Top 10 Best Motion Activated Night Lights (2019 Buyer’s Guide)

Best Motion Activated Night LightsNo matter how well you know your home, it’s never safe to walk around in the dark. Just one minor fall can lead to major injuries. Motion-activated night lights help keep you safe without waking the entire household. They provide light only when and where you need it.

A few different types of night lights are available. Here’s a closer look at our ten favorites plus an illuminating guide on selecting the best night lights for your needs:

GE Ultrabrite Motion-Activated Night Light

GE’s Ultrabrite light is a reliable, energy-efficient option suitable for practically any room in your house. It only activates after detecting motion within 25 feet of the wide-angle sensors. It then shuts off automatically after 90 seconds with no activity.

The 40-lumen bulbs provide enough light for you to see when walking around your house at night. However, they’re still dim enough to avoid basking the room in bright light.

The LED bulbs stay cool to the touch even after extended use, so you don’t have to worry about kids or pets accidentally burning themselves. Plus, the lights are UL listed. GE also offers a limited lifetime warranty.

Key Features:

  • 25-foot, wide-angle motion sensors
  • Automatic shut-off after 90 seconds
  • 40-Lumen bulbs
  • Bulbs stay cool

Maz-Tek Plug-in Motion Sensor Lights

Maz-Tek’s motion sensor lights are packed with options, making them an excellent choice if you want a different level of brightness and responsiveness throughout your home.

A slide switch lets you adjust the brightness from zero to 25 lumens. The maximum brightness is a soft, warm glow which provides enough light to see but not distract.

Additionally, you can switch between three lighting options. “On” keeps the light on regardless of motion levels. “Off” keeps the light off. “Auto” turns the light on when it detects motion within 15 feet of the sensor’s 120-degree detection radius. Light automatically turns off 20 seconds of stillness.

No batteries, wiring, or special installation is required. Plug the lights into any AC outlet. They won’t block the second outlet.

Finally, their maximum power consumption is 0.5 watts. They’re an energy-efficient option, especially if you plan to leave them on all night regularly.

Key Features:

  • Three settings: On, Off and Motion Sensing
  • Brightness adjusts between 0 and 25 lumens
  • Plugs into any wall outlet (doesn’t block the second socket)
  • Low energy consumption

Mr. Beams Stick Anywhere Night Lights

Outlets not required. Stick these three lights on practically any surface indoors or out. The double-sided adhesive backing sticks securely to painted walls, wood, concrete, metal, and more. Even better, the lights can be easily moved around from surface to surface – and they don’t leave behind any marks.

They’re motion activated. Lights turn on in response to any motion detected within 15 feet. They shut-off automatically after 30 seconds of stillness. Lights activate only when in low-light conditions.

The LED bulbs require four AA batteries. However, batteries last about a year (assuming eight to 10 activations a day, which seems high).

Each square(-ish) light is 1.2 inches long by 3.75 inches wide by 3.25 inches tall. They’re weatherproof so you can leave them outside all winter long even in wet, snowy weather.

An installation kit allows for permanent mounting. However, installation is only feasible on walls and wood; mounting on stone requires special equipment.

Key Features:

  • Lights stick to practically any surface
  • Detects motion within 15 feet
  • Safe for use outdoors
  • Requires no electrical outlet

GE Motion-Activated LED Night Light

GE’s LED night lights combine style with function. They feature an oil-rubbed bronze finish with an ornate design. Instead of disappearing into the décor, they’re a tasteful addition to hallways, bathrooms, offices and other locations.

The lights illuminate when the sensors detect motion within 20 feet. Because they’re LED lights, you don’t need to replace any bulbs. Plus, they’re more energy-efficient than halogen lights. They automatically turn on at dusk then shut down at dawn, too.

The LED lights will last for years without needing replacement or maintenance. They’re a great option if you want night lights you can plug into the wall and don’t have to think about ever again.

Key Features:

  • Stylish, contemporary design
  • Motion-activated within 20 feet
  • Maintenance-free
  • Plugs into a single outlet (leaving the second outlet open)

Ailum Toilet Night Light Two-Pack

Night lights don’t need to be boring. Add colorful fun to the bathroom with the toilet night light two-pack from Ailum. It lights up the toilet bowl with eight different colors.

The light is motion sensor activated. It’ll turn on the lights automatically when someone steps into the bathroom. Lights remain on for two minutes after movement stops.

