Top 10 Best Lawn Edgers in 2017

Once the mowing and planting is done the yard still needs a bit of work as the edges also need attention. It can be a bit difficult to get those perfect edges especially when the lawn is surrounded by asphalt or concrete but there is nothing that a proper lawn edger can’t fix. There are multiple factors to be taken into consideration when choosing a decent model such as size, weight and how it is powered. To make the search easier the top 10 lawn edgers have been rounded up. Here are the top 10 best lawn edgers in 2016.

Black & Decker LE750

Black & Decker LE750 is an affordable lawn edger that comes with a powerful 11 amp motor capable of providing sufficient torque for any kind of job. It has a cord safety system that secures it against accidental disconnects and a 3 position blade that makes it easy to adjust in order to achieve an optimal level of precision. The model is easy to assemble due to its tool-free system and it is quite light thus minimizing fatigue.

Worx WG896

Worx is one of the more trusted brands that has been around for quite a while. The WG896 is one of the many lawn edgers they manufacture. It is a simple electric lawn edger that comes with a powerful 12 amp motor and a 3 position depth adjustment. The model has a cutting line indicator and an adjustable shaft that makes it extremely convenient to use. The handle comes with a pivoting system that enhances precision.

Toro 51480

The Toro 51480 is an affordable lawn edger that comes with a decent 5 amp motor. It does not have built-in batteries which makes it a corded model. The Toro comes with a simple telescoping shaft that is also adjustable which improves precision and helps provide better reach. It comes with an extra-wide cutting head and an auto-feed trim line.

GreenWorks 27032

The GreenWorks 27032 is a corded edger that comes with a very powerful motor. It uses a 12 amp electric motor and a wide double edged blade which provides a longer endurance against wear and tear effects. It has an integrated cord lock feature that prevents unwanted disconnects and comes with a spring assisted wheel.

Worx GT 2.0 WG160

The Worx GT 2.0 WG160 is a mid-range lawn edger that comes with a powerful motor and a built-in battery which gives the user slightly more freedom when used in the yard. It has a 12 inch cutting diameter with an automatic line feed and a quick release lever that allows the use to adjust the height. The model has a decent runtime and can be used for edging and mowing as well.

Worx WG175

Worx WG175 is a decent lawn edger that comes with a great and powerful electric motor and a built-in 32 volt battery. The model offers excellent runtime on a full charge which makes it much more convenient to use when working on large lawns. It has a quick release lever and a telescopic adjustable eight as well as a large 12 inch cutting diameter.

Earthwise Corded Lawn Edger

The corded lawn edger from Earthwise is a great option for the ones that have a limited budget. It has a great build quality and comes with all the required features such as an adjustable telescopic handle, unplug protection and a wide cutting area. The model uses a powerful electric motor and was built to be extremely light.

Black & Decker LST420

The LST420 from Black & Decker has been one of the most popular lawn edgers for a good reason. It is an inexpensive model that comes with a small 2 amp motor that surprisingly provides more than enough power. The model comes with a high efficiency battery that offers it an extended runtime on a full charge.

Lawn edgers are fairly similar. The main difference between the is the fact that they can be either corded or running on batteries. Another important aspect worth looking at is their cutter size as it can vary a lot. Looking at pricing most of them are affordable with marginal differences between them. In the end, choosing the right edger is a matter of personal preference as all the models in our top 10 are quite reliable.

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