Top Ten Best 40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men – 2018 Edition

Great 40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men - Featured ImagesDo you know a guy who is about to turn 40? Help him celebrate in style with a great, one-of-a-kind 40th birthday gift! While guys are often considered hard to shop for, we’re here to help. Our complete shopping guide includes reviews of 10 popular 40th birthday gifts as well as answers to common questions about finding the perfect gift.

Whether you’re shopping for a significant other, friend or even a casual acquaintance, we’ll help you find a gift which he’s sure to love:

40th Birthday Wine or Beer Bottle Labels

A 40th birthday is a great time to enjoy a drink! These unique labels personalize wine and beer bottles to create a fun, unique look. Each label is black, white and tan. They feature fun and funny sayings like “Cheers to 40 Years!” and “Forty is the New… What Was I Saying?”.

The labels are printed on high-quality, waterproof material which you simply peel and stick. The original label bottle can be removed or simply covered over. Set up the bar ahead of time and every drink at the party can relate to the 40th birthday theme!

Funny Sci-Fi Themed T-Shirt

Star Wars first hit theaters in 1977, so guys turning 40 have known about the sci-fi series for their entire lives. This hilarious T-shirt reads “May the Forties Be With You” in a Star-Wars-style font. Fans of Star Wars, movies and general pop culture will love this whimsical shirt.

The shirt is black with yellow lettering and made from 100% cotton. It’s a Classic Fit “T” with double-needle sleeves and a bottom hem. Available in six sizes from small to 3XL. Machine wash cold with like colors.

1978 Back in the Day Almanac

Perfect for guys who love history and trivia, the 1978 Back in the Day Almanac is a 24-page booklet filled with interesting facts about their birth year. Details a wide variety of culture touchstones including significant events, popular movies and music, and much more. Also features a fun trivia game which can be played by the whole party.

What was the most popular baby name that year? What meals did people enjoy eating? What celebrities share your birth year? All these fun facts and much more are inside. Plus, the book includes a blank envelope for easy gift giving.

Gelid 1978 40th Birthday Lowball Whiskey Glass

Celebrate turning 40 in style with this whiskey glass. The front reads “Vintage / 1978 / Aged to Perfection” in white script. This lowball glass holds 11 ounces and is perfect for bourbon, scotch or whatever you like.

Each glass is packed into a durable gift box for safe and secure shipping. Better than a glass which just says “40th” on them, these “1978” add a personal touch. Aside from birthdays, also great to commemorate anniversaries, reunions and other milestones.

Jaybee’s Nuts Gift Basket

Guys love snacks and this gift basket has a crazy amount of nuts. With six different types of nuts, you can feed the whole party. Includes smoked almonds, roasted cashews, toffee peanuts, honey roasted peanuts and other premium nuts.

Plus, the gift basket is personalized. “Happy Birthday” is engraved on a tagua nut, which is placed in the center of the tray. Also known as vegetarian ivory, the tagua nut is inedible and can be kept as a unique souvenir.

“You Know You’re 40 When…” Comedy Paperback

Get the birthday boy laughing with this humorous take on life after 40. Each page has a few witty one-liners along with fun cartoons. You know you’re forty when… midnight seems awfully late, a kid you once babysat is now your lawyer and more!

Perfect for bringing the laughs to any 40th birthday party. The book is written by humorist Ann Hodgman, the first female staffer for the Harvard Lampoon, and Patricia Marx, former staff writer for SNL. Illustrations are by Taylor Lee. A laugh-out-loud, read-out-loud take on turning the big 4-0.

Flickback Trivia Challenge Playing Cards

This is a regulation deck of 52 cards but also much more. Each card also has a different trivia question related to the year 1978. Topics range in difficulty and cover entertainment, culture world events, celebrities, sports and more.

All cards have an illustration related to the question. Deck includes a Key Card with the answers to the questions as well as two Jokers filled with sports stats. A fun, unique party game tied to events from exactly 40 years ago.

40th Birthday Photo Booth Props

Add some hilarious mischief to any 40th birthday party with these 31 photo booth props. Each prop attaches to a wooden dowel, which you then place in front of your face when taking a selfie. Props include top hats, mustaches, glasses, pipes and more. Also includes a variety of 40th birthday messages which can be held up like captions and thought balloons.

Everything you need is included. Props are shipped flat with wooden dowel rods and adhesives for quick assembly. Also includes a pre-made sign which reads “Grab a Prop and Strike a Pose.” Perfect for party-time fun!

