Top 10 Best Samsung Galaxy S6 and S7 Selfie Sticks in 2018

The selfie has become a very popular part of our mobile culture. Today it seems like people can’t go anywhere without taking pictures of themselves with their mobile devices. Unfortunately, it can be a challenge for anyone to get a good picture taken because of the awkward angle that is often used when holding the camera on one’s own. That’s where the use of a selfie stick can come in handy. Today there are loads of different selfie sticks that can be used on the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S7 smartphones. Here are the top 10 best Samsung Galaxy S6 and S7 selfie sticks in 2017.

The Travel Selfie Stick

This is an especially lightweight unit. It has a grooved handle and uses a simple plug on the end to get the phone ready for use. The stick is retractable and can fit in one’s purse or handbag when it is not in use. It also weighs about eight ounces when the phone is not inserted into its main body.

PhotoBomb SelfisticK

A USB charger is used on this stick to charge up the Bluetooth-enabled shutter on the wand. It can also be easy to carry around as it only weighs about half a pound on average.

Selfie World Easy Plug ‘n Play Selfie Stick

Designed to work with many different Samsung phones, the Selfie World stick uses a single-corner locking feature that helps to get the phone to stay in place while the stick is in use. This works with a strong connection and uses soft buffers as well.

EEZ-Y Selfie Stick

This selfie stick uses a series of different setups including a remote for activating the shutter, a stand to display the phone on and a traditional handle for using the stick. The shutter can work from 33 feet away from the phone.

These are all great choices to find when looking for a good selfie stick. A quickly stick can be used for all sorts of pictures and will not take too much time to adjust and use as needed. These choices deserve to be seen when taking a look at different ways for getting different types of shots going in many forms.

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