The night light mounts on the side of the toilet. The motion sensor faces into the room, and the light bulb faces towards the bowl. A flexible PVC neck ensures a secure fit on any size and shape of toilet. Plus, any standard household cleanser cleans the unit easily.

On the downside, it requires three AAA batteries, so annual operation is a bit more expensive than many of the plug-in options listed.

Key Features:

  • Lights up the towel bowl with eight different colors
  • Easy to mount and keep clean
  • Motion sensor activated with long shut-off time

LED Night Light / Flashlight from Bonashi

Bonashi’s system provides reliable lighting during power outages and other emergencies. When mounted on the wall, it’s a night light which provides soft, white light. However, you can also remove it from the mount to use as a handheld emergency flashlight.

The mounted light turns on automatically after detecting motion within seven to ten feet of the integrated PIR sensor. It’s an energy-efficient option because the light only activates when needed.

Additionally, the wall mount doubles as a charger for the lights 500mAh battery. When fully charged, the handheld flashlight provides power for up to an hour and a half. If you primarily use the light as a night light, it’ll stay charged for flashlight operation when needed.

Key Features:

  • Wall-mounted night light turns into a handheld flashlight
  • Plugs into wall and runs on rechargeable batteries
  • Motion detector with 10-foot range
  • A reliable source of emergency power

AMIR Motion Sensor Lights (Upgraded Version)

Trusted lighting manufacturer Amir recently released an upgraded version of their popular motion sensor night lights. With a 20 Lumen output, the LED lights illuminate long hallways, living rooms, and other larger areas of the house.

The PIR motion sensor turns the lights on when it detects movement within 10 feet. It shuts off after 15 seconds without motion, which is a relatively short time compared to other lights. While the short shut-off time does save energy, it can also leave you standing in the dark.

Installation is quick and easy thanks to the double-sided adhesive pads and a built-in magnet. No wiring or power outlet is required. Instead, you only need three AAA batteries. The lights easily stick to walls, wood, concrete, metal, and most other surfaces.

Although this won’t be a problem for most users, the light’s sensors prevent daytime use. It’ll only illuminate in dark locations.

Additionally, the adhesive strips can have trouble sticking in locations with high average temperatures, such as any area with hours of direct sunlight.

Key Features:

  • Lights up large areas
  • Sticks to most surfaces
  • Motion sensor range of 15 feet
  • Auto shut-off after 15 seconds

Vansky Motion Activated Bed Light

Protect yourself from accidental falls when stepping out of bed at night with Vansky’s motion-activated bed light. It emits a warm, wide beam of light from underneath your bed whenever you swing your feet towards the floor.

The motion-activated sensor detects movement within a 100-degree radius up to 11.8 feet away. It automatically turns the light off when movement stops. You can set the timer anywhere between 30 seconds and 10 minutes. Long shut-off times are ideal for the elderly, handicapped, or anyone else with difficulty getting in and out of bed.

The 45 LEDs last up to 100,000 lighting hours, so you don’t have to worry about replacing batteries or other maintenance. The full set includes the light, sensor, power adapter, extension cable, and user manual.

Aside from use around the bed, they also fit in stairwells, cabinets, under the sofa and other out-of-the-way locations.

Key Features:

  • Fits under the bed
  • Long shut-off times
  • Ideal for seniors and others with mobility issues
  • Requires almost no maintenance

Vintar Motion Sensor Dimmable LED Night Light

Vintar’s LED night light lets you control the brightness with ease thanks to three lighting options. It can emit light at all hours of the day and night, it can be off completely, or it can be motion activated.

You can also dim the brightness. It’s great for bedrooms, bathrooms, and guest rooms where occupants might want to adjust the level of light.

The motion detectors sense movement within a 120-degree radius up to 10 feet away. They turn the light off after 20 seconds with no motion.

Lights last up to 50,000 hours which makes them a good option if you want continuous light. They only emit 0.5 watts, so they’re more affordable than battery-powered options.

Key Features:

  • Multiple lighting options
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Long-lasting and energy-efficient

Sleep Aid Red LED Night Light by emagine A

A night light isn’t just useful for when you’re awake; it can also help you fall asleep, too. Emagine A’s Sleep Aid night light produces long-wavelength red LED, which helps your body make the natural sleep hormone melatonin.

It has seven built-in LEDs to produce a comfortable level of brightness when walking around at night. It’s also useful for kids, seniors, or anyone who doesn’t want to sleep in a pitch-black room.