What If?: Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions

Guys typically love to ponder absurd, even downright dumb, scenarios. Well, this book actually has the answers. What if all the water was drained from the oceans? What if everyone on earth simultaneously aimed laser pointers at the moon? These are just some of the wacky questions this book provides detailed answers to.

This 320-page hardcover book is written by Randall Munroe, who is also the creator of the popular webcomic xkcd. He applies careful research and detailed reasoning to explain the likely outcome of hundreds of bizarre scenarios. A quick, fun read which is sure to spark interesting conversations.

ShirtInvaders Vintage “Aged to Perfection” T-Shirt

Unlike many 40th birthday themed T-shirt, this is one the guy will actually want to wear. This distressed T features an elaborate label which reads “Vintage /1978 / Aged to Perfection.” The overall design resembles an old-fashioned label found on a liquor bottle, with a cool and masculine aesthetic.

Shirt is made from 100% preshrunk cotton. Custom screen printing with water-based ink helps prevent fading even after years of washes. Simply wash on cold to keep clean.

What Makes a Great 40th Birthday Gift?

Is there a guy in your life turning forty? Maybe a husband, boyfriend, brother or someone else near and dear? Even a well-liked co-worker or acquaintance often appreciates a small gift.

A guy’s fortieth birthday is an important milestone. You want to make sure to give a fun, memorable and thoughtful gift. But guys can be pretty hard to shop for. Here are some tips for finding the perfect gift:

What are the Guy’s Interests?

By the time a guy turns forty, he’s likely developed a wide range of interests. Is he a proud geek who loves Star Wars and superheroes? Is he a die-hard fan of any sports teams? What does he like to do in his spare time?

Once you understand what he’s interested in, you can then find something related his hobby. The key to a great gift is finding something the guy doesn’t already have. Although it can be easy to tune out when a loved one goes on about a hobby, try to listen for clues about what items or gear they might be missing.

You could also try to sneak a peek at any online wish lists the person might have. Amazon and many other retailers allow shoppers to create a wish list of items they’re interested in but don’t want to buy right away. If you can hop on the guy’s phone or laptop, you might be able to read through these wish lists. However, only do this if the guy is your husband or other close relationship, and only if you’re sure they won’t mind the “snooping.”

How Can You Make the Gift Personal?

The best gifts are unique. An easy way to give a one-of-a-kind gift is to find something which relates to a special moment shared by you and the recipient. For example, maybe you and your guy once had a great date at a Harry Potter movie. You could give him a Harry Potter themed gift. Not only do you know he’s already a fan of Harry Potter, but the gift will also bring back pleasant memories of the date.

What Gift is Appropriate for a Guy You Don’t Know Very Well?

Shopping for a co-worker or acquaintance can often be difficult because you likely have a very limited idea of the person’s interests and hobbies. But a 40th birthday is a significant enough milestone that you want to at least give the person well wishes, a card and a small gift of some kind.

Choosing a rather generic gift is perfectly acceptable in these situations. For instance, a gift pack of snacks is appreciated by just about everyone. Party favors are also a great gift to bring to the office breakroom or other get-together.

Should the 40th Birthday Gift Be Funny?

More than any other age, 40 has the widest variety of humorous gifts available. You can find shirts, mugs and more with phrases like “Over the Hill” and other jokes about getting old. While turning 40 doesn’t make someone senile, it does typically mean the individual is no longer considered young.

So, how appropriate are gifts which make fun of the person’s age? Well, that typically depends on the person. Some guys will laugh it up when given age-related novelty gifts, and they can be a great way to get the party going in full swing.

Just be sure not to overdo it. Even guys who don’t seem bothered by the idea of turning 40 might secretly feel a bit insecure. If you do give any type of comedic gift, be sure and include a message expressing genuine appreciation so the recipient knows the gift is all in good fun.

Generally, funny gifts are only appropriate for close friends and family. Don’t give “Over the Hill” type gifts to a boss, father-in-law or other person who you don’t want to accidentally offend.

Final Thoughts

Help make his 40th birthday the best one yet by selecting the perfect gift. Consider his interests and hobbies, and try to find a gift which he needs but doesn’t have. Also try to relate the gift to a fond memory shared by the two of you. Plus, also includes a heartfelt message, even if the gift itself is funny and irreverent. Turning 40 is an important milestone you’ll both want to celebrate!

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