Top 10 Best Canon DSLR Cameras for Professionals in 2016

There are many camera brands out there that serve the same purpose of photographing. A Canon DSLR is one of the top brands; but, some are better than other models for the professional photographer. With better image quality and more features and control, these are some of the top 10 models to choose from for the professional photographer in search of a new DSLR camera. Here you are the top 10 best Canon dslr cameras for professionals in 2016:

Canon EOS SL1

With 18 MP, and CMOS sensor, a larger 3” touchscreen, and full HD movie mode, you will love the ease of use and great features. Ana HD 58 mm lens, wireless remote to allow you to control it from a distance, and HD video which records in up to 1080 p quality, all make these the perfect camera for the professional photographer.

Canon EOS Rebel T6

A CMOS sensor and 24.2 MP display ensures the highest quality image with each snap. An ISO from 100 up to 2800, full EOS HD film recording capabilities, and brilliant mp4 formatting available, allow you to record high quality video and audio with the camera. A 19 point cross AF system also ensures your images look good in any lighting.

Canon EOS T6i

This features a 24.2 MP quality image sensor, and CMOS sensor for high quality images. It records video in HD mode, up to 1080 p resolution. You can use the continuous shoot mode, which will take up to five pictures per second, it also has NFC and built in wi fi, if you want to connect and share your images as you are taking them.

Canon EOS 60D

18 MP, CMOS sensor, takes continuous mode with 5.3 frames per second, and it records video in HD mode, up to 1080 p resolution on the screen. It features an easy to use touchscreen, a 9 point AF system, as well as video recording modes in manual and auto, allowing you to capture more, regardless of the light settings or clarity.

Canon Rebel XS

A 10.1 MP resolution, CMOS sensor, and a large 2.5” LCD give you more control of your photo sessions. A Digic 3 processor is faster than other comparable models, and EOS integrated cleaning system will automatically clean your photos, so they look as good as possible, regardless of angle or shooting conditions. Delete data detection is also included.

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Canon EOS 70D

With 20.2 MP, and a CMOS sensors, images will look crisp and sharp under any lighting conditions. An image stabilizer mode, as well as telescopic lens, allows you to capture the deepest images, and to get closer up to your subject when shooting as well. With a wide angle lens, the ability to shoot HD quality video, and high quality audio, this is the perfect all in one DSLR camera.

Canon Rebel Xti

Uses compact flash memory to store images, has up to 5.6 optical zoom feature, and with a 10.1 MP, CMOS sensor, images will always look good. It uses the Digic 2 processor, so is quite fast, and with built in wi fi, you can connect anywhere to share your images as they are taken. Shoot video in HD, with high quality audio control as well with this camera.

Canon Rebel T5

18 MP resolution, with a CMOS sensor, along with wide and normal angle lenses, give you more control for the images you are taking. It has the VR image stabilization lens, a zoom telephoto lens, LCD screen for easy editing, it is water resistant and shock proof as well, so you can take it with you nearly anywhere. Record 1080 p resolution video, with high resolution audio configurations as well.

Canon EOS 1D

With 8.2 MP, CMOS sensor, and 3:2 ratio aspect, images look crisp and clear in any lighting or angles. It is compatible with the professional ES Canon lens, supports compact flash as well as memory cards, has a continuous shoot speed of 8.5 frames per second, and it records high quality, HD film at fast speeds as well.

Canon EOS 6D

20.2 MP, CMOS sensor shooting, gives you the perfect image with each shot taken. It can shoot 4.5 frames per second, and up to 1080 p resolution for recording video. It has a large 3” LCD allowing you to edit directly from the screen, and a Digic 5+ processor ensures the fastest load times, and ability to connect to the wi fi mode as well.

As a professional you want every shot to look perfect. Using these cameras, you will get as close to perfect as possible, and your job is going to be far easier with all the great built in sensors and features on any of these great Canon camera models. We believe that you may find one among these top 10 best Canon DSLR camaras for professionals in 2015.

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