What Are The Top 10 Best Battery Chargers In 2021?

Don’t you just hate it when your batteries die? You look through every drawer to find new ones, but alas, no luck. So it’s off to the store. And when did batteries get so expensive? The solution is to stop throwing away old batteries and recharge them. That way, you’ll always have a back-stock of good batteries. A good battery charger can truly be a life saver, not to mention that it is also very eco-friendly and it can also help you save tremendous amounts of money and pay for itself in just a short time.

Battery chargers are convenient and cost savers. But, there’s more. We’ve seen many disasters that have caused stores to close and deliveries to be delayed, sometimes for a long time. It seems to be a pretty good bet that, if you need new batteries, you won’t be able to get them. Battery charges will keep your flashlights, smoke detectors and other battery operated devices running, maybe long after your neighbor’s batteries have died.

But, not all battery chargers are made the same. Here you will find the top 10 best battery chargers in 2021.

Tenergy T-1199B Universal Ni-MH Battery Charger With Timer Control

If you want to charge your batteries efficiently, you’ll need a battery charger that can detect when they should be full and turn itself off accordingly. With the Tenergy T-1199B Universal charger, you’ll get exactly that.

When the unit detects that the efficiency of its fast-charge protocol is dropping, it switches to a slow-charging top off mode that will ensure you get your money’s worth from every battery.

While the unit only has a four-battery capacity, its speed means that you don’t need to worry about the low capacity.

If you see yourself having a lot of empty AAA, AA, C, and D Ni-MH batteries, it’s hard to find a downside for this charger.

The La Crosse Technology BC1000 Battery Charger

This is a state of the art battery charger that is versatile enough to work both with AA and AAA battery, it features a small LED that informs you when the batteries are fully charged and it also allows you to select different charging current, for each channel. The battery charger also features a high-end overheat detection designed to protect you against overcharging, which certainly prolongs its life span in the long run!

Panasonic BQ-CC17SBA Individual Battery Charger

This is another advanced battery charger that is perfect for Ni-MH rechargeable AA and AAA batteries, and it comes with four individual LED charge indicator lights that let you know when you can start using the freshly charged batteries. Moreover, the charger also comes with a retractable AC plus, as well as a battery detection technology and an automatic shut off feature.

Bay/Slot Fast Charger Smart Battery Charger

This is a smart battery charger from all points of view! Firstly, it features a generously sized LCD screen that offers you full control over your batteries. Secondly, it comes with an overheating and over-current and short-circuit protection feature, therefore you can rest assured knowing that your charger is in good hands.

Sierra Electric JB5411

This battery charger by Sierra is also very versatile and volatile, and it can work with countless different batteries. You can use it to recharge your zinc carbon batteries, your Ni-Cad or Ni-MH batteries as well as your alkaline batteries. The charger comes with 6 different charging bays and it also comes with an LED monitor that indicates the charging level as well as the battery status.

EBL 906 Smart Charger for AA AAA C D 9V Rechargeable Batteries

This is a very efficient and time-effective battery charger that comes with a unique, user-oriented and hassle-free LCD display, and it allows you to both recharge and discharge up to four batteries at the same time. The device automatically switches from the discharging mode to the charging mode in an instant, once the batteries are fully depleated, thanks to the intelligent built-in microcomputer chip. Automatically converts the charging mode from fast charging to trickle charging when batteries are nearly full charged to ensure that the batteries will be fully charged.

BONAI Rechargeable AAA Batteries with Charger 8 Pack

This battery charger comes with an on-off button, it also features LED indicators that inform you about the battery’s charging status and it is encased in a durable, lightweight aluminum case. Moreover, the battery has a total capacity of 3000mAh.

Schumacher SSC-1000A SpeedCharger

As the name suggests, this is a speed charger that allows you to recharge and use your old batteries within minutes. If you are tired of waiting for hours for your batteries to be fully charged, then look no further than this one! It also comes with an electronic push button select, a dgital meter as well as a system test that is embedded in it, and that aims to diagnose whether there are any problems with the charging system.

La Crosse Technology BC-700 Battery Charger

This is another high-end battery charger by LaCrosse, and it features an individual compartment for each battery – each one actually has its own LCD display, and it allows you to charge four batteries at once. The charger is also designed to detect any signs of overheating, it is very small and compact and it is perfect for those who travel on a constant basis. Moreover, the charger comes with a one-year limited warranty provided by the manufacturer.

EBL 808 Charger

This is one of the latest and most appreciated battery chargers made by EBL< and for a good reason! The charger also has an LED embedded in it that keeps you updated about the battery’s charging status, it is entirely safe to use and it automatically stops charging when the voltage exceeds 3.4 V. Moreover, there is also an input voltage protection and a short circuit protection system embedded in it.

Battery chargers are an inexpensive solution to simple inconvenience to maybe life saving threats.

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