Top 10 Best Body Vibration Platform Machines in 2017

Body vibration machines are a rather new thing when it comes to fitness. Only recently they started to become more commonly accepted mostly due to their convenience. They make it effortless to maintain lean muscles which is highly appreciated at a time when many people have less time to go to the gym and work out. Compared with other fitness equipment they do tend to be a bit more expensive but nothing matches their convenience and ease of use. And now, home versions have brought the price way down. With no further ado here are the top 10 best body vibration platform machines in 2017.

3G Vibration Machine – Cardio AVT 3.0

The 3G Cardio AVT 3.0 is a professional grade vibration machine which explains why it is more expensive when compared with others. It has a 24 square inch vibration platform and supports a maximum user weight of 350 pounds. The model weighs about 200 pounds and comes with two cords and a large console that can be used to adjust vibration speed, select a workout program or track various stats.

DKN Technology Platform Vibration Machine

The DKN Xg3 was built to offer reliability, durability and excellent results. It is a premium vibration platform machine that comes with a special design for regular home users. It has adjustable speeds that can contract muscles up 50 times per second and supports a maximum user weight of 330 pounds. The vibration platform measures 27 by 13 inches and comes with an easy to use control console and LCD screen.

Medvibe NitroFit Personal Vibration Platform

Medvibe NitroFit is a mid-range vibration platform machine that comes with a solid build and quite a few useful options. The model has side alternating pivotal motion that provides excellent muscle contraction. It has two bands that can be used to tone the upper part of the body and an exercise mat as well as a soft platform. The model has adjustable vibration speeds and several built-in programs that can be selected using the central console and LCD screen.

Merax Full Body Platform Vibration Platform

Merax’s Vibration Platform is probably the most affordable model on the market and probably the best choice for someone that does not want to spend too much money on this type of exercise equipment. It has 160 speed levels that can be adjusted using the control console and comes with straps that can tone the muscles in the upper body. It includes an audio jack port and can help track important stats such as calories consumed, speed and other relevant stats.

Merax Full Body Crazy Fit Platform Vibration Machine

The Merax Crazy Fit vibration platform fitness machine is a great pick for beginners. It has a variable speed that is extremely easy to adjust and two cords that can be used to work on the upper part of the body. Its console is extremely easy to operate making the machine a really good investment. The model can be used to reduce cellulite, lose weight or even build muscle.

Gadget Fit Vibration Platform

Gadget Fit’s vibration platform is a simple means of getting rid of cellulite and unwanted fat across the entire body. The model can be used to tone and build muscle as well as to help relieve stress. It has multiple speed levels and two bands that can be used to work on the upper body. It offers results extremely fast and comes with a very tempting price tag.

Axis-Plate Vibration Platform

Axis-Plate E6600 is one of the more powerful models as it comes with two motors and 60 speed settings. The vibration platform machine can support individuals of up to 400 pounds and comes with a simple console and LCD display that can track multiple important stats. It is available in multiple colors and for a rather competitive price.

Confidence Fitness Body Vibration Platform Machine

Confidence Fitness vibration platform machine is one of the bestselling models and also one of the most appreciated ones. It comes with a rather affordable price tag and comes with plenty of features. The model has adjustable speed and comes with a large console and LCD screen. It can track multiple stats such as time, body mass and calories burned. The model proves to be effective when used to reduce cellulite, improve muscle tone or even build muscle as well as losing weight and staying in shape.

Body vibration platform machines can vary a lot in terms of pricing and for the most part they offer similar features. All of them have adjustable speeds and built-in workout programs but the more expensive ones tend to have a better build quality and a much more durable construction. In the end it is a matter of budget and our top 10 includes body vibration platform machines from all price ranges.

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