse at our pick list. Here are the top best self balancing scooter brands to buy and the respective models they offer.

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We have removed our review of product #5. We are currently reviewing other Smart Two Wheels Electric Balance Scooters and we will post a new review soon.

We have removed our review of product #5. We are currently reviewing other Smart Two Wheels Electric Balance Scooters and we will post a new review soon.

We have removed our review of product #5. We are currently reviewing other Smart Two Wheels Electric Balance Scooters and we will post a new review soon.

Powerboard Hooverboard

Powerboard was established just recently and despite offering more expensive models their quality managed to get them plenty of happy customers. Their biggest asset is their quality check which has been a known issue for most other brands that vanished suddenly.

The model they offer is actually the original self balancing scooter that comes with the same system made of a large battery pack and two individual electric motors. Its foot pads work independently and are easy to control using its pressure sensors and built-in gyroscope. The model is also quite fast when compared with others and comes with a large battery pack that offers it a battery like of 6 hours.

Another important aspect that it worth mentioning is the fact that the model comes with a one year warranty. This is more of a rare deal since most other brands offer warranties of just 90 days.

Razor Hovertrax Electric Self-Balancing Scooter

Razor decided to step in and introduce their own line of self balancing scooters. Everyone expected it to happen mostly and very few were disappointed since Razor is well known for its high quality products and quality has been a large issue with self balancing scooters.

The model uses the same design as the original but seems to have a superior build quality. It also now wears the Razor branding and comes with custom wheel plates. Also the foot pads have been changed with more durable ones while the front facing side comes with powerful LED lights.

Like most other models the Hovertrax had its maximum speed limited for safety reasons and cannot exceed 6 miles per hour. A full battery charge will last for around 115 minutes which means a maximum range of about 10 miles depending on the user weight.

Diversity Is Essential

In the early days it was quite awkward to see so many different brands selling the exact same product. Things changed significantly now that there are variations and new models. Our pick list would have been worthless if all of them were the same and the only difference was the price. As more brands show up on the market innovation and competition will get things going and have newer models being introduced.

Self balancing scooters are expensive gadgets that proved to be extremely fun and addictive to ride but like with everything else it is important to know that there are multiple options. Our pick list aimed to provide a roundup of the most popular yet the most recommended models offered by different brands.

A Few Final Words

There has been a rather difficult period for self balancing scooters. If not long ago there were hundreds of brands to choose from and many variations that gave buyers a few more options, today only a handful managed to survive. The main problem was the quality control. A lot of hooverboards were made in shady factories with only a small portion of them being actually manufactured by the original company that invented them. This forced online retailers to only work with verified suppliers that could provide proof that the hooverboards are safe and well built.

The most visible change is the fact that the more serious brands offer some kind of warranty for their products which is a good change for the buyer. Also this translates into fewer options to choose from without killing the competition. There are still several brands that try to sell the same model but due to the recent changes the sellers that remained offer models of superior quality which has been the main focus of our picklist. Safety is important and quality control is a part of it. The brands that were chosen for our list are some of the few that understood these aspects of the industry and managed to provide high quality and well built hooverboards.

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