Top 10 Best Phone Cases for iPhone 6 In 2016

Everyone knows just how sensitive smartphones are and the new iPhone 6 seems even more fragile. Apple had to cut corners to make it so slim and light which requires the use to take extra care when handling it to avoid any kind of damage caused by scratches or drops. There are quite a few cases on the market but most of them take away the beauty of the phone. Here are the top 10 best phone case for iPhone 6 in 2016 that will not ruin the design of the smartphone.

iPhone 6 Case, Spigen Neo Hybrid Case for iPhone 6

Spigen is probably the most popular brand of cases. Their Neo Hybrid is one of the best-selling models with an exterior design that makes the phone just a little bit thicker. It has a black textured back that comes with the Spigen advanced shock absorption technology. The edges are white and rounded just like the iPhone 6, preserving its curved lines and appealing design. It is light and slim as well as good looking.


The INVELLOP is an inexpensive iPhone case that offers decent protection and a slick and slim design. There are two models available but the clear one seems like the better option as it does not alter much the shape and beauty of the phone. The material used is a soft rubber that can absorb shocks and protect the phone from scratches while still providing a decent hand grip.

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Poweradd™ iPhone 6 Cover With Dual Layer Protection

Poweradd offers a simple yet convenient solution to protect iPhones. The dual layer model for iPhone 6 is a stylish and inexpensive model that provide basic functionality and advanced shock and scratch protection. It is made from a special rubber that offers excellent grip and superior protection. The model comes in red and black.

ESR the Beat Series Protective Case Bumper For iPhone 6

The ESR is an inexpensive protective case with a rather interesting design. All its back cover is made from plastic but comes with a pattern colored in white and blue. Build quality is also up to par while the protection is average. The top and bottom edges of the phone are exposed but not completely. It should be enough to withstand normal drops.

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Sahara iPhone 6 Protective Case

The Shahara is one of the slimmest iPhone cases on the market. Despite the fact that the plastic shell is so slim the model offers more than enough protection. It is entirely made in black and comes with cutouts for the buttons and camera. The back side of the case offers a firm grip due to the rubber used.

ULAK Unique Waves Wallet Stand Case Cover for iPhone 6

Amongst the more popular iPhone cases we have the ULAK wallet stand. It is a synthetic leather covered case that offers both protection and functionality. It can be converted into a stand to provide an easier way to view videos or listen to music. As an additional note it is worth mentioning that it is an inexpensive model with a pleasant design.

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Maxboost® Slim iPhone Case

Maxboost managed to make a case that does not take away the beauty of the iPhone 6. It is just 0.4 mm thick which makes it the slimmest on the market. The case itself is able to cope with normal wear and tear damage and comes with a really low price tag.


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