Top 10 Best Christmas Gifts for Him in 2017

Looking for some great Christmas Gifts for him? You’ve come to the right place. We know it’s hard to find the best Christmas gifts for men. So, we reviewed hundreds of gifts, many of them very good. But, we narrowed it down to the 10 Best Christmas Gifts for Him. You’ll find something for every man, so choose with confidence. 

Sphero, BB-8 App-Enabled Droid

Is he a Star Wars fan? If yes, this little droid will definitely catch his heart this Christmas. BB-8 is not a toy, but a companion. This small solid droid can listen to your command and display your recorded clip using its front screen or on your phone screen. BB-8 is compatible with Android and IOS either on phone or tablet. It needs a smart phone and an app to control the movement, so please read the instruction carefully before playing with the BB-8.

Price Range: Low

Pebble Time Round Smart Watch

If he is looking for a super comfortable smart watch to give him for Christmas, Pebble Time Round is the best choice. Pebble Time Round is the thinnest and lightest smart watch at 7.5 mm thin and 28 grams. Not only is it a smart watch, it is also a classic watch look. You will need only 15 minutes for charging for a full day of power. With Pebble Time Round, you will never miss any notification any more.

Price Range: Medium

Hubsan X4 Quadcopter with FPV Camera Toy

If you are new with flying drone, the Hubsan X4 Quadcopter is that best Christmas gift for him that you are looking for. The Hubsan X4 Quadcopter is a lightweight yet a nice solid drone with a just in hand size. It comes with a build-in camera with 0.3 megapixel and 640 x 480 resolution. A 4.3-inch color LCD screen is attached to the controller. One drawback of this drone is the camera can view for only 2 angles, straight forward and down to the surface. The drone is recommended for over 14 -year-old kids. Enjoy your live video from the sky.

Price Range: Low

Revolights Skyline Bicycle Lighting System

Add a livelier color to any bike with Revolights Skyline Bicycle Lighting System. It is a true 360o visibility lighting that provides the visibility during your commute at nighttime. It uses two Lithium-Lon batteries, which is a rechargeable micro-USB using any standard USB-outlet for charging and can be last for four hours. The system is easy to install and it can resist under any weather condition. The Skyline Bicycle Lighting System is a gift for him that he will use over and over for a long time.

Price Range: Medium

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Fitbit, Surge Fitness Superwatch

THe Fitbit Surge Fitness Superwatch is not a simple activity tracker, but it is also a smart fitness watch and a great gift for him. It comes with a large screen and a well-built wristband. It contains multi functions such as: built-in GPS, Pure Pulse heart rate, multi-sport, activity tracking, smart notifications and auto sleep and silent alarm. We recommend you to wear this watch a bit tighter so you can get an accuracy heart rate tracking. The battery can be fully charged in a short period of time and the battery life may last about 4 to 5 days.

Price Range: Medium

Marathon, Swiss Made Military Bilingual Diver’s Automatic Watch

Marathon watches are used by US Marine Corps, Canada Navy and many other special units around the world. Marathon first supplied to the military watch in 1941. They have the most accurate time, therefore, Marathon has becomes one of the big supplier for the US government and also others governments around the globe. The Marathon Diver Watch is made from high quality stainless steel with a clear glass on the top and a very nice quality silicon rubber band. This watch can resist water up to 1017 feet.

Price Range: High

Passion Leather, Komals Passion Leather

This bag is famous for its durable and hip design. The 100% genuine leather’s feature has made this bag very soft and flexible. It has a big front pocket and another 3 compartments inside the bag that can store loads of stuff. With its great size, it can perfectly fit with 18” laptop. As it is a lightweight bag, you will feel comfortable without getting hurt on the shoulder. The bag is inexpensive, yet look like an expensive leather bag.

Price Range: Low

Palladium, Men’s Baggy Leather Boot

If you’re looking for a nice leather combat boots, here you go! Palladium men baggy leather boot provides you the good quality boots with the best price. Palladium shoes are comfy with the stylish design, durable and high quality leather. Palladium boots now has become popular for many countries.

Price Range: Low


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