Benefits of Hair Growth Shampoo for Women

Every women wants beautiful, silky and shiny hair. Unfortunately, over time, many women begin to lose some of their hair. This is seen more as we age and treat our hair in ways that are not good for your hair. A lot of factors contribute to hair loss; coloring, styling, lack of nutrients and vitamins, heat-treating, hormonal issues and more. However, with a proper shampoo for preventing hair loss and promoting hair growth, these problems can be avoided or at least lessened.

What are the benefits for women to use a hair growth shampoo?

With these types of shampoos hair loss is reversed and your hair will be stronger and thicker. Your scalp will be less irritated than with regular shampoos, and the styling afterwards will be easier. That makes your hair is less prone to breakage and thinning during styling. These shampoos are also carefully designed to remove dirt and sebum in a milder way, thus dandruff and itchiness will also be reduced.

Hair growth shampoos contain ingredients that stimulate your follicles to keep their strength and aid in blood circulation beneath your scalp. This helps create stronger roots that would keep the hairs in place.

Another benefit to women of hair loss shampoos is a less weighed-down hair after the wash. Most shampoos leave the hair ‘too clean’, or ‘too dull’ and lifeless with no shine, but with re-growth shampoos the hairs are easily styled and less prone to greasing or tangling.

Another good thing of such shampoos is the protection they provide afterwards. Sun damage, styling effects, breakage during combing will no longer be worrisome issues since the ingredients often contain antioxidants and nutrients follicles need.

There are mainly two types of hair growth shampoos: chemical and natural. In the past, medical shampoos contained harsh chemicals and were labeled aggressive for the scalp and hair. But, modern technologies have replaced most of the harsh chemicals with natural ones, thus making these products fit for daily use.

Certain ingredients are preferable when choosing shampoos designed to increase hair growth. For example, Biotin is an ingredient that promotes hair growing from within. Caffeine is another such item that makes better blood circulation under the scalp. The third ingredient to look for is Niacin (B3 vitamin). It is known that all B vitamins when ingested with food strengthen hair, so why not look for this in your shampoo as well?

Shampoos that stimulate hair growth are fit for any type of hair, so it suits any kind of follicle. The amino acids inside are what keeps the hair shiny and healthy with every wash. Also, soy proteins and Thymus Peptides are other items that should be in the ingredients. They unclog the root of the follicles and open more space for new hairs.

The chemicals that must be avoided are paragons and sulfates.

If you are a fan of herbal shampoos, look for those that contain Saw Palmetto – this restores the damaged hairs; other herbal items are Argan Oil, Bay, Nettle, Tea Tree Oil, Mint Oil, Ginseng, vitamins, whey proteins and such.

The effects of such shampoos for women are mostly seen during the first 3-4 weeks of usage. Even earlier for some women. Fully regrown hair can be seen in as little as 2-3 months.

The usage is simple, as with any shampoo. After you wet your hair, gently massage the shampoo onto your scalp and give it some time to sit before it is rinsed. The scalp and roots need to absorb all the nutrients to fully have the effect. 4-5 minutes is enough prior the rinse. The formulas are mild, they lather just a little bit and last quite a long time, depending on how often you wash your hair.

There is not always the need of expensive surgeries or hair transplants – often and most of the time, dietary changes along good hair care products can do an amazing job. And the good part about these shampoos is that they have many nutrients and oils in them, so they act as shampoo and conditioner 2 in 1.

Extra tip that most do not share – purchase vitamin capsules, E vitamin capsules or even invest in good Argan Oil brand and add a few droplets of each these items in your shampoo for re-growing hair. Shake the bottle and it is ready for use!


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