Top 10 Best Budget Rowing Machines in 2020

Low Impact are the buzz words in exercise today. As the baby boomer generation has aged, many have developed chronic aches, pains and strains. Hospitals are filled with hip and knee replacement surgery. Too late for many people, we now know that we don’t have to pound ourselves into the ground in order to get a good workout.

Rowing machines offer an efficient and effective, low impact workout that produces significant results. If you are considering having a rowing machine at home, there are many points that you should first think about.

Here, we have chosen the top 10 best budget rowing machines in 2020 to give you some ideas for your purchase considerations. Find out the details and unique features of each rower below.

Stamina Body Trac Glider Rowing Machine

Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050 Rower is the compact, portable way to row yourself into shape. With space-saving design, the arms fold down and the rower can be stored in a closet or in the corner of a room. Steel frame and aluminum center beam is designed to withstand years of use while providing you a stable and comfortable workout. The included multifunctional fitness monitor shows speed, distance, time, stroke count, and calories burned during your workout, and keeps you motivated and on track to reach your fitness goals.

Price Range: Low

Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine with PM5

This popular rowing machine has advanced features like the performance monitor. It provides accurate, comparable data for every row. The performance monitor is compatibility with USB flash drives. That makes storing your workout data easy, and you can wirelessly monitor your heart rate. Stroke resistance is easily adjusted by the airflow dampener to the flywheel. This Concept2 rower has an ergonomic handle and adjustable foot rests. For storage, a quick release mechanism separates the rower into 2 pieces.

Price Range: Medium +

Rowing Machine with 12 Adjustable Resistance by Sunny Health & Fitness

This Sunny Health & Fitness Rower is probably the least expensive on our list. A hydraulic cylinder provides resistance with 12 adjustable levels. It comes with a monitor that displays: time, count, total count and calories burned. Cushioned non-slip grip handlebars, a fully padded ergonomically designed seat and adjustable foot straps round out its main features. It has a user weight limit of 220 lbs, 

Price Range: Low

Magnetic Rowing Machine with Adjustable Resistance by Sunny Health & Fitness

The new standard in home fitness! The SF-RW5515 Rower offers all of the necessities for an amazing cardio workout along with any and everything all at-home fitness enthusiasts could wish for.

  • Magnetic tension System with (8) levels of adjustable resistance
  • Large LCD console displays time, count, calories, total count, Scan
  • Fully padded seat and non-slip grip handlebars for optimal comfort
  • Large anti-slip foot pedals with adjustable foot straps
  • Built in transportation wheels for easy portability; maximum user weight 250 lbs

Price Range: Low

Phoenix 98900 Power Rower

Another lower cost rower is the Phoenix Power Rower. It utilizes a patented magnetic resistance system with a belt drive for a smooth and quiet workout. The four window LCD display allows you monitor all functions. The Power Rower folds up and rolls away on casters for storage. It enhances your lifestyle and fitness.

Price Range: Low

Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower

Velocity Exercise Programmable Magnetic Rower lets you get an effective workout in the comfort of your own home. Features a Drum Magnetic Control System (DMC), electronic tension control and is bendable, making it convenient for storage when not in use. It provides a large PU mouled saddle for maximum comfort and the beam is made of anodized aluminum profile and rectangular tubing support. Unit is also equipped with built-in transportation wheels. The computer monitor with a large LCD makes you easy to read and control your workout pace. Included functions are time, count, stroke/minutes, distance, calories, watt & pulse. There are 12 programs, offering a smooth and quiet workout. Rowing is an especially balanced form of exercise that involves all the main muscle groups and increases the efficiency of the heart and circulatory systems.

Price Range: Medium

Kettler Favorit Rowing Machine

Kettler Favorit rower offers a circular rowing motion ideal for training at home with adjustable tilt from flat to 45-degree angle. LCD Computer displays time, oar strokes, current cadence, and cumulative distance over all training sessions, heart rate and kilojoules, a precise measurement of energy consumption. Moving foot plates with straps ensures safety for positioning of feet and ankles. Anti-slip floor protectors also included for safe use on multiple types of surfaces.

Price Range: Low

Stamina Avari Programmable Magnetic Exercise Rower

Indoor rowing is an efficient and effective workout that utilizes all major muscle groups including the back, legs, arms, abdominals, and buttocks. It is also one of the most effective low-impact aerobic exercises for improving your metabolism for more efficient calories and fat burning without any impacts on your joints. The Stamina Avari Programmable Rower features 12 programs that can be monitored by using the LCD backlit In Touch Fitness Monitor. The included chest strap can also be used during any program, but it is very effective while using the target heart rate program. This rower also features 7 preset programs that will automatically adjust the magnetic tension to maximize your cardiovascular workout without any interruption. It has a molded seat and the extruded aluminum beam which offers a smooth movement through the drive and recovery phases of your stroke.

Price Range: Medium

Kettler Kadett Outrigger Style Rower Rowing Machine

Kettler Kadett rower provides a circular rowing motion good for training at home with smooth-operating seat rollers mounted on durable rails. Moving foot plates with straps for safe positioning of feet and ankles while battery powered training computer measures time, strokes, speed of strokes, cumulative distance during a training session, energy consumption, and pulse rate. This rowing machine is designed with anti-slip floor protectors for safe use on multiple types of surfaces and durable steel construction.

Price Range: Medium

Stamina Deluxe Conversion II Recumbent / Rower

The Stamina Deluxe Conversion II Recumbent is a standard rower, with a molded, adjustable foam-padded seat and seat back, rotating rowing pedals, and an extruded aluminum rowing beam. The seat also doubles as a recumbent bike seat that supports your lower back while you are riding, with foot straps holding your feet securely in place as you pedal. And that is not all, the Stamina Conversion II also offers options for working the upper part of your body – including such exercises as bicep curls, tricep kickbacks, and forearm curls – along with a resistance cord that attaches under the seat for light leg presses as well.

Price Range: Medium

With the new technological innovations, there is an array of rowing machines out there capable of performing the job well. This can make you, as a buyer, get confused. That’s why we offer you some useful tips for shopping. Before purchasing a rower, you need to consider its size and the space you have for it. You can choose between a fixed rower and folding rower. A fixed rowing machine takes up more space, but they seem to be more durable, which means it is robust, comfortable and high quality. If all members of your family are going to use the rowing machine, it is advisable to have a rower that is suitable for all fitness levels.

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