What Is An Eye Mask

At times, we all struggle with a good night’s sleep. We almost never get the needed amount of sleep during nighttime, and many accessories come handy for that purpose.

For example, one of those sleep accessories are eye masks. An eye mask, also called a sleep mask, is a good, affordable, practical and natural way to get more sleep every night. They are made from fabric that covers both eyes and keeps any light from reaching your eyes, thus creating darkness convenient for falling asleep. They have a simple design with an elastic strap for holding the mask in place – around the head.

But, does this mask help you sleep better? Certainly. Eye masks will surely aid in falling asleep. Blocking out light is much safer, all natural, less costly and creates no addictions, compared to sleeping pills.

And the benefits overall?

The best and primary benefit of eye masks is the blocking out of light. The two greatest enemies of a good night sleep are the light and noises. Also, if you have a partner that wants to stay up reading or watching TV, a sleep mask is a good thing to have nearby. Eye masks are also great for blocking out fellow airline travelers.

Another amazing benefit of such a mask is keeping skin around the eyes safe from damages and wrinkling during sleep. This sounds minor, but on the long run it provides visible effects. When we sleep, especially on our stomach, our face touches the pillow and skin gets saggy faster due to this. Such imprints stay on the face for hours and over time, fine lines and wrinkles form from them. By wearing a sleep mask, you will wake up with less puffiness in the morning and here is a tip – enhance the function of the mask by applying eye cream prior going to bed, or a soothing eye mask. This is especially good if you opt for gel-filled masks. Place them in the fridge 10-20 minutes before going to bed, and wear them until the gel starts to feel warmer. Certain masks of this kind even have fragrances like lavender and such herbs for more relaxation.

If you suffer from sinus pains, masks can relieve this too. Chronic sinus congestion with headaches is largely helped with gel masks, or any masks for that matter.

When purchasing an eye mask, you need to keep in mind a few things. A mask that is tight, can leave some imprints on your face and some just do not feel ‘fit’ for you. Avoid choosing too loose masks since they will fall off and will have no purpose at all. If you feel pressure on your eyes and nose, get a mask with raising in the profile.

Also, see when you try on the mask if it provides full darkness or not. The fabric must be so thick that it allows no light penetration.

Another thing to focus on is the fabric itself. At night we sleep several hours at least, so what touches our face is of great importance. The fabric must feel good and be of good quality. Mostly cotton is recommended and for those allergic to most materials, there are hypoallergenic fabrics available.

Most of the time, such masks are quite durable. But the daily wear-and-tear could shorten their usage time. You can prevent this with proper care and washing. If the mask is made of foam, avoid folding it. Try to store the masks in a special case or a carry case to prevent misshaping.

For washing, read the instructions on the mask tag. Usually it is best to do hand washing with mild detergents and soaps. This goes especially for silk masks – they need extra care.

Sleep masks come in many forms and looks. Some are made of silk and filled with herbs, some made of plastic and filled with gel, others are from fabrics and cotton. Luckily, this choice is excellent and now sleeping can feel like a luxurious and pampering thing that is affordable for everyone. Why not have several sleep masks to switch when the others are waiting for a wash? Investing in a good night’s sleep has never been easier and more affordable than with a sleep mask.

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