Choosing a Women’s Deodorant

A deodorant is that one thing we women swear we must have. It’s the one thing we cannot live without.

Basically, deodorants, when applied on your skin and armpits, kill bacteria that attach to hair roots and create odor during perspiring. Of course, it is a normal and natural process to sweat, but the unpleasant odors can be masked by deodorants.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that a deodorant must be aluminum-free to be safe. All deodorants contain alcohol and anti-microbial items that work together to decrease the amount of bad odor bacteria.

In general, there are three delivery systems for deodorants: aerosol sprays, roll-ons, and deodorant sticks.

Aerosol sprays were introduced to the public in 1965 and are the most common choice by women. They are the most common choice since they leave less white residue build-up, as seen with other products. With an aerosol deodorant, application is fast and easy, no need for waiting time to dry off and can easily be washed off. Some types are for odor masking only and some also prevent sweating along.

Roll-on deodorants are the second most popular type, introduced to the market in 1950s. This is a small glass or plastic bottle with a practical ball applicator that glides on the armpit smoothly and evenly. This is either a liquid or gel-like structure and after application, you should wait a few minutes before you put clothes on, to allow proper drying of the deodorant.

The third most common deodorant among women is the stick deodorant. When applied, this leaves a thicker coat on the skin, almost creamy-like, leaving the armpits velvety dry.

The toughest choice is not the fragrance itself, they all smell pleasant and nice. But, what concerns women more is the durability of the product and whether it leaves marks on their clothes. If you are one of those women who do not sweat too much, an antiperspirant is always a preferred choice. When purchasing this, look for formulations that have at most 10% aluminum, to avoid long term harmful effects. However, if you are one of those women that tends to sweat more, a rule of thumb is to avoid overly sugary-sweet scents and you are good to go.

Also, what most women ignore is the “change” factor. Maybe you have a favorite deodorant brand and fragrance, but as with medicines, antibiotics or shampoos – deodorants also need to be changed occasionally. Every few months switch to another brand, or at least another fragrance type of the brand you like. This will help prevent your armpits from adjusting and becoming ‘immune’ to your deodorant.

Tip:  Apply our deodorant before you go to bed. Your clothes will not stain, and the pleasant smell will still linger on. Also, since women sweat less during sleep, the active ingredients of the deodorant will have enough time to penetrate the pores and sweat ducts.

Since women shave or wax their armpits, the skin area there could be more sensitive so try to choose deodorants with less alcohol to avoid irritations.

Also, decide if you want a deodorant that is fragrance-free, unscented or scented. Of course, the most sought after are floral and perfumed scented. If you have sensitive skin, stick with unscented.

Women have a good choice of deodorants. Most manufacturers create deodorants that soothe skin by adding extra moisturizers in the formulas, keep it fresh-smelling up to 48 hours and a third benefit is not showing stains on every type of clothing color or fabric.

Regardless what type of deodorant you choose, keep in mind that aluminum should be in the lowest amounts. Women’s deodorants with more organic ingredients are always preferred. Scents come in many variations. Lighter ones for those who sweat more; bolder for the rest. For the best results, know your skin type and choose between sprays, roll-ons and sticks.

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