The 10 Best Cheap Basketball Shoes for Men in 2021

Cheap Basketball Shoes for Men

Basketball shoes should provide protection for your ankles and feet, and also supply good traction for quick movement on the court.

In essence, if you want to play at the best of your abilities, you need a good pair of basketball shoes. Here are 10 of the best basketball shoes for men in 2021.

Adidas Men’s Isolation 2 Low Basketball Shoes

This Adidas Men’s Isolation 2 Low Basketball Shoe comes in at a low price that is ideal for budget shoppers. With a padded insole, an EVA sockliner,  and a high top, it’s equal parts supportive and breathable.

Added flexibility and support are offered with its bendable rubber outsole. If you want a quick shoe at a low price, this is the shoe for you.

Price Range: Low

NIKE Men’s Air Versitile II Basketball Shoe

Available for a very reasonable price, the Nike Men’s Air Versatile II Basketball Shoes are not only supportive, but stylish.

These lightweight shoes are exceedingly easy to move around in, allowing you to get to the bucket with ease. Equipped with textured outsoles, they provide terrific traction at all times.

Price Range: Low

adidas Neo Men’s Cloudfoam Revival Mid Basketball Shoe

These adidas basketball shoes are comfortable, lightweight, and supportive. Available for a budget price, they will quite simply get the job done.

Price Range: Low

Reebok Men’s Pumpspective Omni Basketball Shoe

These classic Reebok pumps offer optimal ankle support, a rubber sole, and the high top action needed to give you great balance on the court. Featuring a cushioned insole, they are exceedingly comfortable. All in all, they make a very solid pair of shoes.

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Nike Mens Prime Hype DF Basketball Shoe

When you need heel and ankle support that won’t let you down when you’re going for a layup, the Nike Men’s Prime Hype DF Basketball Shoes are the right choice for you. These basketball shoes feature a 4.4-inch shaft from the arch, which means you’ll get all of the limb support you need.

Furthermore, the Prime Hype DF shoes have a dual-density foam midsole. This means that you’ll get the court-pounding protection from shocks that you need while also getting the ability to jump at the net comfortably.

You’ll stay cool while jamming in these shoes thanks to the breathable open upper portion. While breathable, the toes aren’t as open as the tops, which means that they might get a little bit sweaty.

Price Range: Low

Under Armour Men’s UA ClutchFit Drive 2 Basketball Shoes

When you’re in good form on the court, everyone says that it’s gotta be the shoes — and with these Under Armor Men’s ClutchFits, your shoes will have the same attitude.

These ClutchFits attach to your ankles and the upper part of your foot like it’s a glove. This means that you’ll never get blisters when you make your most agile moves on the court.

Likewise, the molding tongue on this shoe will fit your foot, which helps to keep you at your fastest and also your most comfortable. Finally, the molded insole helps to keep shocks away from your joints, though it isn’t the most padded shoe on the market.

Price Range: Low/Medium

Fila Men’s Revenge 2 Basketball Shoe

A filabuck, synthetic finish, a rubber sole, and full grain leather exterior, provides optimal support for the feet and ankles, regardless of which court you are playing on. An acetate vinyl insole gives you added padding so that you can land softly on your feet.

Available for a very low price, they are as good a buy as you’re going to find.

Price Range: Low

adidas Men’s Cloudfoam Ilation Basketball Shoes

While adidas isn’t the most common name in basketball shoes, the Cloudfoam is built right with meshing for coolness, a thick rubber sole for agility, and textile lining for comfort.

The strength of the Cloudfoam is, as the name implies its thick foam sole and its short shaft. The purpose of the foam sole isn’t shock absorption, though it competently absorbs the shocks generated by a vigorous game of b-ball.

The airflow over the tops of these shoes won’t leave you wanting for a more aerodynamic or more comfortable shoe. You may find that the toe-tips on this shoe are also highly durable, which helps them to last.

The boost that you’ll get from the padded heels of this shoe will also help you to get a bit more leverage during your shots from the three-point line.

Price Range: Low

adidas Performance Men’s Lite Racer Running Shoe

Adidas’ Men’s Lite Racer Running shoe isn’t intended for basketball, but it has the features you need to go up and back on the court with ease — and it won’t get in your way when you go for a shot, either.

The low shaft on these shoes makes them highly agile, especially during side to side movement and half-turned movements that you’ll be making a lot while covering someone on the opposing team.

The lack of leverage at the rear portion of the shoe isn’t as much of a problem for jumping as you might expect. Instead, the semi-rigid midsole will help you to get to where you need to be with the help of a few different muscles.

Price Range: Low

Reebok Men’s Royal Bb4500 Hi Fashion Sneaker

For a basketball shoe with a traditional look but non-traditional features for serious ballers, the Bb4500 is the prototypical solution.

With a long shaft drop, 1-inch high platform, mid-cut design, and meshed upper, the Bb4500 is excellent for making jumps, constant starting and stopping, and having a great grip on the court.

What these shoes lack in airflow, they make up for in side-to-side movement potential. These aren’t the right shoes for sprinting or jogging, but they will get you to the topside of the court without a problem.

Likewise, when you need to shift your ankles, these shoes will help keep them immobilized to keep them in good condition.

Price Range: Low

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