Top 10 Best Large Camping Tents in 2017

If you enjoy nature, camping would be your favorite outdoor activity. Camping is not only a way to get away from the day-to-day grind, but also help learn how to survive. If you want to take your family or friends with you, you’ll need a larger tent. Even so, you don’t have to give up all privacy. Some tents have dividers to make separate rooms. Choosing a good tent is a priority for your safety, comfort and convenience. Before buying a tent, you have to consider the capacity of number of people it can accommodate and the ease of setting up. Another thing need to remember is the bigger the tent, the heavier it is. We have selected the Top 10 Best Large Camping Tents for 2017.

Ohuhu Camping Tent, 3 Persons

The tent fly is made of Polyester; Nylon for the tent bottom and Aluminum Alloy for tent frame. It is waterproof (it can resist small and middle rain) and ultraviolet proof. You will be amazed at the quick assembly of the tent. Even though the description mentioned the tent has the capacity of 3 persons, it would be better sleeping 2 adults comfortably.

Busen, Mountain Waterproof Tent, 4 Persons

Busen Mountain Waterproof Tent is a very light tent suitable for hiking with a maximum of 4 campers. It’s made of Nylon materials, and it can thus resist water (it’s also come with a rainfly). With the two doors design, you can get in and out easily without bothering your camp mates. No worry about the ventilation as it has large windows and a floor vent. The screened roof area of the tent, though, is a bit over sized. But if you enjoy watching the stars, this tent will be definitely worth it. Comparing to other tents, Busen tent has good quality with super reasonable price (under hundred dollars).

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Coleman Prairie Breeze Cabin Tent, 9 Persons

Coleman Prairie Breeze Cabin Tent is a roomy tent consists of 2 rooms and 6 windows, which create great ventilation. The fairly vertical walls add a degree of spacious to the tent. It comes with a rainfly, an integrated LED light and fan system. If you wish to use this tent in rainy day, using a tarp to cover the tent is highly recommended. Another point needed to be careful is the poles, they have been complained of easily broken.

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Coleman WeatherMaster 6-Person Screened Tent

This is a two-room-tent accommodating 6 campers. It has sturdy structure, smooth and strong zipper. Besides the main floor, a screened area is a plus. The screened area doesn’t have a floor (add a tarp and air mattress if you want to have a bigger sleeping space), it creates a nice patio used for storing camping tool or even your pet or a tent’s “ living room”. The tent has many of windows which make it has a good ventilation. Add a tarp over the rainfly if you tend to use this tent in long rainy days.

Ozark Trail Instant Cabin Tent, 8 Persons

Ozark Trail Instant Cabin Tent is an instant tent big enough for 8 campers. It fits well with 2 queen air mattresses. The 4 large screened windows keep the tent cold plus 2 gear bags for storing things. A door that comes with a 2-way door zippers design meaning you can access the door without difficulty. A strong steel frame design make it is very sturdy can be used to against strong wind. It is really easy to set up needing your time only few minutes to finish. Its nice quality perfectly matches its reasonable price.

Coleman Sundome Tent, 4 Persons

A 9ft x 7ft Coleman Sundome Tent is a great tent best used for small family with 4 persons. It sets up easily taking around 10 minutes and need only one person for the job. It has a strong frame, 2 gear bags, a tiny zipper at the corner for cord or cable extension and a little loop on the top inside the tent to hang your lantern.
The floor is made of waterproof-plastic perfectly prevent from leaking. Because it is a sundome, it has open windows roof. A rainfly can be attached to the tent roof to protect against bad weather condition. You can add a queen size air mattress in the tent. This tent is only available in green colour. It is quite heavy. It is a great price.

Wenzel Kodiak Tent, 9 Persons

Are you finding a larger tent? This Wenzel Kodiak Tent is spacious for 9 persons. A zipped up wall separates the tent into 2 sleeping rooms. Setting up the tent is pretty easy and may spend around 30 minutes for fully finish. It has a single door (D-style Dutch door), 2 bay windows and 2 picture windows. The roof is designed with full vented roof including a full coverage rainfly. Wenzel Kodiak Tent can handle perfectly in the windy condition using its ultra-sturdy steel frame and double wall tent.

Wenzel Klondike Tent, 8 Persons

With Wenzel Klondike Tent, not only can you sleep, but you can also stand up inside this high roof tent of 78 inches height. This is a huge tent which is completely acceptable for 8 persons. The attached screen room of the tent is another clever design to add more space to the tent. It has screen ceiling windows offering you a joyous time with the night time stars. The open ceiling, though, it will get very cold at night. Prepare well for the blanket, sleeping bag… to accompany you for the enjoyable trip. The only one drawback of this tent is because it is too big, it might not strong enough to secure against the wind.

Big Agnes, Flying Diamond, 8 Persons

Flying Diamond tent is a huge tent, yet it is not a standing tent that you need to slightly crouch to open the door. The tent itself has 2 doors; an internal divider to make the room of 2 and an attached garage giving a bigger space to the tent. Another several pockets are placed along the tent’s wall easy for storing your camping stuff. The greatest design of this tent is the vestibule of the main door which will help keeping your tent clean and tidy. A full rainfly could completely protect against heavy rain (the tent is basically tested to be storm resistant). Worry about setting up and taking down the tent? Piece of cake.

Coleman 8-Person Instant Tent (14’x10’)

Coleman Instant Tent is designed to have 2 rooms which is suitable for 8-person. A room divider is attached to the tent and can be rolled up if you want a bigger room space. It has two doors and seven windows giving a nice comfortable accessibility. The tent is easily set up and taken down in one minute with two persons’ work. It is a quite heavy tent, but that is a good feature to keep this tent standstill and durable. The bottom of the tent is a bit thin so that you may need to add a tarp underneath the tent. There is no color option for this tent as it is available only in brown.

Camping is a nice outdoor activity which people can gather and have fun together. To enjoy your camping, you need the right tent. Here is a selection of large tents for your camping fun in 2017.

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