The motion sensor turns the light on and off automatically when needed. The bulbs have a 30,000-hour lifespan. However, they cost less than ten cents a month to run.

Overall, these lights are the best option for anyone looking for a night light and also battling insomnia.

Key Features:

  • Produces long-wavelength red LED
  • Helps you fall asleep naturally
  • Motion sensor
  • Long lifespan of 30,000 hours

Motion Activated Night Light FAQ

What are the Best Features of a Motional Activated Night Light?

Let’s shine some light on what features to consider when selecting a night light:


There are two types:

  • Electrical
  • Battery

Electrical-powered lights plug into a wall socket. Because they need access to an outlet, placement options can be limited.

On the plus side, you never have to worry about changing batteries. Also, they cost less to operate each year than battery-powered lights.

When selecting an electric light, make sure it doesn’t block the second socket in the outlet. It should only need one plug to work.

Battery-powered lights stick to the walls with double-sided adhesive tape. Placement is far more flexible because you don’t need to put the lights near an outlet. They’re ideal for closets, cupboards, hallways, and out-of-the-way spots around the house.

Some lights use solar-powered batteries. They charge up during the day to provide power at night. However, solar-powered batteries are found more often in outdoor lighting.

Sensor Range

The sensor’s range is the distance it can “see” movement. Close-range sensors detect movement between six and eight feet. However, long-range lights can detect movement up to 25 feet or more.

The appropriate range depends on the light’s location. Close-range sensors are often best for small spaces like the bathroom and bedroom. Long-range sensors work best in the living room, basement, and outside.

Shut-Off Timer

Motion sensors usually shut-off automatically after a set amount of time. A long timer typically isn’t necessary because the light will stay on if you’re moving.

However, longer shut-off times can be useful in the kitchen. If you get up in the night to make a midnight snack, you don’t want the lights to shut-off while you’re standing at the counter.

Light Level Detection

Many motion detectors turn on automatically in low light levels. They use a light meter to detect a room’s illumination.

Lights which turn on automatically in the evening are ideal for outdoor areas like walkways and other paths. However, you might not want them throughout your house.

The best lights allow you to switch between on continuously, off, and motion sensing.

Light Color

A few different colors are available.

Cool, soft blue light is popular. It creates soothing illumination, which won’t wake you up completely if you need to do something simple during the night.

Warmer, whiter light can wake you up a bit more and make you feel alert. It also provides brighter light, making it a better choice for emergencies.

Red LED light is another option. Red spectrum light can help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. It’s a good choice for bedroom night lights.

Bulb Type

Bulbs are usually either halogen or LED.

Halogen bulbs use a filament. They’re the same type of bulb used in lamps throughout your house. They provide excellent light but have two main drawbacks. They burn out fairly frequently, and they become hot to the touch after a short while.

LED lights are usually a better option. They have an incredibly long life so they’ll likely never need changing. Also, they stay cool to the touch even with constant use, making them safe for use around kids and pets.


Brightness is measured in lumens. The higher the lumens, the brighter the light.

The light should be bright enough to let you safely walk through the room, but not so bright it wakes up the household.

Lights which plug into the wall pose more lighting challenges than battery-powered lights. Plugs located behind furniture and other obstacles can cast shadows and otherwise affect the area of illumination.

What are the Benefits of Night Lights?

Improved Safety

Night lights increase visibility throughout your home in low-light conditions, which greatly reduces your risk of falls, injuries, and other accidents.

One out of every five falls results in a serious injury such as a broken bone or head trauma. Keeping your home well-lit helps prevent major falls. Night lights are especially important for seniors as they have an increased risk of both falling and getting hurt in a fall.

Reduce Nighttime Fears

A pitch-black room isn’t just scary for kids. Many adults don’t like sleeping in total darkness, either. Night lights provide enough illumination that you can see around the room but still comfortably fall asleep.

Increased Outdoor Security

Lights placed around the outside of your house help reduce crime, but only when used in a certain way. You don’t want to leave exterior lights on around the clock, as they can signal to burglars that you’re not home.

Instead, motion lights are often the most effective option. They can give a would-be thief the surprise of his life! Plus, motion lights are the most energy-efficient type of outdoor lighting.

Final Thoughts

The best night lights are easy to install, have adjustable brightness, and require almost no maintenance.

Don’t stumble around your house in the dark. Instead, place night lights throughout your home so you can walk around at night without risking injury.

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