Types of Foot Callus Removers

Your feet take more care than you may realize. Though they are often protected by socks and shoes, they are more vulnerable than you think. One thing you may be aware of that can happen to your feet, is the appearance of calluses.

While they may seem harmless and simply annoying, calluses are actually something that you do want to take care of. Depending on how long the callus has been on your foot, the level of difficulty in removing it will vary.

How you want to remove your foot calluses is largely up to you. There are various ways which have been shown to be effective in removing calluses. Learning more about each type will ease your worries about how you will remove your foot callus.

Why Do I Need to Remove My Foot Calluses?

The truth is that it is very easy to ignore foot calluses. The majority of the time, they don’t hurt, itch, or bother you in any other especially noticeable way. This means you may even forget about the presence of your foot calluses.

But the reality is that you want to remove them as quickly as possible. The longer you allow your foot callus to stay, the firmer it becomes. If you let them remain for too long, you’ll find yourself needing to see a podiatrist to remove your foot calluses.

Maybe you’re wondering if there is actually any harm in letting your foot calluses remain on your feet. While you may not feel anything when you first develop calluses, discomfort is sure to become palpable over time.

Though it may sound very surprising, allowing your foot calluses to fester can lead to:

  • Splitting open and bleeding where the calluses are.
  • Infection of the open callus wound.
  • Possibility of ulcers due to infection.
  • Blood poisoning in very severe cases.

Why take the chance of developing these health issues when you can prevent them simply by removing your foot calluses in the comfort of your own home?

What Types of Foot Callus Removers Do I Have to Choose From?

Everybody is different in terms of their preferences for how they would to deal with their calluses. To that fact, there are various methods available for removing calluses. The 3 most commonly used foot callus removers are:

  • Gels: If you find yourself with a rather large and firm callus, then you may want to try a gel foot callus remover. Foot callus remover gels are made with strong acids, such as Salicylic Acid or Potassium Hydroxide, which work away at your calluses. By using a foot callus remover gel, you will soften the callus itself, usually in a matter of minutes, making it easier to peel away. Foot callus remover gels are very strong so be sure to take proper care when using them, and if you have sensitive skin then you may even want to wear gloves!
  • Scrapers: A very common option for removing foot calluses is a foot scraper. These work exactly like you’d imagine. By gently running the scraper across the area of the callus, the firm skin is scraped away, slowly. Foot callus remover scrapers are often used at nail salons during pedicures, but you might want to think about doing it yourself at home for better hygiene.
  • Electric Removers: Electric foot callus removers are gaining more popularity as time passes. These foot callus removers work in a similar way to shavers, however, with finer and smoother technique. They generally come outfitted with rollers that are the consistency of a strong nail file. The electric roller passes over the area of the callus and softens it slowly. This is a comfortable and gentle option for foot callus removal.

All 3 of the main foot callus remover types are widely used. You will find many variations of each type to choose from depending on your personal preferences.

Which Foot Callus Remover is the Best?

Now that you’ve heard about the different types of foot callus removers, you’re probably wondering about which type is the best. The truth is that it is subjective. It depends on the state of your foot calluses and on which method of removal appeals to you the most.

If you’re looking to use your foot callus remover consistently and preventatively, then your best bet will be an electric foot callus remover.

Putting it All Together

Depending on your specific needs, you may find yourself using different types of foot callus removers. Maintaining the health and appearance of your feet is a constant process. Using a foot callus remover as part of your normal body care routine can improve the quality of the skin on your feet and help prevent uncomfortable calluses from forming.

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